Color Me Jealous

Nikki hates her long her. She loves it when she wants to have it to do fun stuff with, but 9 days out of 10 she hates brushing it and dealing with it and puts it up in a ponytail almost every day.

She’s in a wedding in October, so she was thinking we could cut it shorter now, and it will grown out for a fun style in October. It would give her a little bit of a break, but still give us hair to play with for the wedding. BUT! Before we did that, I suggested we put some fun color tips in it for a little while!

I spent yesterday morning reading articles and watching YouTube videos about dip-dyeing hair. I wasn’t too worried about screwing it up since A) It’s not permanent and B) We’re chopping it off anyway.

IMG_5475We set out yesterday morning after the ice melted on the streets and she picked out her color at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I made her get Manic Panic because I have experience with that stuff (20 years ago) and I know it washes out/fades over time.

We came home and went to work. I broke her hair up into 8 tiny ponytails and put rubberbands at the same height on all of them. I painted almost to the rubberband and then cut that off and “twisted” the top part of the dye so that the border wasn’t a straight line. That part was a little wonky because my “twisting” got a little bit of dye on a few strands higher up than I wanted, but over all it was a great technique to make sure there were straights lines on each ponytail that wouldn’t match up across her hair.


She SCREAMED when she saw it, she was so excited. She’s not much of a hair person but she just kept looking at it all day and freaking out about how much she loved it. It’s not perfect, if you look too close it’s obvious it was done by an amateur, but considering I am an amateur, I thought it turned out great.

I’m going to take pictures of it as it washes out to see how long it takes to fade so we’ll know for future reference because she is loving this so much I know she’ll want to do it again!





I did it! I chopped off my hair! And now I have to shower every day and I’m kinda pissed about that!

I had become a bit apathetic about my hair in the last year or so. 99% of the time I wore it in a bun, which meant I didn’t always have to shower as a dirty bun looks the same as a clean bun.


If you’ll recall – I stopped using shampoo in my hair with any regularity in 2003. That decision right there made my curls SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. Which means, when I fix my hair, I really like it. And all it takes to “fix” my hair is to get out of the shower after a good conditioning, and put gel in it. That’s it! Nothing else!

Yet…STILL…I was too lazy to do that many mornings. So, it went back in a bun. 5-6 days out of 7. I decided a while back that a short hair cut would FORCE me to spend more time on my appearance, something I needed to do. I just needed to decide how short, and what style I needed. Once I decided? BAM! I went Friday and chopped it ALL OFF!

I am happy with it, I am! But, I am still inherently lazy. So, you know, I miss having the option to just throw it back in a bun and say, “SCREW IT.”

It’s not quite long enough to put in a ponytail, but pigtails work on a run, as long as I use a headband to keep the front parts out of my face. I think I could probably french-braid it, but I haven’t tried yet.

The last time I had short hair was 1998 or so. I figured I’ll keep it short for a bit, maybe get it cut again before E’s graduation, but I’m certain I won’t keep it short forever. The Lazy is too strong of a force to battle and – while I hope styling it on a regular basis instills better habits – I still really need to be able to just throw it back regularly.

But for now? It’s fun! (Other than the new look when I wake up in the mornings. That’s a bit scary.) I’m going to play with it as much as possible while I have it. And then I’m going to grow it out and put back up in a bun for the next 10 years.


Help Me Hide My Ugly Toes

Summer is Here and I Have Ugly Feet

There was a time, many moons ago, where someone told me, “You have really pretty feet…and I usually think all feet are ugly.”

I took that as a major compliment! I never even got regular pedicures or anything…those beautiful feet were all natural, baby.

Then I learned a hard lesson last year when I started running regularly – I’m prone to the dreaded BLACK TOENAIL. Now, I had actually lost toenails before on hikes so I knew this was something I was susceptible to. But it turns out that when you run at least 100 miles a month, it’s even more common. I did ditched a pair of shoes that weren’t quite big enough (those of us prone to the black toenails really have to heed the advice of getting running shoes half a size bigger than you feel like you need them) and as long as I keep my toenails trimmed before all of my super-long runs, I’m usually okay.

But – it still happens sometimes if I forget. I currently have one big toenail that FINALLY fell off and is only grown back about halfway right now. (SEXY!) One of my smaller toenails is black and I’m waiting for it to fall off any day. And then during my 10-mile race 2 weeks ago – I forgot to trim the toenails and I think I have THREE black nails from that. It’s hard to tell yet, but I think I’ll lose three of them.

In other words, I’m down to FIVE normal toenails.

In other words, my feet are HIDEOUS.

So…um…what do I wear during the summer?

I wore my red TOMS the majority of last summer but they only go with so much of my wardrobe and they’re not the best shoe to wear all the time since there’s not a whole lot of support to them. I just feel like I need a variety or my feet start hurting. Now, I rotated between 2 pairs of boots all winter, so I don’t need that much of a variety – but I would like something else to wear during the summer. Are TOMS my best option? Do you have cute summer shoes that would cover my toes? My requirements are: A) No heel and B) Casual.

I may just break down and buy another pair of TOMS, but I’m just curious if there are other Summery Shoe options for those of us wanting to hide our toes. If you have any ideas, share them with me and my ugly feet please. THANKS!

The One Where I Actually Want My Picture Taken

One of the biggest perks of getting in shape is finding myself WANTING to be photographed. E and I went to see Young Frankenstein Saturday night and I asked Donnie to take a picture before we left. That is the picture you see on the right. The first picture, on the left, was taken before Legally Blonde in January. OF THIS YEAR. And when I saw that picture on my phone after someone snapped it I remember thinking, “This is exactly why I don’t like having my picture taken.”

But now, not only do I feel better in my own skin, but my lovely daughter has been teaching me her fashion brilliance! I put together that entire outfit based on her guidance the last few months. I’m really proud it. I’m developing my own taste and style, even. It’s very much influenced by her, of course, but even she is surprised by my decisions. She said, “Mom! I love the purple tights! That looks really good!” I felt like I had earned my “I Can Dress Myself!” wings for the night!

My point? I don’t mind having my picture taken. I’m still not a huge fan of it, but I don’t mind it as much. Which is a good thing as I’d like my kids to be able see evidence of me in their lives when they look back on childhood photos.

Especially if the evidence shows I was fit. Then it’s just bonus.

Rachel Zoe Better Watch Her Back.

DSC_4478We all know my daughter has been dressing herself for at least 2 years now, right? Probably 3 if I really thought about it. We’ve had some rough patches in this phase, where she relied predominantly on bright tights and rainboots. However, recently I’ve noticed some fun trends. She’s accessorizing in ways to actually CHANGE articles of clothing. Like, she’s really starting to be a little fashionista. Look what she did here: She added a rainbow heart belt to a dress that totally didn’t need a belt. THEN, she attached a bow from a different dress to that belt. I mean, it’s definitely insane, but also kinda awesome, don’t you think?

What I’m seeing is a desire to take something NORMAL and add some FLARE. So you know what that means? It means she’s ready for the next level of fashion.

I’m going to take her thrifting this weekend. I think it’s about time. I think she’s going to be the kid that would way prefer $20 spent at Goodwill than $40 at Target. I think she’s going to choose unique and creative over standard and safe. And do you know what this means? The best part about all of this? That if I encourage her now, give her time to really hone her skills and her vision, SHE CAN DRESS ME! I’m on the road to having my own personal stylist…and I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth.

Now, if only she would learn how to do makeup. I’d be a whole new woman.