LilZoot’s Wedding Party

I’ve mentioned how important it was to us that LilZoot feel as big of a part of the wedding as we were. So, we let him choose some friends to be in the wedding too. Of course, knowing he’d pick my best friends children helped! Seeing Lauren and Leah last night, and Type A visiting Junkie and Ariel this weekend made me think of them all in their dresses and tuxes. They were AWESOME that day. They did their jobs well and danced with me all night long, which is what I had asked them to do. I didnt want to be the only one dancing, and when there’s music, I have to dance, so I had already asked them all to dance with me if no one else did. I’m always prepared like that…

Setting the Date

Well, once we were engaged we wasted no time in setting a date. We had no interest in a long engagement, but we needed time to plan a wedding for about 120-150 guests. I looked at the calendar and saw that October 25th would be a good date because it was a weekend LilZoot had with me, and he was out of school the following Monday which would mean that he would only miss four days of school for the FamilyMoon.

I called MrZ to make sure that was a good day for him, and we started with the planning. Never looking back…

Then, a week or so later, my mom calls and says “Guess what I just realized? The 25th is the day your father and I got married…”

Now, keep in mind my parents split over 20 years ago, so it’s not like it was a day we all celebrated, so I never knew when their anniversary was. Some people might have found it unlucky to get married on the same day their divorced parents did, but I thought it made an awesome story, and that’s really all that matters, right?

Fast forward a few weeks when I’ve started trying to reserve places to get married. I was suprised at how open that day seemed to be considering I wasnt even calling six months in advance. Then MrZ called me and said “Do you realize what day we’ve planned our wedding on? How about this for a hint…The third Saturday in October?”

For the non-football fans among you, I’ll explain. The third Saturday in October has traditionally been the day that Tennessee plays Alabama in college football. MrZoot and I, being die-hard fans of opposing teams in that battle, know that day all too well. The second he pointed it out to me I A)Felt incredibly stupid that it hadnt occurred to me yet and B)Realized why I wasnt having trouble booking things on that day. We decided as long as we would be able to have a TV in the reception area, we’d be fine because the wedding ceremony would only last 15 minutes or so.

Yes. When calling to book places for my wedding reception, I actually demanded that there be a TV available so we could watch the game in case it was an evening game. And I was asking just as much for myself as I was for MrZoot. Gotta love SEC brides…
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What I MEANT to say was…

I’m still a newlywed. Right? I get to be a newlywed for a whole year. That’s the rule. So I’m still a newlywed until October 25th. Well, one of the plusses of being a newlywed is I get to talk about my wedding, which is one thing I’ve rarely talked about here.

I had planned on starting September 25th and posting a wedding picture and wedding story every morning for a month. But as you can see? I was too busy making donuts.

So, I’m going to start today, and pretend like I started Saturday. Okay?

And I’ll start with the engagement.

MrZ and I had discussed getting married almost since the day we started dating. By April of 2003, we finally were ready (after dating for three years) to start shopping for rings. We had decided to “get engaged” sometime in the summer, and get married the following spring. We went shopping for rings one weekend, and had a ball doing it. I knew NOTHING about diamonds and neither did he, but we still had fun.

The next weekend I came home from traveling with LilZoot to see his Dad. MrZ handed me a piece of paper. I looked at it and it said, “Will you Marry Me? Yes/No/Maybe”. I laughed, said, “You’re so cute” and then hung it up on the fridge. We joked about stuff like that a lot, I didnt think anything of it. I just thought he was being silly.

Later, he said:
“Well, arent you going to answer it?”
“What? The note? No! Its hysterical just hanging on the fridge like that. Unanswered.”

Even LATER, he said:
“So, you’re really not going to check the box?”
“On the note. You arent even going to answer it?”
“Well, of course you know the answer. Everyone knows we’re getting married eventually. Its just funny to leave it like I’m thinking about it.”
“You should really check a box.”
“FINE!. Jeez…”

As I turned to the fridge to check “yes”, I turned back around and he had a ring out saying, “Then, I can finally give you this.”


He was proposing to me! I thought he was being silly and he was being sweet and romantic! How horrible am I? heheh. So – that’s your First Wedding Story. And here…is your first wedding picture.
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Krispy Kreme Donut Wedding Cake

This post is for the gazillion Google hits I got on my old blog for people searching for “Krispy Kreme Donut Cakes”.

My wedding cake

So This? Is my wedding cake. Yes. It’s made out of Krispy Kreme Donuts. Yes. A Krispy Kreme Donut Wedding Cake. The outer layer are powdered donuts to give the “white” appearance, but all the inner ones? Glazed, Baby. Because those? Are like bits of heaven, in the form of little rings. Most importantly? People talked about it all night long and they are STILL talking about it.

See? I wasn’t about to spend 800 plus dollars on a cake I wouldn’t eat, because I don’t eat cake. I mean – I eat cake – but I prefer various other desserts. LIKE DONUTS. (Is a donut a dessert? Let’s pretend it is.) I stumbled upon something somewhere that referenced a wedding cake made out of stacked Krispy Kremes. This sounded like a dream “cake” to me. So? I made one myself.

ALL total? It took about 30 minutes to make and cost about 100 dollars, stand and all. I bought the tiers for the stand at Michael’s and bought the cake topper at Wal-Mart. I just ordered enough donuts to stack on the tiers and asked them to send me a bag of powdered sugar to sprinkle around the outside since I new the sugar would come off the donuts as I stacked them.

Finally? The I went to the Target bakery and asked for 50 froze icing flowers in lavender. I used a butter knife to slide them off the sheet and onto my cake tiers to add a sort of decoration so it wasn’t just donuts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

It was the perfect solution for our tight-budget and unique wedding. It is also very cool to be able to say that I had a donut cake at my wedding. In case you were wondering the real motivation.

Oh – and if you see a few chocolate glazed donuts in there? It is because we didn’t order enough glazed and had to use the donuts from the groom’s cake, which my hubby picked out.