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Here Comes The Krazee!

I’m so glad you all know! Now, brace yourself…I’m about to unload a month’s worth of anxiety onto you…(WARNING: The post crosses way over the land of TMI. Feel free to turn back now.) I’ve not been sleeping for shit. Even though I’m freakin’ exhausted. I stay awake every night thinking about bleeding, and miscarriages, […]


I Really Need You.

One month ago I took a home pregnancy test that turned up positive. I couldn’t talk about it here because – different since the last time I was pregnant – a lot of regular, real world people read my blog and I didn’t want to have to worry when/if we miscarried about spreading the bad […]

My Favorite Pregnancy Article EVAH.

If you’re pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or are possibly partnered to a pregnant woman right now…go read this article be made a better person because of it. Amalah treats the top of S-E-X while pregnant with the same humor she does everything. Some of my favorite parts: And then there’s the bloody LOGISTICS. Your […]

Trying My Best To Stay CALM.

I remembered while unsuccessfully searching for several of NikkiZ’s birth photos on flickr, that I didn’t use flickr yet when NikkiZ was born. How did I survive without flickr? Who knows. Either way – I thought I’d upload a few more as I think back to the day she was born, looking for some sort […]

Clarity would be nice.

LilZ was born a million years ago when I was a very naive teenager who didn’t realize her memory would fade with the years. In other words? I have very little memory of the birth process itself. I mean – he came out the normal way after 17+ hours of labor – that much I […]