I Don’t Do Scary Movies

I went to a daycare when I was a kid where you could choose “Movie” as an activity and they had a room where they played an assortment of Disney-type movies. Things like the ORIGINAL Freaky Friday. However, they also showed The Watcher In The Woods and Something Wicked This Way Comes. I remember the later of the two scared me SO MUCH I would NEVER do the “Movie” activity again if they were showing that. The Watcher In The Woods scared the crap out of me, but I enjoyed the resolution of the story enough that I would watch it again. The scaring in the movie had a PURPOSE that in the end – gave everyone a happy ending. I was completely okay with that ONE scary movie. (Scary DISNEY movie. Because, you know, that’s how my bravery works.)

But still. Not a fan.

Then I got to the age where we were doing slumber parties and I believe the first real scary movie I saw at a slumber party was The Nightmare on Elm Street and must have fallen asleep or something. Because I didn’t get to actually see it and EVERYONE was talking about it the next morning so I made my Mom rent it on the weekend I visited her (my Dad didn’t have a VCR) and I couldn’t even make it about 20 minutes into the movie before I was so freaked out that I demanded we stop it. From there on out, when scary movies were on at Slumber parties? I found an excuse NOT to watch them. I would either encourage someone else to do another activity with me (hair braiding, nail painting, etc) or I’d just feign being asleep and cover my head so as to try NOT to watch it. The only one I think I ever made it through successfully (I think) was Poltergeist so that was what I would always say was the SCARIEST MOVIE I HAD EVER SEEN. Because it was the only one I had ever seen all the way through.

Once I got to high school I had no problem just proclaiming, “I don’t watch scary movies.” And that’s kinda where I’ve been since. I never watched ANY of the token horror flicks from the 80s. I never remember who is who in terms of Freddie or Michael. I don’t even know the guys name with the needles in his face/mask. Was that a horror thing? Either way – there’s huge chunks of pop culture references I don’t get because of my refusal to watch scary movies.

When E started watching them, they were rated R, and he had to have an adult present to see them at the theater. His friends’ parents would all take rotations as to who would be the official “chaperone”. They finally asked me on a not-so-scary, more-of-a-thriller movie and I still embarrassed them SO MUCH at screaming bloody murder at something SO INNOCENT that they never asked me again.

I just don’t like being scared. I don’t WANT to be scared. I don’t do haunted houses. I have no desire to jump out of an airplane. I don’t even do roller coasters anymore (I used to as a teenager). I just feel like that – as an adult – I get to choose how to spend my free time and I would much rather choose an activity that makes me smile (I love the swings at amusement parks!) than something that makes me pee in my pants.

Sailor Moon, Boob Sweat, Foot Cramps…OH MY!

It is 2:42am.

There was a time where I used to stay up that late. But now? Now I’m getting up for the day. While I like this life of mine much better than life back then, I do sometimes look at the clock and say: Cool people are still up from the night before.

It’s sad no longer being a cool person.

(HA! I like the implication that I used to be a cool person at some point in time.)

Being a morning person has a HUGE downside. And that is, it’s hard to convince yourself to “go back to sleep” if you wake up any time after 2:30am because that is too close to your normal wakeup time to make it worth it. I actually woke up before 2am, as Wes had a foot cramp. (Sidenote: First draft of this post said “food cramp” and that made me giggle for some reason.) I told myself if I could get back to sleep by 2:30 then I’d be fine, but the quick remedies of a heating pad and a massage did not work and he wanted to take a hot bath. So, it was 2:15am before I was finally getting him back to sleep.

Go back to sleep in the next 15 minutes and you’re golden!

Except that I couldn’t. I was awake. I had started thinking about what I was going to blog about, and what work I could cram in before the 8am award’s ceremony in Nikki’s class. I was thinking about what I would wear to the Award’s ceremony as Nikki’s second grade class has the most beautiful and fashionable set of Mothers I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. I always feel like a sloth when I’m at events at her school. I started to think about the wet clothes in the dryer (my dryer only dries in 15 minute increments) and the birthday presents that needed wrapping by Wednesday. Fifteen minutes ticked by and BAM! I’m still not asleep. And since I often wake up before 4am, then I was getting close to that hour mark and, well, who can go back to sleep for just an hour?

Not me.

I find myself staring at a blank blogging screen at 2:42am. I’ve not been writing as much lately as I used to, and I think that’s because more real world people know about my blog and I’m second guessing a lot of my blogging topics in case they’re reading it. Do I want to blabber about the sudden revisit of the sadness over not having any more kids and the anger over having a body that refused to give me the family I wanted? No. My real world friends will think that’s too personal. Do I talk about the 8lbs I gained and how I am so angry at myself and how I watch my husband so disciplined and feel like he is ashamed of me? No. My real world friends will think that’s too insane. Do I talk about the stress I feel that I’m not spending enough time on academics with my kids outside of school?

NO WAY. That’s just boring as shit.

I need to learn how to turn that off so I can write again because I think the cathartic ritual of daily blogging is therapeutic and a lot of my emotional instability lately is due to not having that crutch to depend on. I mean, let’s be honest, just because my real world friends know about the blog doesn’t mean they’re reading it. And let’s be honest again, they’re all my friends because they’re a little bit insane anyway, why would I hide that just because they might pop over while they drink their morning coffee?

I’m going to go back to my NaBloPoMo habits and just write. If I have a topic on hand I want to discuss? I’ll do it. But if I don’t? I’ll write anyway. Not processing my days on this blog is having hugely negative side effects on my life, so I need to just get back into the habit. Even if I’m just writing about boob sweat, it’s something, right?


And really, aren’t these random stream-of-consciousness blog entries the BEST?

No. No they are not. I know that. You know that. But at least it’s something, right?

I do want to end this on a few, fun, notes of pop culture.

Sailor Moon

10350444_10152424082947188_6479818951402335112_nE stumbled upon Sailor Moon as a kid and I loved it dearly. We only watched the Americanized version we found at Blockbuster, and only the few VHS tapes they had, but we watched those a million times over. We watched them with some of my college friends and E would assign us all characters. I have VERY fond memories of this weird show and I’m so excited that Hulu is bringing the original episodes in all of their weirdo glory back to my accessible reach.

Late Night TV

latenight It is weird how addicted I am to late night television now that it’s hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. I watched the old Jimmy Fallon show periodically but I do NOT miss his shows now. Of course, I’m watching them at 5:30am when they show up on Hulu – BUT STILL. I adore them! If it’s a guest I don’t care about I might not watch the interview, but I always watch his solo stuff in the beginning. And Seth Meyers – I watch his interviews even if it’s someone I don’t care about because he’s a GREAT interviewer! He interviewed SJP and that Vogue lady about the MET Ball thingy and I was ENGROSSED. It seemed so interesting! What the hell? And he seems so well-prepared, like when he interviewed Eddie Izzard he asked about a lot of the cool things I knew about but didn’t think would be “top” billing on interview questions. Like his 40+ marathons in a row! He did a really good job with that interview. But yeah! Me! A Late Night person now, who knew? (A late night/early morning person?)

A Book For The Favorites Shelf

download (3)Are we friends on Goodreads? If so, you maybe have seen my “FAVORITES” shelf that I created. I’m weird about rating books because I feel like 3 means I did not like it so if I even remotely liked it – it’s at least a 4 star book. Therefore, it’s hard to know how MUCH I liked it because I give so many books 4 and 5 stars. BUT! If I put it on my FAVORITES shelf? Then it’s top-notch and I just added The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry to my FAVORITES shelf a few weeks ago. It is SO GOOD. A book for book lovers, for sure! It was an easy read and several things didn’t happen that I expected to happen which I found WONDERFULLY surprising. It’s lovely to expect something formulaic and then BAM! It doesn’t happen! If you’re looking for a nice easy read that is not too saccharine but just saccharine enough? This is it! Check it out!

ALRIGHT THEN. This seems like a wonderful assortment of nonsense for a blog post…MY WORK HERE IS DONE.

Pop Culture Bullets Of Miscellany

  • I recently watched a few of the most recent episodes of Chicago Fire and why didn’t anyone tell me that some of my favorite (and the prettiest) actors are playing FIREMEN in a drama? I mean…screw the hot doctors from Grey’s Anatomy…we’re talking FIREMEN on this show. It’s also interesting some of the facets of the life of firemen, but also? FIREMEN. So, you know. You should watch it.
  • I’m also watching the HULU ORIGINAL (It’s evidently not a Hulu Original, I guess I hallucinated seeing that logo somewhere…but I am watching it on Hulu, so there’s that) show Misfits and even though it’s a little…mature…for my tastes, the concept is really original. British delinquents with super powers! I love it! But I just noticed today that the picture on HULU is actually a bunch of grown-ups. Not teenagers. So I’m super-confused now. I’m only on season 2 but still…why is the picture grown-ups? Is the current season them as grown-ups? I don’t know! And how did I just now notice this fact? Either way. Right now…I’m enjoying the show…even if it’s a bit grown-up for me.
  • I just read Hoot. I have had it on my list FOREVER and I really enjoyed it! It’s an easy read, a little more “teen fiction” than “young adult” but it was really good. I see why it’s on a lot of school reading lists. I’m always glad when I enjoy a book that’s required reading. I always HATED the required reading books as a kid, I think on principle alone. I probably would have hated Harry Potter if they had told me I HAD to read it.
  • Nikki is reading Wrinkle in Time and I think it’s as important to me that she like this as it was that she liked Harry Potter. I loved Wrinkle in Time as a kid…I read it several times…so while I loved Harry Potter as an adult, her liking this book means we might have been friends as kids. Which makes my heart happy.
  • Okay…the best for last…did you hear? We’re getting the TFioS trailer today! Here is the teaser for the trailer and I am SO EXCITED. I mean…THIS BOOK…it just made me feel all the feels and the movie has the potential to just rip my heart into a million pieces and make me GRATEFUL for it.

Books and TV…the SERIOUS Issues.

shiver1Let’s Talk About TV and Books!

So! I first stumbled upon Maggie Stielvater when I accidentally started an unfinished series. I really enjoyed the two books in that series, and really liked the next stand-alone book I read of hers Scorpio Races.

But then I switched to her finished series Shiver. And I had vague memories of trying the book before and not getting into it, but even as I started it, I had no memories of it…so I soldiered on. But y’all? I couldn’t finish it. I’m so upset! I had hoped I had found a new favorite author…but I just couldn’t stick with it. I think part of it was the story was too much about the love/attraction and not much about any other lore or plotline with this fantasy world. Also, the chapters jumped back and forth between perspectives which isn’t a big deal, her other books did that, but these chapters were really short. So it was giving me whiplash! I ended up taking it back to the library this week, unfinished.

But I’m so bummed! I loved the other books and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her on Twitter, but I could NOT get into Shiver.

arrowNow! Let’s talk about some TV I’m totally loving. First is an old show that I’m just loving more this season than last. And it’s even getting some good critical accolades too! ARROW. Y’all! It’s just so good! Are you watching it? I love Felicity and how big of a part they’re giving her this season. I love love LOVE the introduction of Flash (I think he’s getting his own show, actually) the last too episodes. And I love that they ditched a lot of the annoying storylines (Sarah returning? BOO.) because they weren’t working. I love that the actors or SO VERY PRETTY. Last season was good but this season is GREAT.

almost-human-cast2And finally? A new show I’m loving. Almost Human! Are you watching it? SO GOOD! The dialog us funny but the stories are interesting and great. Good action. Good special effects. GREAT chemistry between the actors…LOVE IT! It also adds a fun twist on the crime-solving drama with the weirdo tech advances they feature. I love it! Probably my new favorite show!

So…books? Shows? What are you loving?

March 14th! We’re Going Back To Neptune!

Growing up I had one TV in my house on which time was very regulated. If Dad was home, our time using it was monitored. I have memories of watching TV as a family – shows like The Cosby Show and Little House On The Prairie but we didn’t watch as much as our friends did and there was often stuff I was missing out on when it came to lunchroom conversation. It only worsened once I hit high school because I stayed so busy all the time that there was minimal time to watch TV.

(Although – when Dad was gone? That TV was on all the time. I was like a pampered non-working wife with my soap operas and game shows during the summer.)

Then came college when I didn’t have a TV for a long time. Then I didn’t have cable for a long time. I enjoyed some shows in real time like “Friends” but basically, until about 2000, I didn’t watch any TV regularly. Like…EVER. MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Once we settled into our adult lives in 2001 with paychecks and cable bills, I started keeping up with television and became quite addicted quite quickly. But my point is – a lot of the shows I totally fangirl over, I did not enjoy with the real world. I worked my way through the Whendonverse when Wes was a baby and I was nursing him. I watched all of Buffy, Angel and Firefly before Wes was weaned. The show that got me through my maternity leave with Nikki? Veronica Mars. With that show, I actually watched season 1 and season 2 before season 3 premiered. So, I caught up with the real world, but just in time for the last season. But – since I was totally team Piz? (WHAT?!?!) I lurved it dearly.

So, it’s safe to say when the Veronica Mars Movie was crowdfunded? I WAS BEYOND HAPPY.

And today? When I needed it most because I’m super-stressed (Oh, my, god. I’m so sick of saying that. I wish I could unload on you guys so you could believe me about the “so stressed” part but I have to respect other people’s privacy. Just trust me: STRESS LEVEL IS TO THE MAX FOR REAL REASONS, I PROMISE.) the gift of the Veronica Mars Move trailer was given to me and I sobbed with joy.

So, I have three months to re-watch all of the previous seasons so my Neptune knowledge is refreshed. ARE YOU WITH ME?