• The Power Of A Declaration

    Okay. Let’s just pretend I never wrote the entry that was there. It came off all wrong. I was trying to explain things in MY LIFE but it did sound preachy now that I look back on it – and nobody likes preachy. Especially me. Sorry about that. I saved it and will try to write it again later without sounding like a total ass. This is what happens when I write blog entries at 4am. I think, “Wow! This is a totally inspirational entry!” and then realize after a cup of coffee that it’s not at all inspirational. It’s stupid and judgey. OOPS! This is why I could never give up coffee! I’m an asshat without it!

    Instead – how about a funny story! I fell down my stairs this morning! On to my head! Yet no scrape or scratch! I’m telling you…I’M THE MOST AWESOME KLUTZ IN THE WORLD. And THAT is a declaration I’ll stand by!