Let’s Talk Bullet Journals!

I know I’ve been neglecting my favorite topic lately: Bullet Journaling. But here’s why, it’s because I kinda get my fix posting to my BuJo instagram so I forget to write about it anymore. (BuJo, what the cool kids say so that we don’t have to say “BJ” and then open ourselves up for a lot of inappropriate jokes.) I did actually write about bullet journaling today though on my bullet journal blog and I’m going to dig a little deeper into what I wrote over there, because over here I can also write about…wait for it…THERAPY!

(See? You just THOUGHT I was here to write about bullet journals today. I FOOLED YOU!)

When I’m at work I usually keep my bullet journal open on my desk with today’s page of “To Do” items. My therapist pointed out a few weeks ago that maybe that’s not something necessary or at least IDEAL to stare at all day if you suffer from intense anxieties. You know – a big reminder of all of the things you have to do or haven’t done, just in your periphery ALL. DAY. LONG.

Maybe not calming? Maybe?

So I’ve been trying to work on different ways to still give myself the order and control feeling that my list provides, but maybe without some of the anxiety-inducing effects. SO! I’ve done this thing where I’ve created a section on my “daily” page for “mindfullness.” It’s basically a “To Do” list for how to be mindful like I wrote about yesterday. I see that in my periphery as well so if I start to feel a spiral or if I feel compelled to eat 42 donuts, I can check in with that little box. Some days it is just a reminder to BREATHE. Other days, it’s a list of options and things to do. Either way, it is a visual cue to remind me to check in, to be aware of my actual needs in any moment so I don’t suddenly find myself crying in my car or cramming my face in a giant bag of french fries from Burger King.



IMG_1735I wrote an entry on my bullet journal blog yesterday to concisely discuss why I love the bullet journal system on the day my bullet journal instagram crossed 10K followers. And I stand by that post, but I feel like it was really way too tame so today I’m going to use this safe place to fangirl over my own bullet journals.

I LOVE MY BULLET JOURNALS!!!!1!11111!111!!!!!!

I got them all out yesterday for a photo session (like you do) and I just was flipping through them and reliving memories from ticket stubs or childhood phases with their drawings or projects at work and grocery lists and zendoodles and I just love them so much. Even this morning I was writing my weekly page and I could feel the raised impression on the opposite page from the drawing from yesterday and I was just running my fingers over it and thinking, “I LOVE THE FEEL OF THIS PAGE” and that is when I thought to myself Zoot, you might be taking this too far.

But I really do love flipping through my pages, I love looking at it open on my desk all day, I love taping in race bibs or notes from teachers. I’m just such a dork about my bullet journal and I try to contain that dorkiness but since my instagram passed 10K followers yesterday I have been validated so I AM OWNING MY DORKINESS TODAY TO CELEBRATE.

And that’s all you’re getting from me today. Because on Mondays I have to do my weekly page and my daily page and since tomorrow is March 1st I have to do my Monthly page so there is a LOT of bullet journaling that needs to be done this morning.

Habit Tracker

I don’t know if you noticed, but I snuck up a new graphic on the sidebar last week sometime linking to my new project: Bullet Journal Joy. I’ve really enjoyed diving into the bullet journal community lately and I’m constantly inspired with new ideas so I decided I’d channel that all in one place so as to be able to link to a website while in that community that didn’t also talk so much about running or politics or sweat. I hated having this blog on my bullet journal instagram account because I really don’t talk about bullet journaling as much here as I’d like.  I have to leave room for entries about boob sweat.

BOOB SWEAT TANGENT: My inability to remember to grease up for my weekday runs has created a situation where my boob sweat has caused so much chaffing that I now basically have an outline of my bra in discolored skin that is just permanently scarred. I AM SO SEXY.

Okay. Back to to bullet journaling. So now I have a place I write about all of the things I discover and implement! One example of a great idea is the “Habit Tracker” which is something I thought I’d share with you guys too. You basically just list out the habits you’d like to track and then make a grid for the days of the month and color them in when you’re successful.


I designed mine on the computer, something I’m trying to stop doing, but obviously you can just write it and draw the grid yourself. I think it’s a great way to track habits like meditating daily, or success at doing things like giving up sodas. I’m hoping to have all sorts of circles colored in at the end of the month!


Sunflower would like to request that I add, “Pet Teh Kitteh” somewhere on the grid.

Shortest. Trial. Ever. (Plus a November Bullet Journal Printable!)


If you follow my bullet journal instagram you know that I was trying something new this week: Week-In-View planning pages. And while I loved making the spread and I love looking at it, I have missed having my brand new daily pages every day so I had to wake up this morning and do a Wednesday page, just to shake off the monotonous funk I’ve been having over not having a brand new page to look at every day.


I think I still might do the week-in-view pages, because honestly I really like having it and I like setting goals for the week instead of for the day. I’ll just do it ALONG WITH the daily pages. And while I know that’s a lot of repetitive listing (which was why I was trying the week-in-view thing to begin with, too much transferring from one page to another when tasks didn’t get done) it seems that – emotionally – I just need to have a new page to look at every day. So…2 days! Shortest trial ever.

From now on? I’ll do both. That’s the great thing about the Leuchtturm1917 journal – it comes with TWO bookmarks!



You can still download my horizontal monthly pages for 2015 and 2016 from my sidebar, but I’ve been playing around with vertical pages. Some say when they print this and trim it for a standard moleskin there’s extra space along the border, but I’m not seeing that when I print it. If anyone wants to download it and check it out – I’d appreciate it. I want to perfect the template so I can do all of 2016.

And that’s your bullet journal update for this week! I know you love it when I talk planning.

Ask me about my bullet journal…


After people watch the bullet journal video or read my master bullet journal post, the most common question I get asked is: “How do I plan for the future?”

I used to keep a page marked “future dates” and just write upcoming events down and cross them off when I created that monthly page. But now! I saw where someone had stuck one of those cheap wall-sized year calendar in the back of their bullet journal so I stole the idea but used my printables (seen on my sidebar) and clipped them to the back instead! I don’t always actually use that page when I create the monthly page because it’s often sloppy but it’s at least a guide and a way to quickly add something coming up a few months from now. Since I usually have two “live” months going (the current one and the upcoming which I usually start before we get to the 15th of the current month) I’ll keep 10 months pinned to the back of the journal.

Do you have any other questions? I’m totally loving this new planning and bullet journal community I’ve found on instagram – so I’m having even more fun with my bullet journal than before. If you have any questions or concerns about the system that I could answer in a way to bring you do the dark side, I’d love to.