This Entry Is Why The “Randomly” Category Exists.

It’s funny…I wrote this long entry yesterday about how I try to rationalize myself out of my anxiety by asking myself “What really matters?” and no one commented which OF COURSE caused me loads of anxiety and I found myself saying “What really matters?” as I contemplated the lack of discussion it generated.

And then I saw it was never published. Still in draft. Welp. So. What matters? Knowing how to use your blogging tools…that’s what matters. META.

SO! Since I’m not feeling that entry today I’m going to just leave it in draft and set it to publish one day when I don’t have a few random things to discuss.

I bought the new Cormoran Strike novel and I’m just a few chapters in and I had forgotten how much I just love these characters. That’s kinda what I hate and love simultaneously about series books. You love the characters but you FORGET you love them in the year(s) waiting on the next book(s). I wish all series were just released all at once which – I KNOW – misses the whole point. BUT STILL. WISHES!

I’ll be honest, it feels nice to just read something for ME for once. I don’t have as much time to read now that I’m training so much, so when I do it’s usually a book club book. But this one? ALL ME. Thankfully I’ve already read this month’s book club book for my usual book club (the one I accidentally ran into one day at the book store when they were all gathering to buy Mockingjay which was EXACTLY what I was doing) – The Martian – so I can read Career of Evil without feeling too guilty about it. If you haven’t read the Cormoran Strike books but you like the old school Private Eye type of crime stories, then you would LOVE THEM. They’ve got J.K. Rowling’s character depth but that’s really about the only time I think about her as the author. Otherwise it doesn’t read anything like Harry Potter – I PROMISE.

(Not that it would be a bad thing, of course.)

IMG_0542I went on a business trip to Sewanee,TN (The University Of The South) this week and that campus was GORGEOUS. One of my favorite things about being a runner is having some sort of pre-determined excuse to explore areas. Some of my favorite runs are on trips out of town. I loved Auburn University and Breckenridge and Rochester…all places I’ve explored as a runner. Sewanee was gorgeous although I didn’t get to go inside any of the buildings as I was out so early but MAN, I hear this church is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

I’m not brave enough to just set out and GO but I usually can get a feel of safe running areas and just wander around those – in the daylight, of course. And let me tell you – there may not be anyplace safer (on paper) in the world than a 60K annual tuition campus of a religious school.

(I have no idea if that’s really how much it costs, but that’s what the line thrown out on the retreat was.)

I’m still quite frazzled from the wedding-followed-by-business-trip frenzy and have had two days of not-so-great eating and I’m trying to just relax about it like so many of you always recommend. “You’re too hard on yourself!” you guys tell me all the time. I don’t argue with you because on the blog I am, but in real life I go back and forth. Some days I’m really hard on myself, other days? Not so much. But today I’m going to allow myself a reset and just not stress about the last two days because I’ve done REALLY well these last 2 months and about 8lbs away from my racing weight which is not bad since my 100K is in January. I had hoped to be back down to racing weight (a weight I skipped last year entirely and paid the price in speed) before my back-to-back weekend in late November, but I’ll be close enough if I don’t let the last two days throw me entirely off course.

One day at a time, right?

I’m about to finish up my latest bullet journal! I’ll still have about 20 blank pages left but I wanted to start the next one at the first of the month and there’s no way I can hang on to this one through December. Also – with the Wedding and the Ironman and my Birthday – there was a lot more taped into this volume than usual and it’s getting FAT. Too fat to zip into my cover so it is time! I still got 200+ pages of use out of it which is twice as much as in the Moleskines, so I’m a convert to the Leuchtturm 1917 – it’s official!


Well, now. That was a random assortment of topics for a blog entry now wasn’t it? Aren’t you so glad I opted to word vomit this entry out instead of just publishing the well-written one from yesterday?

The Storm Before The Storm.

Donnie’s sister gets married this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED. Our whole family is about to get their Fancy Pants on and none of us owned fancy pants to begin with. Donnie, E and Wes all got new suits. The only one of the 3 that had a suit to begin with was E. Nikki and I both bought 2 new dresses. I bought HIGH HEELS. SERIOUSLY. I think they’re only like 1.5 inches BUT STILL. ME. IN HIGH HEELS. I also bought makeup which was terrible because MAKEUP IS SUPER EXPENSIVE. And I was shopping at Target! I bought us both lip gloss, I bought her gold shimmer for her eyes, I bought me a compact that is a foundation I used to use a million years ago and thank god they still make it or I would have had no clue what to buy. The makeup section at Target is bigger than the produce section! Oh. And a little concealer. That’s all we bought. And it was like $40! WHAT IN THE HELL, MAKEUP? WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO EXPENSIVE?

We have the rehearsal and dinner tonight and the wedding is Saturday. Friday is full of family activities like manicures and golf. I woke up at 3am as usual this morning but this is the only entry you’re getting from me because it’s 4:08am and I am ALREADY behind.

This is going to be a great stretch of days with E home for the longest stretch since Christmas last year and I get to watch my sister of the last 15 years marry our family’s soulmate. I would say it was “her” soulmate but this guy fits in so well with our family it’s like he’s the missing puzzle piece we’ve been waiting on.

OH shit. That’s a good line. I’m going to use that in the toast tonight.

ANYWAY – sorry to be so distracted and frazzled AND ALL OF THE RANDOM CAPS but there’s a shitload to do today and I’m already late because I spent too much time planning Sunday’s trail run because you can put makeup and heels on a girl, but you can’t take her out of the woods if she’s a trail runner.


The New Morning Routine

I started my new job in Spring, a job where I now need to be in an office (across town) early enough to leave the office no later than 4pm. I was fading out of my running season then, so the last 5 weeks or so has been an adjustment figuring out how to squeeze in my training miles with this new schedule. (Although – honestly – I never mastered the weekday runs even last year when I was working from home.)

Because I don’t like running in the dark, I’ve settled into heading to the Y to jump on the treadmill as soon as they open at 5am. I shower afterwards and head to work from there. HOWEVER, I’ve always had a substantial morning routine, since I hate doing anything in the evening. And while I’ve had to force myself to do some things at night, I still like doing most things in the morning (like blogging) and others just work better in the morning (like packing lunches).

What does all of this mean?

I’m now getting up around 3-3:30am most mornings. And y’all? IT’S WORKING KINDA NICE. I still get my morning wake-up time for all of my necessary coffee and blogging and social media surfing that I like to do to start my day. I get to play in my bullet journal a bit, and I get plenty of time to do any chores I might not have felt like doing the night before. I do hit a huge lull in the middle of the day, and now that I’m not drinking Diet Coke it’s hard to get past that, but an afternoon coffee or in desperation a Monster Drink (IT HAS B12!) has helped with that. For the most part, I’m still functional at least until 8pm at night when I crash and get a solid 7 hours of sleep if it’s a good night.

If you had told me in 2010 that in 5 years I’d be adjusting to a 3am wake-up time to make sure I get my 6-mile weekday runs in for my 100K training…I’d think you had lost your DAMN MIND.


But here we are, me and teh kittehs, doing it every morning and it’s not even a big deal.

I mean, I’ve always been a morning person but this is a bit outside of that realm, even for me.

And it works much better than trying to motivate myself to run in the evening which – as I proved time and time again last year – I just won’t do it. Even if I set up with a group and everything. 9 times out of 10 I’ll talk myself out of it. But for some reason a 5am date with a treadmill? I’ll keep. It’s just me and my podcasts staring at my own reflection in the TV screen because I have to turn OFF the screen or it screws with my concentration on the podcasts.

I can get up by 3:30am consistently for weeks, but I can’t watch TV and listen to podcasts at the same time.


So it seems there was a malfunction on my blog and I couldn’t get into the backend and when I did on my laptop the last entry I wrote was open and when I try to close it out, I got a browser warning to see if I wanted to “save my changes” and I clicked “yes” thinking I was looking at the last edit but it turns out there was like, one sentence so I basically overwrote everything and I could go back and republish as past revision BUT I HAVE TO GO TO WORK. And I don’t have time to check the past revisions to see which one was right and I don’t want to use the emailed one because I actually made some edits after that one so instead – you get this quick replacement!

The point of the post was: What is your policy on what your kid can read? Are they allowed to read anything in your home?



Random Bits Of Randomness

I have all these bits of nothing to write about today so I’m breaking out the old blogging trope: The Bulleted List. ENJOY.

  • Did I used the word “trope” right?
  • I’m taking D’s sister’s bridal portraits today and OH MY GOD I AM SO NERVOUS. This was kind of an afterthought – she’ll obviously get pictures taken of herself on her wedding day. But she’s doing a trial run of hair and makeup and they thought it might be nice to take some Bride Only shots in different places today for her parents. So, I’m trying not to be a lot of pressure on myself about it, but I’ve never done anything THIS IMPORTANT before I’m just just so worried! EEK.
  • Nikki is playing u10 soccer again this year but this year she’s one of the oldest girls, I think even the only one that played u10 last year. u10 is the year things change in our league, more serious penalties (offsides etc) and a goalie and a bigger field. This coach (not the same wonderful coach we had last year) is taking it very seriously and I’m not quite ready for this transition. The phrasing was even used once, “This is not about fun, this is about winning.” What age did sports get serious for your child? He scheduled 8+ hours of soccer this week Mon-Thursday. The only thing that thwarted that schedule was fields being used, but it was his intent. To me? This is too much. But I know at some point sports go from “fun” to “serious” and maybe this is the age?
  • I’ve not run much recently. There are several valid reasons and a handful of not-so-valid reasons. I’m looking forward to getting back on track next week assuming I can catch up on my sleep this weekend. Late nights laundry (lice), sick kids, meetings, book clubs, soccer, etc has made the last two weeks tricky as I’ve not been getting to bed as early as I’d like. I’ve had two nights this week where I’ve been up past 10 and since I need to be up by 3:30 on mornings I run, my need for sleep has trumped my need for a run. Not the best way to start off my training schedule for my 100K, but not the worst way either. Here’s to hoping next week is boring and I can get all the runs in that I want/need.
  • I binged watched How To Get Away With Murder over the last several weeks – especially when I was caring for my sick daughter – and OMG. How did anyone watch that in real time? I couldn’t have handled having to wait a week between episodes. It did get a little predictable towards the end in that I kept thinking, “Okay – what is the big twist that will end THIS episode?” And you stop believing anything the show proposes as “true” unless it’s shown you it as a flashback. I do kinda hate shows and movies like that, where the “shock” of a twist is more important that dependable characters or plots. The twists started getting a little unshocking, so much so that the death in the season finale didn’t even make me gasp. But still! LOVED IT! And I really hope Oliver plays a bigger part in this season, they introduced a hefty “twist” involving him but it could easily be used as a device to get rid of his story too, so we’ll see. I’m hoping the severity of the twists isn’t what drives me away from the show like Scandal did. You can keep people tuned in and NOT make them roll their eyes in the process, right?
  • So E has started his JUNIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. Don’t we all feel old now? He was only home for a few days in the beginning and the end of the summer as he had an internship in Indianapolis. Since he’s the president of his fraternity he had to be back on campus early for all of the Greek Life shenanigans (his University is artsy and cooky and liberal so the Greek world is much different there than on typical college campuses) but classes started Monday and I miss him terribly. Life is insane and busy for him, I know, but holy crap I wish I could talk to him every day. I hate not knowing the minutia of his life and it’s the hardest part about watching him growing up, not knowing the silly things like: What did he wear to school today? What did he eat for breakfast? It’s weird how lost I feel not knowing the mundane elements of his life. WAH. MY BABY.

And thus ends the Random Bits of Randomness.