Random Reviews

Just something light today because I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing every morning. I’m actually just trying to get back into the habit of a lot of things that I know ease my soul but are so hard to do when you’re feeling gray. That’s the Catch-22 with depression, you know that some things make you feel a little better, but the drive to do those things is 100% gone. So you phone it in with a blog entry about various things you’ve read/watched/listened to lately and hope that helps.

  • I read The Circle because it’s my book club book AND I was thinking I’d see the movie on Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza but y’all – it frustrated the hell out of me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living inside the internet for over a decade or what, but I found the story unbelievable from the first few chapters. When I couldn’t easily get the movie to fit into my 3-movie day, I opted not to see it because I found the book so frustrating and I didn’t want to associate two of my favorite actors with it if I found the movie just as bad. Have you read it? What are your thoughts? It wasn’t bad in the quality sense, I just couldn’t believe it.
  • I did see the new King Arthur movie on Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza and while I don’t think the script was that great, I loved the cinematography and the acting and the costumes and special effects. It was VISUALLY COMPELLING, which held me to a kinda weak script. And the acting was superb. And some of the music/visual combinations were just mesmerizing. I hate it’s getting crappy reviews because – even with the kinda weak script – I think it’s worth seeing, ESPECIALLY on the big screen.
  • I’ve got another podcast I’ve been listening to lately that I’m so surprised I love. It’s Sawbones and it’s a husband/wife duo discussing medical history. (Wife is a doctor, husband is a McElroy brother from many other of my favorite podcasts.) This is a great one to put on absentmindedly to just fill the space while you’re walking the dog or falling asleep. I don’t feel like I have to worry about missing something if I doze of or zone out, it’s just light and entertaining. I love it. And there’s several years of it to listen to so I think it will last me for awhile!