Miscellaneous Mondays

Welp. It’s snowing in Huntsville right now.

I mean, it’s not much and I don’t think there’s going to be any noticeable accumulation anywhere but in the higher elevation areas, but still. IT IS SNOWING RIGHT NOW IN ALABAMA AND I HAD THE AIR CONDITIONING ON TWO WEEKS AGO.


I saw Wrinkle in Time this weekend. I thought it was beautiful and well-acted and I didn’t mind most of the changes from the book. (I intentionally did NOT re-read the book because I heard there were quite a few changes and I didn’t want it to be fresh on my mind and therefore a focal point of my critique.) There was one thing I didn’t really like. I’ll be spoiler-free in my discussions but basically I felt like the Dad was framed in a more negative light in the movie. I’ll leave it at that and state that Nyoka didn’t feel the same way. So, it may just be me.


I read a good book this weekend. It was quick and easy and an ADULT fiction which I don’t read often so I thought I’d share it. It was The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson. I read one of her books for book club a few years ago and something put her back on my radar again so I checked out o few books of hers this weekend and THOROUGHLY ENJOYED that one. I started Someone Else’s Love Story by the same author last night and it seems just as riveting but I’m not done yet so I’m not going to recommend it.


I’m not keeping beer for myself in the house anymore. I felt like the “beer before bed” had turned into “beer while I cook dinner” which meant I had plenty of time for MORE BEERS before bed and I was not a big fan of what THAT was looking like for my future. SO! I have switched to hard seltzer which is basically like alcoholic LaCroix. It’s lower calorie than beer and doesn’t not go down as smooth (for me) as beer so I drink much less and it is “better” for me if such a thing is possible. I used to make sure to squeeze in a beer before bed even if I got home late but these things take me so long to drink, I don’t bother if I don’t have at least an hour to drink it. Also, because of that, I usually can keep myself to one a night, and NEVER more than two. If we never went out to eat I’d be doing SO GREAT but as it is – we still go out once or twice a week and I can’t resist the pull of a good beer on tap but overall, the hard seltzer has been a welcome replacement in my life! Baby steps!

That’s about it for my miscellaneous Monday. Do you have any good books or movies or low-calorie alcoholic drinks you would like to share?