It Always Goes Back To The Poop

Playing!!! This picture was taken last night while I was cooking dinner. Do you know what NikkiZ was doing? She was PLAYING. It’s been since Saturday that we’ve seen that. SATURDAY. Almost a whole week of no playing. It was a beautiful sight. Until I saw that she had dumped every container of food and dishes for her kitchen out all over the dining room floor. Then I remember – I HATE PLAYING.

Just kidding. Playing is awesome. I’d clean up that mess any day if it meant NikkiZ was feeling well again.

I knew she was feeling better when she called me Poopyhead earlier that afternoon. She had asked for a popsicle to which I replied, “A poopsicle? You want a poopsicle? EW! Gross!” She laughed hysterically and said, “No! A popsicle! You’re a Poopyhead!” and then she laughed some more.

I’ve never enjoyed being called a Poopyhead so much in my life.

I slept well last night. Pre-NikkiZ sick well. I started waking up about 4:30 and was thinking that today is going to be SO NICE. I’ll be able to get ready with my normal morning routine! Both kids will get to go to school today! Both parents will get to work a full day of work! Today is going to be GREAT! And I feel GREAT! EXTRA EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that this is much better than yesterday when I was contemplating entries for my blog titled, “Can you have a crisis of faith without faith to begin with?” or, “How do you go about finding a therapist?” Let’s just say that I was in a tired/exhausted/dark spot for awhile yesterday. It’s amazing what one good night’s worth of sleep can do for a person. That on TOP of being called a Poopyhead? How could I have NOT woken up in a good mood this morning?

I picked up AndyZ out of bed as he was waking up too. I opened the door to leave the bedroom and enter the rest of the house and then it hit me. The Smell. If you have dogs or cats, you know The Smell. The smell that says, “Someone just shit all over my house.”

And someone had just shit all over my house.

I spent my happy morning cleaning up dog poop out of my dining room carpet. And then steam cleaning the carpet for 30 minutes or so to make sure it was really clean and shampooed. Then I Lysoled it all for good measure. I think I must have pissed off some deity or force of nature. Either that or someone out there has a very sick sense of humor. Someone who thinks it’s funny to great a person who is happy for the first time in days…with a dining room covered in dog crap.

For the record? I did not find that funny. In case you were wondering.

In other Non-Poop Non-Strep news…


We are now rolling over! And that smile and laugh is enough to bring me back to my happy place!

(Note to my animals at home: This is not a challenge to take me OUT of that happy place again. Please don’t poop on the floor while I’m at work today. ‘K? Thanks.)