• A New YA Author To Love

    I was needed some easy but engrossing reading last week during the anxiety insanity of a potential pregnancy loss. I decided to start with Every Day by David Levithan because I’d heard so much about it already, and it had just come out. I basically stayed up all night reading it…it was THAT good.

    The lead of the book, “A”, wakes up in a new body every day. I attribute the gender male to him, because the author is male and he falls in love with a girl, but in reality he doesn’t have a gender. It’s a great take on who we are as it compares with how we look. I won’t tell any more, but I was thrilled with it and could not pick up another book of his fast enough.

    Next I went for Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List because E recommended that one. That one was about best friends (Straight Girl, Gay Guy) who have a big falling out. I love the way the author handles the conflict and the tension of teenage drama. And how it can feel like such a big thing, until you realize how much easier it is to get over it and preserve the friendship and…it was just great. I might have liked Every Day better, though.

    Then…THEN…I realized he did a collaboration with JOHN GREEN! WOO HOO! It was Will Grayson, Will Grayson which I had heard about but hadn’t read because I wasn’t sure about the collaboration effect. But since I knew I liked the other author too? I thought I’d give it a try.

    This was a great example of a collaboration. One of the Will Graysons is really dark and depressed and his journey actually fascinated me the most. But the ending was really poignant and sweet and I love their serendipitous encounter.

    Next I read Boy Meets Boy which in general, I loved.

    But here’s the thing. At first? I was just laughing at the entire story. The main character lives in what can only be called: GAY UTOPIA. He is a fully confident Gay Teen with supportive friends, family and peers. He is surrounded by tons of LGBT teens who have very little conflicts over their sexuality. The high school’s star football player is also a transsexual who goes by Infinite Darlene and wears heels and fake nails to school and NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE.

    I had a hard time imagining that this world was anything other than fantasy.

    BUT…once I accepted this fantasy world and got over it? I really loved it. And it made me cry at the end.

    Basically – this author is exactly what I wanted: Easy and Engrossing. It’s easy reading that pulls you in and keeps you distracted from life if that’s what you’re needing. They are good Young Adult fiction and he writes gay characters really well, which I appreciate greatly.

    Have you read any of his books? What should I read next?