The Chaos Has Begun

We knew some of the construction was starting yesterday on our upstairs, but I thought I had until Tuesday to be “paint ready.” Over the past few weeks I have moved a CRAP TON of stuff downstairs in a VERY orderly fashion. E’s room looks like a hoarder lives in there…but a VERY ORGANIZED hoarder. I also “hid” stuff on shelves in closets upstairs, stuff that needed to stay in that room for staging. I just moved it off the floor so carpets could be replaced. I still had some work to do last night to get it “paint ready” – move bedding off beds and move a few small furniture items out of the way. But you know how everyone complains about contractors never working on time? And how the LAST time we hired one he took 3+ months longer than he should? Well..this guy? Starts EARLIER. Painters started YESTERDAY.

And you know what else? When you hire people to paint rooms? THEY PAINT CLOSETS TOO! So all of that stuff I put on shelves? Had to be moved.

So I came home last night to a LOT more chaos that I was expecting. I thought there would be a new wall/door for the 5th bedroom, and then an old vent removed. BUT NOPE! Carpet was torn up in places and painting had started EVERYWHERE. They just covered the beds with plastic and piled stuff from the shelves on the beds.

Of course I felt TERRIBLE. I sent the contractor a text saying, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know painting was starting today! I would have been more ready. And I didn’t know you would paint the closets.”

“You didn’t want us to paint closets?”

“No! That’s great! I kinda assumed no one painted closets because – who cares? But I see now, that’s dumb. This is why you’re the contractor and I’m just the idiot hiring you.”

IMG_1878So I spent last night moving everything else downstairs with no order whatsoever. AND! They ended up painting one room I didn’t think they’d paint. It’s fine! It’s great! But I hadn’t prepped that room at all. So the stuff from that room I just haphazardly through in various places.

In other words, my orderly process is now a boat full of chaos. So it’s now a chaos boat in an ocean of chaos.

BUT THAT’S OKAY. Because it’s all starting which means it will be over soon and on to attempt #2 at selling the house. Now with hopefully more showings and less stress.

I’m so glad I have to work this week and I can just forget this is all happening every day. I just come home and be all, “Nice work!” But I don’t have to hear it or see it or anything else. And we’re going to be gone for the carpet chaos because I’m running 62 miles this weekend which should be SUPER relaxing.

Holidays, renovations and 100K training all rolled into one chaotic month. I am nothing if not skilled at challenging my own tolerance for stress.

Typical Christmas Eve

It’s almost 5am on Christmas Even and I’ve been up for about an hour moving furniture and toy boxes around the house because the new carpet/paint/renovations start Monday.

Yes. The Monday after Christmas. Because that was a great idea.

The hardest part, surprisingly, was all of the little stuff. There are 5 GIANT closets upstairs. And while those closets have shelves and some stuff could be moved there, since we’re getting the carpet replaced ALL of the stuff touching the floor has to be moved. E’s bedroom now looks like an episode of hoarders with giant storage bins lining every wall stacked as high as they’ll go without risk of falling.

The smaller pieces of furniture we’re moving into the weirdly large half-bath upstairs because it’s not being painted and there’s no carpet in there.

The bigger pieces of furniture that will be used for “staging” are staying upstairs and we’re just paying the extra to have the workers move/deal with that stuff themselves.

We are/have been getting rid of a LOT of stuff. We have a friend coming to get Nikki’s furniture this weekend because it’s a little masculine for her anyway and it doesn’t make great use of space which was FINE in this huge house but since we’re downsizing we decided we’d find her furniture that matched her style more AND that didn’t take up as much floor space.

After this is done, we’ll stage the upstairs and then the ONLY reason ANYONE (including animals) goes up there is to sleep or to use the bathroom if the downstairs bathrooms are occupied. THAT IS IT. What this means is that I will only have to worry about HALF of the house as it’s on the market which was another HUGE motivator to tackle this project. I think I can keep half of the house clean without wanting to jump of a bridge. I blame stressing about all 4,000+ square feet for the weight I gained previously.

Part of the renovations involve turning the “play room” into an official bedroom so we can call this a 5-bedroom house. It’s a little huge for a 4-bedroom and even though the price-per square feet was GREAT before, I’m not sure people made it to dig that deep since the straight price next to the “4BR” probably seemed a little high. Also, if you look at the inventory in our area there are VERY FEW 5BR houses near our price range, but PLENTY of 4BR ones. SO! Hopefully this all means less time on market!

But still. I’m spending Christmas even doing non-Christmassy stuff. That kinda sucks.

I do have 2 runs on the schedule today though. I’ve had a crappy workout week due to various stupid reasons so I’m hoping this will get me on track. 10 days until the race! WOOT.


Learning To Love Non-Fiction

I just discovered Overdrive this week, an app my library uses to allow you to check out digital material (like e-books and MP3 audio books) and I was looking through the catalog last night and clicked the category “Non-Fiction” and then stopped for a minute and thought, Well, it took 40 years but I am officially my father.

I used to try to read a little at night before bed but lately that just puts me right to sleep, no matter how much I love the book. IT TOOK ME SIX WEEKS TO READ THE LAST CORMORAN STRIKE NOVEL! It’s terrible. So! I’ve been trying to enter the world of audiobooks, something I’ve done sporadically over the years. I already love podcasts which I listen to while running, but I thought maybe I could break up my commute when I usually listen to the news on NPR, and try out some audiobooks. I’ve been listening to one now about Islam which is REALLY fascinating and I feel so much better about myself and how I’m spending that commute. I’m all: LOOK AT ME! LEARNING THINGS!

I think it’s because I don’t have a lot of time lately to ingest written word and if I’m going to do it, I feel like I need to be educating myself some how. So I’m down to like 5 shows that I’m watching, I haven’t even seen the latest Hunger Games movie, and I’m looking up non-Fiction books. Am I losing the need to be entertained? AM I BECOMING REALLY BORING?

Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of options in overdrive for non-fiction books I wanted to read. I’m considering an membership because at least then, if I keep it to one a month, they become almost affordable. AUDIOBOOKS ARE SO EXPENSIVE! I actually really like the 24 audiobooks for $229.50 plan because then you are paying LESS than $10 a book! Then it finally becomes reasonable.

BUT WHO HAS $229.50 for audiobooks?

ANYWAY. My point? Got any good non-fiction you recommend? I’m really enjoying No God But God but I’m at the point now where Muhammad has died and the doctrine and scriptures are being built for the modern age and I find this part in the book harder to follow when you can’t keep the names straight. So far though I’ve learned TONS and have been blown away by how similar Jesus and Muhammad’s teachings were. It’s also a reminder too about how much politics and economics and disrupt ideologies.

Have you read any good non-fictions lately?

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.14.18 AM

The Awesome And Totally Creepy Reason I Love Google Photos

I recently have begun using Google Photos to back up all of my phone pictures and photos in general. I guess – theoretically – it’s unlimited storage as long as you’re using high res but not MAXIMUM resolution of photos. I haven’t tested it out to see if the resolution is printable, I should probably do that, but I also haven’t official transferred everything over from anything else yet either. SO, it’s still a transition from DropBox and Flickr anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.13.31 AMBUT! The Search function? Is so amazing I almost don’t care about the printability. In Flickr I had to tag everything but Google Photos. JUST KNOWS. If you go to the “search” bar it finds faces and categorizes them for you to search which came in real handy when I was trying to do a mosaic for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I mean, creepy as crap that it just quickly categorizes your most popular faces and lets you choose those (and name them in some cases as I’ve done with a few) and to search.

BUT THEN, you can also see the “locations” that it derives from geotagging. I’ve not categorized any of those photos, I’ve just uploaded them. YET! It actually grouped them all, and even separated the photos when I went to Colorado that were Breckenridge from the ones that were taken in Lakewood. I thought it had reached it’s insanity and then yesterday? Bambi escaped. (He’s back!) He didn’t return after a bit so I wanted to post a plea on Facebook. And for a split moment I thought I wonder…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.14.18 AMSo, I went to the Search function and scrolled past “people” and past “locations” and there was a “things” section where it grouped similar items I guess. There were things like “hiking” and “graduation” (I guess from the caps?) and “selfies” but then? There was a “cats” option (as well as a “dogs” options) and I clicked it. AND THERE THEY WERE! Tons of pictures of Bambi to post to Facebook!

So! If you’re not creeped out? USE IT! IT’S AWESOME! If you are creeped out? Then I totally understand but I find it’s better not to think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all. It’s 3:08am and I’ve already been up 30 minutes. I woke up having weird dreams about stressful situations so I figured I might was well get up for the day. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today as we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year! Since I’m a lazy herbivore and Donnie prefers to eat like I do (but he also hates restrictive labels) his Mom is bringing the animal carcasses and I’m doing sides. Y’all? I don’t want to alarm anyone but…I’m making VEGAN MASHED POTATOES and I’m terrified it’s going to go terribly wrong.

Should I have bought some instant potatoes to be safe?

I’m going to head out in a bit for a run and a charity boot camp before settling into a day of cooking and cleaning. Dinner is not until 5:30 so I’m banking on having plenty of time to peel/dice/vacuum after my run and workout.

I’m very Thankful today for a family that I don’t think will hate me if I screw up several side dishes due to my attempt at vegan variations.

I don’t think.

E is home but he’s dividing his time up between us and his friends so I’m just grateful for any moment I get. I went to lunch yesterday with him and one of his childhood friends who I love like my own child and it was just lovely having the same type of conversations with them that I have with my friends. Having adult kids is kinda awesome.

I hope you have a great day full of anything that makes you happy.