• Operation 50 Miles: Week 6

    FINALLY I’m caught up on recording my training! Sorry for the bombardment in boring training posts. After this one I’m caught up with my real time training.

    Week 6 was a “Recovery Week” which means miles were lower and no hills/speed workouts allowed. I ended up doing 9 miles more than the training program called for, but they were easy miles so I don’t think it would do any damage overall. It still has me 4.5 miles BELOW where I should be based on the training schedule. Not that it really matters in the big picture, but it does bug me a bit :).

    Week 6

    Monday: Boot Camp + 6 miles on the Hayes Nature Preserve
    Tuesday: Boot Camp + 5 miles on the Cross Country course
    Wednesday: Boot Camp
    Thursday: Boot Camp + 6 easy miles on the Indian Creek Greenway
    Friday: Boot Camp
    Saturday: 7 miles around Fleet Feet
    Sunday: 13 miles; Cotton Row forwards and backwards.