Joining The Club For Weekly Shoppers

Nikki was dreading the idea of the summer daycare program every day all summer. So, to relieve her a bit, I worked out where she can come to work with me some days so we’ll only put her in for 3 days a week, AND, we signed her up for 3 different week-long camps. We didn’t want Wes to feel left out just because he doesn’t mind the daycare, so we signed him up for one of the camps that he was old enough to attend. This means, basically, THAT EVERY WEEK IS A DIFFERENT SCHEDULE AND IT IS A LOGISTIC NIGHTMARE.

I mean!

Since I’m an hourly employee who likes to live on a budget, I have to adjust every day/week to make sure that I don’t short myself on my paycheck in the driving kids to/from camps. Last week Nikki’s camp was down the road from my office so she came to work with me, I took a break to take her to camp, then I would take a break later to pick her up and she’d come back to work with me. That required I work later every day which meant the evening Run By The Store On The Way Home was tricky.

Yes. I go to the store every day.

Here’s the thing: It works for me. It keeps me from having to stress out about what we need for the entire week at one time. It allows me to take advantage of sales that start mid-week. I can adjust the dinner menu based on the nightly schedule which is often times unpredictable. And it keeps me from having to carry more than 2 bags of groceries up my front stairs at a time. When I used to try to shop a whole week at a time it stressed me out SO MUCH, this? Even though it seems like so much extra work? Easy. No stress. If I run out of something? I get it the next day. Boom.

BUT – last week was so insane and this week is Wes’s camp which makes my schedule also insane so…SO…on Saturday I hit three grocery stores in an attempt to keep from having to shop every day.

I DID A WEEKLY TRIP, Y’all! For the first time in years!

And so far? So good! I didn’t go to the store Sunday or Monday! So I made it TWO WHOLE DAYS without going to the store! THAT’S AMAZING!

I’m not going to make it all week. We’re already in need of bread, but I think a trip tomorrow will cover the rest of the week and the trip will be SHORT so I should be okay. And tomorrow I don’t have anything planned in the evening…SO…for the most part I think my Saturday plan will have worked.


I know most of you are like, “Yeah. Duh.” But to me it was just part of my routine and not something I ever really thought about. I pass Target and Publix on the way home every day so – depending on the sales – I just stopped and bought whatever we needed for dinner and whatever we had run out of. I fix 3 meals for 3 people every day, Donnie gets 5 lunches covered at work and makes his own breakfasts, but I cook him dinner most nights that we’re not doing leftovers. So that means I fix anywhere from 20-30 meals a week. THAT IS A LOT OF MEALS TO PREP FOR. I don’t think I’d ever be able to do an entire week without any mid-week trips so I’m not going to stress out too much. If I can get it down to one mid-week trip during the summer that would be GREAT.

Do you shop 1-week at a time? How many “refill” trips do you make a week for things you’ve run out of?