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The Awesome And Totally Creepy Reason I Love Google Photos

I recently have begun using Google Photos to back up all of my phone pictures and photos in general. I guess – theoretically – it’s unlimited storage as long as you’re using high res but not MAXIMUM resolution of photos. I haven’t tested it out to see if the resolution is printable, I should probably do that, but I also haven’t official transferred everything over from anything else yet either. SO, it’s still a transition from DropBox and Flickr anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.13.31 AMBUT! The Search function? Is so amazing I almost don’t care about the printability. In Flickr I had to tag everything but Google Photos. JUST KNOWS. If you go to the “search” bar it finds faces and categorizes them for you to search which came in real handy when I was trying to do a mosaic for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I mean, creepy as crap that it just quickly categorizes your most popular faces and lets you choose those (and name them in some cases as I’ve done with a few) and to search.

BUT THEN, you can also see the “locations” that it derives from geotagging. I’ve not categorized any of those photos, I’ve just uploaded them. YET! It actually grouped them all, and even separated the photos when I went to Colorado that were Breckenridge from the ones that were taken in Lakewood. I thought it had reached it’s insanity and then yesterday? Bambi escaped. (He’s back!) He didn’t return after a bit so I wanted to post a plea on Facebook. And for a split moment I thought I wonder…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.14.18 AMSo, I went to the Search function and scrolled past “people” and past “locations” and there was a “things” section where it grouped similar items I guess. There were things like “hiking” and “graduation” (I guess from the caps?) and “selfies” but then? There was a “cats” option (as well as a “dogs” options) and I clicked it. AND THERE THEY WERE! Tons of pictures of Bambi to post to Facebook!

So! If you’re not creeped out? USE IT! IT’S AWESOME! If you are creeped out? Then I totally understand but I find it’s better not to think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all. It’s 3:08am and I’ve already been up 30 minutes. I woke up having weird dreams about stressful situations so I figured I might was well get up for the day. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today as we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year! Since I’m a lazy herbivore and Donnie prefers to eat like I do (but he also hates restrictive labels) his Mom is bringing the animal carcasses and I’m doing sides. Y’all? I don’t want to alarm anyone but…I’m making VEGAN MASHED POTATOES and I’m terrified it’s going to go terribly wrong.

Should I have bought some instant potatoes to be safe?

I’m going to head out in a bit for a run and a charity boot camp before settling into a day of cooking and cleaning. Dinner is not until 5:30 so I’m banking on having plenty of time to peel/dice/vacuum after my run and workout.

I’m very Thankful today for a family that I don’t think will hate me if I screw up several side dishes due to my attempt at vegan variations.

I don’t think.

E is home but he’s dividing his time up between us and his friends so I’m just grateful for any moment I get. I went to lunch yesterday with him and one of his childhood friends who I love like my own child and it was just lovely having the same type of conversations with them that I have with my friends. Having adult kids is kinda awesome.

I hope you have a great day full of anything that makes you happy.


The Time I Ran With My Imaginary Running Friends…

I have a LOT to say about this this wonderful weekend and I owe the world 2 race reports; but to fulfill my National Blog Posting Month obligation for today I’m just going to make a quick note of the difference between Saturday’s race and Sunday’s race.

Saturday’s race friends were corporeal, Sunday’s were imaginary.

I ran Saturday’s 50K with an assortment of friends – predominantly two who I would have failed without – and I loved every step made alongside those beautiful people in my running community. Whether it was mile one before the crowd thinned out, or mile 31 with the finish line in sight. Yesterday? Was all about the joy of having wonderful people to run alongside.

And today? I had no one. I ran with only myself. Instead, I spent the 26.2 miles thinking about all of them. I thought about their stories and their own challenges and their joys and all of the funny things they say to make me laugh when I’m suffering the most. I loved the race today for a lot of reasons, but I still found myself thinking how much better it will be if I can talk some of my friends into doing it with me next year. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people to run with, and I can say with 100% certainty, I wouldn’t achieve even half of the goals I set out without them.

They were all in my heart every step that I took today. They pulled me through a challenging course on tired legs, even though they didn’t know it.

2015 Dizzy (42 of 576)




Day 01: Dizzy Fifties 50K

IMG_1150Alrighty then. It’s 3:30am and I’m commencing in my pre-race ritual of really wishing I could force my body to sleep later and drinking coffee to push the digestive system forward in a timely manner so as not to experience any distress on the trails. ALTHOUGH – I’m never much more than an hour (if that) away from a bathroom…A REAL BATHROOM…so this will actually be easier than even a road marathon.

My best time at this race is 6:48, I think. I’m not going for time today, per se, but I don’t want to be out there all day since I have a marathon tomorrow. I think I’m going to run strong on the flats and walk every thing with even the slightest elevation. I think I may Snapchat again like I did when we went to Orlando because it gives me a chance to sit down at night and look back on moment from my own day. Especially because Snapchat uses the same microphone on your phone as your voice memos so it will actually record sound unlike every other video I try to take. I probably won’t record as much today because there’s only 3 major climbs today, but tomorrow? There are like 13 I think. The elevation on tomorrow’s marathon is BANANAS.

So. Follow me on Snapchat (misszoot) and for 24 hours you’ll be able to see anything mundane I post during/after each race. I like giving myself some sort of reward: If you make it to Sinks, Kim…you can Snapchat!.

See you on the other side. Day 01 (the easier of the two days) commences…NOW.

On Taking Compliments

I have sometimes been THE WORST at taking compliments. WORST. WORST. WORST. But then I gave someone a sincere compliment years ago she was sincerely grateful and appreciative and I felt great and I could tell she felt great and it was a wonderful moment and I thought: THAT, is how you take a compliment. LEARN FROM THIS WOMAN, KIM.

Since that moment years ago I’ve really been trying to be better at receiving compliments. Sometimes I still get very flustered and mumble things about boob sweat (My go-to when I’m uncomfortable is to make jokes about boob sweat. I KNOW. I AM TERRIBLE.) but I at least try to be grateful in that moment as well. I try to offer sincere thanks in those awkward moments that I don’t ever seem to know how to handle.

But I look at it for what it is: A gift. A sincere compliment is a gift from someone, a gift of a perspective we don’t always have because we are our own harshest critics on most days. When someone gives you a gift, you accept it graciously and that’s how I’ve been trying to look at it. I had two moments yesterday where I was given gifts of compliments and I didn’t mention boob sweat either time! I am very proud.

I found when I would just brush off the compliments and not take a moment to be sincerely grateful because I’m too busy being awkward, I am not even using the gift I was given. It was like opening a present at Christmas saying, “That’s nice…” and then putting it on a shelf in a cabinet to never be seen or even used. But now…now I try to really appreciate and use the gift because life is too damn short to always be hard on yourself. If someone has noticed something nice about you? Take a minute to open that gift and then decide where to put it in your house so that you can at least see it regularly and maybe even use it sometimes! If you screwed up something at work or you are behind on laundry, take that compliment off the shelf and remind yourself that YOU STILL ARE AWESOME. Someone gave you this compliment that one time – even if it was just about your shoes, or your hair…IT IS STILL A COMPLIMENT. Savor and and reflect on it if you’re having a bad day. And then return the favor sometime and give someone a similar gift that they can use on their bad days.

I took those compliments yesterday and I put them on a shelf in my house where I can think about them often because I have dropped the ball on a lot of things lately, I’ve screwed up many MANY times, and I need those reminders when I’m feeling down on myself that someone once said they liked something I did.

And it had nothing to do with boob sweat.