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    I’m going back to the doctor for the millionth time on Wednesday about my cough. I thought it was getting better and then it got worse again and the steroid pack didn’t help and the different inhalers haven’t helped and I’m feeling pretty crappy about it all and it rained this weekend which makes me feel even worse so let’s talk about DECORATING MY HOUSE!

    First of all – for the last 2+ years of living in my old house we were in various stages of trying to sell it and so I never really got to do much beyond what we had done the first few years. And that house was SO BIG that it felt really intimidating to try to hang anything on the walls if you couldn’t do a bunch at once, and then we re-painted everything in the upstairs and couldn’t hang stuff and…and…my point?

    I was very excited about hanging stuff on the walls in this house.

    First I decorated the mantel above the fireplace and I’m super-proud of it. It took me awhile to find all of the pieces I wanted but once I did it was PERFECT.

    Then I purchased some Lisa Congdon prints as she is my FAVORITE and I was very happy to have an excuse to buy some art from her. I wish I could afford ACTUAL art from her, but prints will do!

    Then I worked on the wall behind our desk this weekend. The desk is in the living room/dining room (we still haven’t found the perfect table yet for the dining area) so it’s all part of the same “look” so I’ve been buying pieces at local art events recently to hang up and this weekend we went on the hunt for frames. I had to paint the colored parts of the 3-part frame (they were gray) but I think it all looks great!

    I’m basically just trying to get some “finishing touches” up before we host Christmas dinner here. This is a kinda crappy shot of the whole living area.

    Oh! I also redid the family photo wall in the hall to include the watercolor painting we got done this year of our family!

    All in all – it’s starting to feel like THIS house and less like the OLD house which is how it felt for a little while because we had just hung up some of the same stuff in basically the same layout. This house feels so very different and I love it more and more every day.