• Squee! And Woo! And Squee! And WAAAAAH!

    I’ve been a bit grumpy this week. I’ve gained back 6lbs that I had lost, I’ve not been able to run much this week due to weather/scheduling and I’m super-behind on my housework because these DAMN ALLERGIES WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. And I was going to write an entire entry about the stuff pissing me off. But you know what? THAT SUCKS GIANT DONKEY BALLS. Instead…let’s talk about the stuff I’m excited about. I’d much rather be the dorky girl who gets excited about book involving taxidermied mice than the girl who bitches and moans ALL THE TIME ABOUT THE WEIGHT GAINS.

    • I’m doing the Oak Barrel Half race tomorrow. I’m not “racing” it because it’s part of my marathon training and I don’t really want to go crazy for 13 miles when I’m training for 26. But I am going to try to do a negative split (faster the second half) which should be easy considering the first half is mostly UPHILL. It looks like a fun, small, pretty race though and I hear wonderful things about it. YAY!
    • GLEE comes back next week! FINALLY. I can’t wait to see Matt Bomer as Blaine’s cheesy brother. He looks great. And the angsty song he and Blaine sing together making the rounds? LOVE IT.
    • In the next 4 weeks I have THREE highly anticipated book releases! Jenny’s book comes out April 17th (found here) and then on May 1st I get Bitterblue (Part of the Graceling and Fire stories) and…AND…the most HIGHLY ANTICIPATED sequel to DivergentInsurgent! SQUEEEEEE!
    • SO MANY GOOD MOVIES COMING OUT THIS YEAR! (Some still without release dates which is frustrating but still! Excited!) Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, Imogene, Struck By Lightning, and Brave! A heroine with curly hair! WOO!
    • The kids getting out of school and then “officially” being able to say that they’re next year’s grade! Nikki is very excited about being able to say she’s a “First Grader”. And E is very excited about being able to say he’s a S….wait. WAIT. WAIT A MINUTE. OH SHIT. My kid is about to be a SENIOR. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I’m going to start crying and not stop FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. MY BAAAAABBBBBBYYYYY! He’s gonna leave meeeeeeee! WAAAAAAHHHHH!

    Well…that joy bubble didn’t last long, now did it?