I’m just staring at the blank screen today and feel overwhelmed by dueling sense of A) TOO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT and simultaneously B) I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT.

I contain multitudes.

I started my morning googling “In-Home Veterinary Euthanasia Huntsville, AL” so that should tell you how my day is going.

The sad thing is right now you’re all wondering, Yeah, but which pet? because BOTH of my pets are currently napping by the rainbow bridge.

It’s Sunflower, by the way. She’s stopped purring. She’s sleeping in more hidden places. She’s barely/not eating. And she has wasted away to just skin and bones. I think it’s time. But she hates the pet carrier and the car and I hate to torture her before Euthanizing her. Seems like we don’t have any in-home companies here but I’m going to call my vet when they open at 7am and ask them about it. Maybe one of the vets will just come to my house? Can they do that?


Anyway…I have so many thoughts about racism and Nazis and white fragility but this morning my mind is just focused on Sunflower and I can’t sort through that right now. So, my apologies for the depressing “Will someone come to my house and kill my cat?” entry I just wrote.

Also apologies for my dark humor. I’m tired. I’m sad. It’s all I got.

Love your animals today. I think it’s time to say goodbye to mine.