• I’ve Never Hated People From A Book So Much In My Entire Life

    (This entry is spoiler-free, but the comment section will not be. Don’t read the comments on this entry if you want to remain unspoiled.) I really REALLY REALLY disliked Gone Girl because I absolutely DESPISED the main characters.

    Now…this is one of those books the “people are talking about”. I love getting on a bandwagon before it’s full! I was very excited to read it before everyone I knew did…which is usually what happens. And the premise? So intriguing! I was prepared for a Win/Win.

    But here’s the thing…I slogged through the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the book just hating different characters to different degrees. When I finally got to the middle of the book (Everyone who has read it knows what this point is) it got suspenseful. But I do not intend that to be a compliment – just an explanation as to why I kept going. I just was suddenly truly desperate to see what happened to these people that I was hating more and more. There was only one character in the entire book that I liked but I won’t tell you who that is (If it comes up I will in the comments). Just know that my affection for this character was still minimal compared to my hatred for the others.

    I stuck with it and couldn’t put it down until the last page when I decided I hated it SO MUCH because I didn’t feel like the resolution gave me any satisfaction whatsoever for spending so much time with these despicable people.

    I can see why people like it – it’s definitely a page-turner and has a lot of great “WHAT IN THE HELL?” moments to throw you for a loop. But I’m driven to books by characters and if I hate the characters and have no one I feel like pulling for? I’m going to hate the book. No matter how suspenseful the story is.

    Did you read it? Did you want to punch everyone in the face too? We can discuss freely in the comments.