Future Planner Addicts Of America.

I took this picture in August of 2006. I captioned it back then as “These are all of the calendars/planners I’ve already bought this year. I think I have a problem.”


You think Kim of 2006? THINK? 8 months into the year and you already bought SIX DIFFERENT CALENDARS/PLANNERS? YES. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY.

(I haven’t done this in 3 years since I’ve been using the bullet journal system, FYI.)

And it wasn’t just calendars or planners. I was addicted to journals too because I liked to write things and there was never enough room in the calendars/planners. I remember my dad really losing his temper with me once over my compulsion with journals.


“…What’s your point, Dad? I’m not understanding the problem.”

Well…it looks like my daughter inherited the Planner/Journal Addict gene.



But watching her exhibit the same tendencies has been enlightening because it turns out the constant need for journal/calendars is simply a manifestation of an INATE URGE TO PLAN. It’s not just a compulsion to buy the planners/journals. No! The purchases are the side effect of the compulsive desire to plan because I’m seeing it come out in my daughter and IT IS AMAZING.

She has to know all of the details of upcoming arrangements. SO SHE CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

There is nothing that thrills her more than to have thought of something someone else did NOT think of and be able to ride in on her horse and save the day. When we went to Tennessee for a race I realized I forgot tall socks but SHE HAD BROUGHT EXTRAS. Of course she had.

Is it a week-long engineering camp? What are the rules about pencils because that one camp didn’t provide pencils and she was SO GLAD to have some of her own in her bag.

Will there be outside time? She needs to pack sunscreen if there will be, she does NOT want to get sunburned.

She also wants to be ready in case YOU forget something. Did you bring enough snacks? She brought plenty if you didn’t.

And the lists she makes!

We’re going to Colorado in 10 days and she’s been quizzing me constantly on various plans so she can update her list of Things To Pack.

On that list? 12 shirts. TWELVE. For a week-long trip.

“Nikki. There’s a washer and dryer. I plan on doing laundry while we’re gone because you’re the only one who has enough close to last the whole trip.”

“What if the washer breaks?”

Good point, kid.

She also has a page in a journal drawn out mapping out her and her brother’s plans for the summers. I have the EXACT PAGE in my bullet journal, but she thinks I might need backup.

I mean, my Dad was a planner and list-maker and I became one too so I don’t know why this is so surprised but OH MY GOD, SHE IS ONE OF US. WE MUST WELCOME HER INTO THE FOLD AND PROHIBIT HER FROM EVER ENTERING STAPLES WITH A CREDIT CARD.

Now. She still can’t remember to hang her wet towel up after a shower. And she “forgets” to brush her teeth daily. BUT MY GOD, she will remind me 14 times between now and our trip that I need to bring my reusable grocery bags with me since Colorado charges .10/bag if you have to use plastic at the store.