My Brain On Insomnia

Instead of trying to figure out how to cathartically expunge the contents of my distraught soul, I’m going to pose a bizarre hodgepodge of questions I’d love input on.

  • Lexapro insomnia: Just me? My doctor did warn me that it could happen temporarily but HOLY CRAPBALLS Y’ALL. It’s bad. This is just the shit keeping me up TONIGHT. Yesterday was entirely different.
  • How have you handled differing of opinions of punishments in a co-parenting situation? I struggle with this a lot because I was raised by my Dad and there was no one in the house to debate his punishments. How do you compromise when you so strongly disagree? Do you take turns? “We’ll do it your way this time, my way next time.” That doesn’t really make sense if the difference of punishments come from different methods entirely. You can’t go back and forth.
  • Our new house (1500 sq ft, not updated since the 60s, closing on Friday, hopefully!) has the skeleton of what you can tell was a pretty great back yard at one point. How do I revive it in the easiest way possible? What plants are hardest to kill?
  • Am I too old to wear a choker?

    Wait. Scratch that. I’m answering myself. I’m not too old to wear shit. I can wear whatever the f*ck I want, society! KISS MY ASS.

  • How do you talk to people who you love and trust…but who don’t find treating mental health as “real” medicine? People who supposedly love me but who also think either A) Therapy is ridiculous or B) Medicating is ridiculous. (Weirdly enough, they’re not the same people. Therapy-haters approve of medicine, Medicine-haters approve of therapy.) I have a hard time feeling anything but judged when I’m open about my struggles but I WANT TO BE OPEN SO NO ONE ELSE FEELS JUDGED. Do you sit down and talk with the people? Do you have resources like links or videos to share?
  • Do you have a quick/easy granola bar/ball recipe? I’m sick of pre-packaged granola bars as it feels so wasteful but so many of the recipes I find require SO MANY STEPS, or food processors or something. I want to just use a bowl. And maybe a spoon.