Books and TV…the SERIOUS Issues.

shiver1Let’s Talk About TV and Books!

So! I first stumbled upon Maggie Stielvater when I accidentally started an unfinished series. I really enjoyed the two books in that series, and really liked the next stand-alone book I read of hers Scorpio Races.

But then I switched to her finished series Shiver. And I had vague memories of trying the book before and not getting into it, but even as I started it, I had no memories of it…so I soldiered on. But y’all? I couldn’t finish it. I’m so upset! I had hoped I had found a new favorite author…but I just couldn’t stick with it. I think part of it was the story was too much about the love/attraction and not much about any other lore or plotline with this fantasy world. Also, the chapters jumped back and forth between perspectives which isn’t a big deal, her other books did that, but these chapters were really short. So it was giving me whiplash! I ended up taking it back to the library this week, unfinished.

But I’m so bummed! I loved the other books and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her on Twitter, but I could NOT get into Shiver.

arrowNow! Let’s talk about some TV I’m totally loving. First is an old show that I’m just loving more this season than last. And it’s even getting some good critical accolades too! ARROW. Y’all! It’s just so good! Are you watching it? I love Felicity and how big of a part they’re giving her this season. I love love LOVE the introduction of Flash (I think he’s getting his own show, actually) the last too episodes. And I love that they ditched a lot of the annoying storylines (Sarah returning? BOO.) because they weren’t working. I love that the actors or SO VERY PRETTY. Last season was good but this season is GREAT.

almost-human-cast2And finally? A new show I’m loving. Almost Human! Are you watching it? SO GOOD! The dialog us funny but the stories are interesting and great. Good action. Good special effects. GREAT chemistry between the actors…LOVE IT! It also adds a fun twist on the crime-solving drama with the weirdo tech advances they feature. I love it! Probably my new favorite show!

So…books? Shows? What are you loving?


March 14th! We’re Going Back To Neptune!

Growing up I had one TV in my house on which time was very regulated. If Dad was home, our time using it was monitored. I have memories of watching TV as a family – shows like The Cosby Show and Little House On The Prairie but we didn’t watch as much as our friends did and there was often stuff I was missing out on when it came to lunchroom conversation. It only worsened once I hit high school because I stayed so busy all the time that there was minimal time to watch TV.

(Although – when Dad was gone? That TV was on all the time. I was like a pampered non-working wife with my soap operas and game shows during the summer.)

Then came college when I didn’t have a TV for a long time. Then I didn’t have cable for a long time. I enjoyed some shows in real time like “Friends” but basically, until about 2000, I didn’t watch any TV regularly. Like…EVER. MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Once we settled into our adult lives in 2001 with paychecks and cable bills, I started keeping up with television and became quite addicted quite quickly. But my point is – a lot of the shows I totally fangirl over, I did not enjoy with the real world. I worked my way through the Whendonverse when Wes was a baby and I was nursing him. I watched all of Buffy, Angel and Firefly before Wes was weaned. The show that got me through my maternity leave with Nikki? Veronica Mars. With that show, I actually watched season 1 and season 2 before season 3 premiered. So, I caught up with the real world, but just in time for the last season. But – since I was totally team Piz? (WHAT?!?!) I lurved it dearly.

So, it’s safe to say when the Veronica Mars Movie was crowdfunded? I WAS BEYOND HAPPY.

And today? When I needed it most because I’m super-stressed (Oh, my, god. I’m so sick of saying that. I wish I could unload on you guys so you could believe me about the “so stressed” part but I have to respect other people’s privacy. Just trust me: STRESS LEVEL IS TO THE MAX FOR REAL REASONS, I PROMISE.) the gift of the Veronica Mars Move trailer was given to me and I sobbed with joy.

So, I have three months to re-watch all of the previous seasons so my Neptune knowledge is refreshed. ARE YOU WITH ME?


Subscribe for Goose.

Y’all – the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to was Grace Helbig. She’s smart and funny and kind and just all around a great presence on the web. I love her dearly. But for complicated business-y reasons that really aren’t my business whatsoever and entirely her business – she is having to start ALL OVER on your YouTube channel. Hank Green writes about it here and Tyler Oakley added his support here. She is not pandering for attention over this debacle, she’s too classy for that. But, basically she spent 3+ years building a channel and a community and it is all gone now. She went from 2.5 million subscribers to 157,000 at the time of this writing.

So, will you PLEASE do me a favor? Go here and subscribe to her new channel. Please? Even if you don’t normally watch YouTube stuff. Do this for the general good of content creators everywhere. This is a chance for the interwebs to rally behind someone who is not asking to be rallied behind. She knew the situation from the start, the potential for damage, and now she’s trying to start over. She is too valuable of a presence, too valuable of a positive influence for women online and in comedy, too valuable as a content creator – to not show support for her.

I just love her and her voice and her humor and she always makes me smile. I want her community to follow her to this new home because she has earned that. This is kinda unprecedented, to be honest, and you should subscribe for no other reason but to see if someone can start over and succeed in this fashion.

Also y’all? Her dog, Goose, is TOTES ADORBS. Subscribe for the dog.


Mini Me


Nikki finished her first Harry Potter book this week. I gave her my Hedwig backpack as a gift for this accomplishment. And then, she had to get special permission to check out the next one because it’s reserved for Third Grade and older. This is one of the finest moments of my parenting life. I didn’t think I could be more proud until THIS happened >>>>>>>>


Last night Nikki asked, “Mom? Can you help me start a Bullet Journal?”


It was SO MUCH FUN. She got so into it and added “Bullet Journal Supplies” to her birthday wishlist which – of course – is INSIDE HER BULLET JOURNAL.

It’s things like this that kinda kickass about being a Mom. Seeing your own personality traits showing up in your kid, and seeing how COOL they are. I mean, when she’s stubborn and flighty? I hate my genes. The bad skin? HATE. The tendency to get social anxiety? HATE HATE HATE.

But this tendency? This organizational desire to log her life? I LOVE SEEING THAT. Her love of Harry Potter, he desire to make lists? THAT IS ALL ME. And I’m totally excited about it all. It’s nice to see the good genes show up once in awhile to counterbalance the crappy ones.


The Future Of Television – “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”

We showed a YouTube video to the inlaws on our TV the other day. We watched the Evening Of Awesome on the TV as well. It’s really hard lately to draw the line between TV and INTERNET as devices like AppleTV and Roku make blending the two so easy.

BUT! For the sake of this post, let’s keep them separate.

I started watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries one day out of sheer boredom. I’ll admit…never made it through Pride & Prejudice…the book OR any of the movie adaptations. So, a web series/modern-day adaptation didn’t appeal to me at launch. BUT…I have loved every other thing the Vlogbrothers do online, so one boring day I gave it a shot.



I caught up to the “real” world in no time at all. Ashley Clements is a compelling actor and I loved the personality she gave Lizzie. I loved her sisters and I loved Bing Lee. I just couldn’t wait for each episode to push the story along so I finished all of the videos in a few days. (I think, at the time, there were about 50.)

As I started having to wait between episodes, I began exploring the LBD universe. Lydia had her own channel that was TOTES COOL of course. Charlotte had a Twitter. Everywhere I clicked there was more of the universe I could explore and before I knew it I had THREE YouTube subscriptions and a Twitter List filled with character accounts, actor accounts, and writer accounts associated with the show.

I even familiarized myself with the actual book Pride & Prejudice, even if the modernization of it proved many of the storylines ineffective.

That’s the cool thing about this adaption. You can know the story, but you don’t know how they’ll translate it to this environment. So…there is still mystery and surprise.

But – the series really started taking it to the next level last weekend. The characters Lizzie, Darcy (Mr. Darcy from the book), and his sister Gigi (who is trying her BEST to get her brother and Lizzie together) went exploring in San Francisco. In the story they did. Viewers understood that was going to be happening. But what actually DID happen? Is that the character Gigi started tweeting about it. Photos AND ALL.

(The management of all of those accounts on Twitter and Tumblr and YouTube FASCINATE ME, BTW.)

HOW COOL IS THAT? I was refreshing that feed on my phone ALL DAY LONG. She was posting pictures and making great meta comments like:

(If you don’t get that one, you don’t spend as much time on Tumblr as I do. Here’s the definition of “shipping”.)

It was GREAT. We – as fans – were able to watch this story unfold IN REAL TIME. And we could “SQUUUUEEEEEE!” about it and it was just SO FUN.

And the actors? Are BRILLIANT. Lydia (Lizzie’s sister) has started her downward spiral which is unfolding in this adaptation in ways very different from the book. And watching that actress (Mary Kate Wiles) who rocked the Text Speak with such voraciousness – take it to a dark and almost twisted level? Has been beautiful and devastatingly sad. The difference between her first video and her most recent should win her all of the awards.

And just as I started to really worry about how this story could possibly keep unfolding in the illusion of a YouTube Vlog, the team behind the series launched a Twitter account for Darcy’s Company and that faux enterprise launched another YouTube Channel to promote this fancy new video app.

Basically? The writers opened up an entire new world of video setups for their audience. AND IT IS DAMN GENIUS.

The term being thrown around is “Transmedia” which I think is PERFECT. They are taking us around different YouTube channels, through Twitter, over yFrog for photos, microblogs, videos…giving the fans an all-around interactive experience. The showrunner, Bernie Su, did an AMA at Reddit that’s full of tons of great information, if you want to read more about how he approaches the transmedia aspect of the show.

All of the media babble aside? I’m not sure if I’ve ever had anywhere close to this much fun with a TV show before. If you want to join in (I don’t think it’s supposed to run much longer, maybe a few months?) then you should start here. But, be prepared to be sucked into the world beyond any scope of your imagination.

I really hope this is what is in store for those of us avid TV fans. The potential is endless.


(Here’s a rundown from the showrunner of the chaos that unfolded in the LBD world yesterday.)