Several Things I’m Loving.

  • If you’ll recall, I stumbled upon a book club at Barnes & Noble on August 24th, 2010. The day the book Mockingjay came out. They were meeting there in the coffee shop because it was their next read and I was there buying it and saw a classmate of E’s Mother in the group. It has been a LOVELY group of women to get to know. We’ve had a really good stretch of book club books the last few months that have produced great conversation. Most recently was Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and we found ourselves discussing parenting a lot after that one and reassuring ourselves that we weren’t as oblivious to our kid’s needs as the parents were in that book. We also read The Husband’s Secret which is HORRIBLY titled but TERRIBLY riveting and I could NOT put it down. That one made KILLER conversation as we all discussed what we would and would not do to hide our loved ones’ secrets. We also read The Danish Girl which had us discussing everything from transgender rights (I love the women in my book club) to cultural shifts and marriage. Anyway – for those of you who like books that produce great discussions – those three were all great.
  • I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls with Nikki these last few months in preparation for the “final” four episodes coming on Netflix. I definitely didn’t think I’d notice how dated it was as it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that it was on, but they’ve definitely thrown around the word “retarded” casually which freaks Nikki out way more than if they dropped an f-bomb. I’ve also had to tear apart some scenes like when Lorelai overhears Paris talking about losing her virginity and Rory saying she hadn’t had sex yet…Lorelai says to herself, “I have the good kid.” I had to pause and make sure Nikki knew that Paris was NOT A BAD KID for having sex especially not since she loved the boy and used protection. But other than those moments (which actually are good times to talk about issues like that) it’s really been fun. We are currently on Season 5 and she gave up on #TeamDean in the same way I did which means she’s poised to jump on #TeamJess like I did in Season 6 when we get to see what he’s been doing in Philly and how he’s gotten his life together. Although…she’s really liking Logan which I never really did so we’ll see.
  • I’m currently reading the book How Not To Die and it’s good but I don’t recommend you read it cover-to-cover. I recommend you dissect a few disease chapters (either the ones that relate to you or read them in order) first and then take the food recommendations from those chapters and read the corresponding chapters in the back. I think cover-to-cover…as in “AILMENTS” and then “FOOD” makes it too hard to stick with. I like breaking it up by doing SOME discussion of the ailments and then read recommendations on food and suggestions for how to prepare it.
  • This is so wonderful and I may watch it 14 million more times.

What’s Inspiring Me Lately

The internet blesses me with so much inspiration on a daily basis, and I often throw up links to such inspiration on Facebook because it takes all of 2 seconds to do that and it requires very little thought. However, it occurs to me (as my Facebook page is one of my more “private” social media accounts since it’s reserved for people I know IRL) that this means I don’t share the wealth of discoveries with you guys – and you all are probably more likely to enjoy it since we share so many of the same interests.

So…let me share with you some inspiration I’ve discovered lately. First? Jake Weidmann. Did you know there’s something called a “Master Penman” and it is basically someone who is a master of calligraphy and handwriting? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THERE WAS SUCH A THING??!! Obviously it’s not a very popular career trajectory now, but watching this guy work is like what listening to a symphony would be like for a music person. I’m just in awe by his skill and the beauty that just erupts out of his pen. It’s amazing. I’ve watched it at least 6 times since I first discovered it.

You all know how much I love photography, right? I especially love a certain aesthetic of travel photography. And holy SHIT, Cocoa from Colorful Meanderings just captures that aesthetic that I adore BEAUTIFULLY. Browse through her travel photos and just be in AWE of the way she has captured the world. I really don’t have an innate desire to travel as I get extreme travel anxiety. There’s no part of me that puts any global travel on a bucket list of any sort. THAT SAID…Cocoa’s photos might be what forces me out of my comfort zone someday.

She also writes to the blog on the website as well and her writeup about E’s school is great.

(Yes. She goes to school with E. That’s how I know her. Please don’t think about that too much because then you’ll start to hate yourself for how much she’s already accomplished at such a young age.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.51.23 AM

Finally – another photographer but a totally different kind that appeals to the artist AND the book lover in me. The Book Marauder is amazing and I somehow feel completely inspired artistically AND in terms of reading more every time she posts a picture. I don’t know what but I want a wall of her photos of books framed – THEY ARE THAT PRETTY. It helps she’s a HUGE YA fan (because, you know, she’s a young adult, unlike me) so most of her photos include books I’ve loved. She also seems to have a bunch of gorgeous editions of older books which I love.

I’ve been feeling really inspired by people lately. I really wish we could sell our house because I feel like I just can’t change anything in my surroundings until this albatross is gone, but when we finally move into a smaller place? I’d really like to focus on giving myself a creative workspace where I can somehow surround myself with examples of this type of beauty because these photos and these videos all just make me want to write and draw and take picture and sing and dance.

Except that I’m a terrible singer. Michelle in my class told me that in 3rd grade, shattering my view of myself as a WONDERFUL vocalist. “You know you really don’t sing well, right? And you’re really loud.” Is what she whispered to me in mass one day. Some days I hate Michelle, but most days I feel like she probably saved me from being the one everyone laughs at on those talent shows. I still sing. A lot. But at least now I’m aware I’m terrible. (And I recorded myself as soon as possible after she told me that, to check her accusation, and SHE WAS SO RIGHT. I AM TERRIBLE.)

BUT ALL OF THAT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. (Tangent anyone?) I have been feeling inspired and I would love to cement that inspiration around me somehow, someday.

Is there anyone inspiring you lately?

Weekend Roundup Of Awesome

Here’s the collection of things I’ve posted/found across various social media platforms this week.


New Digs! New Ideas! Roundup Time!

(SIDENOTE: I hate that WordPress is so quick to use my title of my blog for the URL of the entry because, if I don’t notice it, it preserves my mispellings into the URL. I’ll leave this one because it’s kinda funny. If you’re on the entry page just look in the address bar to see it, if you’re on the home page – click the title of this entry to see it.)

(That’s going to really increase the SEO for the amphibious readers I’ve been targeting for years.)

As I’ve been testing my new digs on my blog, I’ve been thinking about all of the things I’ve wanted to do on this blog for awhile but haven’t. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that this is actually what I do every time I find myself looking for work. It keeps my brain distracted when I’ve done all I can do – to focus energies on this blog. If only I could figure out a way to make those energies make me money…

EITHER WAY! I have always wanted to put more stuff on my blog that I put other places – like Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. I don’t want you all to have to click all of those social icons or with Facebook – be someone I know in real life – just to see all of the cool stuff I share elsewhere.

Like this!

If you aren’t on Tumblr – you missed that awesomeness!

I thought about trying to just auto post that stuff to here too, but that has me concerned for my 90+ email subscribers because they’ll get emails constantly. And can I tell you a secret? I have no idea who you 90+ subscribers are, I just know how many of you there are, but I think about you often because my blog emails you guys my post AS SOON AS IT’S LIVE. And that means you see all of my awful grammar and spelling errors I don’t notice until it’s live, AND you see all of the dreadful entries I change my mind about. My RSS subscribers see that stuff too but I have no idea how many of you guys there are and I feel like it’s less burdensome to bombard your feed reader than your email.

SO! Instead of doing random link posts (even though these new digs would make them look cool!) I think I’m going to do a Saturday Roundup kinda like what Heather does. Just a combo page of some of my favorite things I shared out on other social media platforms that you might have missed if you – well – have a life.

Weekly Roundup! (Round-up? The internet says no hyphen. Do I trust the internet?)

In proofing I just realized how VERY Harry Potter Heavy this list is…