MrZ Pre C-section I’ve been playing the role of Annoying Daughter-In-Law the last week or so, asking for copies of the pictures MrZ’s parents took the day NikkiZ was born. Grandpa (MrZ’s Dad) burned me a CD yesterday and I finally got to go through the pictures tonight. It has been very surreal. Part of me feels very much like those pictures represent nothing more than a drunken memory. A VERY DRUNKEN MEMORY. (Ahhh…precious morphine…how I miss you so.) Another part of me feels every emotion fresh – like I am there, reliving it all over again.

It would be neat if every member of the family could blog their memories of the day NikkiZ was born before they forget it. Since I’m the only one with a blog, I’ll try to put together the story from their point of view, as I have heard them tell it. (Feel free, any of you, to correct me in an email and I’ll change it). We had spent the night at the hospital, scheduled to be induced around 6am. Grandma and Grandpa were going to come by the hospital to see how we were doing on their way to work. They called at one point to say they were on their way and I think I had been given the Pitocin drip and was feeling contractions in a MAJOR DAMN WAY. Of course, from the time we spoke to them and the time they got to the hospital, things changed dramatically.

Added by MrZ in the comments: That picture of me standing in the doorway was taken at the moment that i was informing my parents that we were having to have an emergency c-section. This was about 10 minutes after we found out that we were going to have to have the c-section and just after the mad dash down the hallway. I was making sure that everyone that had come by to visit that morning knew where we were and what was going on. That look in my eye is definitely one of fear… this was less than an hour after the pitocin drip was started and I don’t think i was mentally prepared.

Moments after birthWhen they got to the hospital, I believe they were told at the nurse’s station that I was in the Operating Room (dun dun DUNNNNN!). At that point I had been over 24 hours without sleep, so I don’t remember any of that. I think someone directed them to the O.R. area where they were trying not to panic since they had no idea what was going on to require my presence in the Operating Room. I think that a nurse told MrZ they were out there so before the surgery he ran out to tell them what was going on. I will be forever grateful that Grandpa (I think that’s who took it) had the presence of mind to take this picture. Everything happened so fast we have ZERO documentation of the birth of NikkiZ. This is the closest we came.

After the surgery, MrZ was allowed to follow NikkiZ to the nursery to be bathed and introduced to the world. At this point I was drunkedly talking the ear off of the nurses in the recovery room. When I get nervous? I talk. A LOT. MrZ and his family are lucky they could just enjoy the moment without my annoying talking. Since I wasn’t there for any of this, these pictures were very intoxicating to look at. I just can’t believe what a day that was and I am glad things worked out that MrZ’s parents were there and could photograph moments like this. If it hadn’t been timed just like that, we would have nothing documented.

Daddies don't get much prouder than this

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa – for capturing the events I could not be a part of, and for preserving this moment, of Daddy and Baby, for NikkiZ to one day be able to enjoy.