• I’m Going To Staples Today!

    I am so excited because I’m going to Staples today!




    I don’t go to office supply stores (Staples being the one on my end of town) often because I buy stuff I just don’t need. Like pretty notepads. Or new pens. Or card stock and stationary. Or notebooks. I don’t need any of that stuff. I have my solid winner favorite pens (Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink Metal Tip 7.0mm Retractable) and even though I kept buying new ones for years after I decided on those, I never found anything that really even came close. They even have multiple color packs – Target actually carries my FAVORITE color pack with the pink and aqua and orange – so I have no need to really ever buy another pen again. And I use only moleskin notebooks now as my notebook AND my daily planner so I have no need to even peruse those aisle.

    YET STILL! I would buy some anyway if I wasn’t disciplined.

    Some people go to AA to help them give up drinking, I use a twelve step program to keep me from buy new pens and journals.

    (If I could think of a reason to buy a blank journal? I would. I MISS THEM SO BAD.)

    IMG_5853BUT we need things today! I actually need some standard blue/black pens. I’m hoping Staples has just those colors and that I don’t have to buy the red/green with them. I have too many red and greens now! But the blue/black get used the most so I’m down to one of each color.

    ONE! ONLY ONE? That’s blasphemy! The “fun” colors I have multiple of because when they’re on sale I buy more. (Full Disclosure: Since Staples doesn’t sell them I’m afraid they don’t make them any more and that as soon as Target’s stock is gone they’ll be gone forever and I’ll never have those colors again and then I’ll need therapy.)

    I also need binder clips. Well, I really only need one binder clip but you can’t really buy just one. And binder clips are SO CUTE nowadays so I’m super excited to see what there is to offer. And I need a stapler. Why don’t I have a stapler? I’ve been using paperclips to hold paper together and that’s unnecessary. I WANT A STAPLER.

    And finally? The reason I’m finally making the trip? Donnie asked for something. IT IS ALL HIS FAULT. He is my enabler. He needs some compressed air. And because of that I get to open up the “Staples” page in my bullet journal and buy the things listed on that page. I won’t let myself buy ANYTHING ELSE.


    Unless the washi tape is on sale. That stuff is so stupid-expensive that if it’s on sale I can’t help but stock up. Like I do with bread!

    And yes – washi tape is as important as bread. Maybe moreso since I don’t eat bread.


    Can you make casual trips to an official supply store and not come out having spent $100 on pens you don’t need? What’s your office supply store weakness? Do you dream about office supplies? No? Just me then? Okay.