• Tidbits To Make You Smile.

    I’m still behind on my sleep and my brain is only partially functioning right now. SO! BULLETS! The standard Blogger Cheat since 2002!

    • Last night I was cooking dinner and I heard Wes say to his sister, “Look! I’m playing with my poop!” And then he laughed maniacally. AND I ALMOST DIED. For a moment I wished I could un-hear what he said because I was terrified as to what I would fine when I investigated. Turns out? It was playdoh! He just made it look like poop! (Like 4-year olds do.) Crisis averted.
    • Nikki is such a nerd. She just likes school and like reading and homework and all of those things. Will she excel in those things? Who knows. But she likes them. There is a math program her teacher recommended we do at home. She loves it SO MUCH that we have started using it in threats to make her do things. “Nikki, you clean your room or no math tonight! I like to think our neighbors can hear us and just think…That poor child.
    • E’s school’s One Act didn’t make it to state competition this year, we found this out on Saturday. (I know! This story doesn’t make you smile! Just wait!) But – the bread on that shit sandwich was pretty tasty! (Wait. I already don’t like this metaphor.) He found out right before that he received the “All Star Cast” award which means they wanted to recognize his performance in that One Act. And the next morning he got the notice for a bit of scholarship money to one of the schools he’s considering. I like to think that he’s accumulated so much good Karma in his life already, that the universe wanted to surround crappy news with good news for him to keep things balanced in his favor.
    • GLEE COMES BACK TONIGHT! (Yes. I know. This probably only makes ME smile. But still!)
    • The final part of Breaking Dawn comes out next week! And while at FIRST this may seem like something only I would be smiling about, think about it! No more K-Rob and Shiny Vampires for anyone forEVER! We all have reason to be happy!
    • The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on DVD Friday and I can not wait to watch it 50 times. I adored that movie. I thought the script was excellent but I loved Andrew Garfield with all of my heart. He was a confident geek – my favorite kind of hero. And outsider who WANTS to be on the outside, not who HAS to be. And the chemistry with Emma Stone? OH. MY. GOD. No wonder they’re dating in real life.
    • When I started this entry I had – like 15 things I was going to make into bullet points. But – like I said – I’m really effin’ tired. And suddenly? This is all I got. My brain is so fried it’s not even funny. Or maybe it is funny! I did put the toaster in the fridge the other day! OH! Speaking of the toaster! I do have one more funny story: My pet peeve is crap on my counters. It’s just my thing. E gets out the toaster every day for breakfast and for awhile he would forget to put it up and it made me KRAZEE. So, do you know what I did to encourage him to remember to put it up? I HID IT. If he leaves it out now? I hide it from him. Nikki and Wes think it’s hysterical. LET’S HIDE THE TOASTER! Of course, it makes E want to punch me, but still! Hysterical to everyone else!