Sometimes a girl just wants to talk about her wedding.

NikkiZ is due October 25th, which just happens to be my SECOND wedding anniversary. Since I was talking about her due date in the last entry, I’m not thinking about my wedding day. LilZ and I drive past the hotel MrZ and I married at almost everyday. Whenever we do, it’s become a tradition, for LilZ to say “Thats the hotel you got married at.” I respond, “Yes, it is,” and we both pause and think about that day for a moment. Yesterday? LilZ said, “That was just the best day EVER. I wish we could have another one.”

I don’t know what is better, knowing that LilZ thinks that our wedding day was the best day ever in HIS life, or the knowing that it was in mine too. I worked for six months planning a large wedding under budget with TWO goals: #1) Having a wedding that was all about US and not about “normal” or “tradition” or what other people wanted and #2) Making sure LilZ was as much a part of it as possible. We pulled it all off with flying colors and it has since become one of my favorite things to talk about.

Here are the things we did to make the day special for all of us:

  • The kids in the neighborhood all helped me make the party favors and decorations
  • LilZ helped me make the arch we used during the wedding.
  • LilZ asked several of his friends to be IN the wedding party too.
  • I rented a Limo for the morning of the wedding to take all the kids around town to thank them for helping me so much. It was my first EVER limo ride.
  • We had a wedding cake made out of donuts.
  • We played contemporary music. The bridal party walked down the aisle to James Taylor’s You’ve got a friend, I walked down the aisle to At Last, and MrZ and I left the wedding to I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
  • I wrote a poem for MrZ that was read by my friend Stace during the wedding.
  • After the “official” dances of husband and wife, and husband and his mom, I danced with LilZ to Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This
  • THEN? Me and all the kids got on the dance floor and did the Hokey Pokey
  • We had the aforementioned ball game on the TV at the reception
  • I wore hot pink sequined butterfly shoes under my wedding gown.
  • I made all of our bouquets out of fake flowers all by myself and only suffered a few severe burns from the glue gun.
  • I let LilZ pick out his own tuxedo.
  • LilZ walked me down the aisle WITH my Dad. Actually? I panicked when I heard the music start and left them both behind. But then, I tripped (of course), laughed, and waited for them to catch up.
  • I wore my hot pink tie-dyed house slippers to the wedding reception while both MrZ and LilZ wore their tennis shoes.
  • Did I mention the donut cakes?

Anyway – I just wanted to reflect a moment on the coolness that was our wedding. I’m afraid we may not be able to really celebrate our anniversary this year, so I wanted to make sure at least ONE thing was mentioned about that day. October 25, 2003. The best day of ALL of our lives.

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