The Cursed Child

PREFACE: First paragraph is as spoiler free as I can get but will have my basic feelings. The Second Paragraph is still fairly spoiler-free but will mention one BIG plot device that I’ve seen mentioned in many reviews even those that say “Spoiler Free” but I want to warn you that I did NOT know about this plot device. I’m kinda glad I didn’t because I might not have ever read it. So, if you are worried, only read the first paragraph. SPOILERS WILL BE ALL OVER THE COMMENTS SO DON’T GO THERE UNLESS YOU’VE READ IT. I’ll post my other thoughts WITH spoilers in the first comment in case any of you have read it and want to discuss it.


The first part (Acts 1 and 2) was tough. It didn’t feel like Harry Potter and while some of that is the format (it’s hard to feel like Harry Potter without JK Rowling’s descriptive language. We only get dialog.) some of is simply the story itself. It felt dirty and clunky to me and I was SO DEPRESSED. I put the book down and tweeted about how sad I was having bad feelings about the play. BUT THEN PART 2 was AMAZING and it felt VERY MUCH like Harry Potter and I want to see the play SOOOO bad now! There is one character I ended up loving SO MUCH that I want to have an entire series dedicated to him. I’ll tell you who he is in the second paragraph in case even loving someone is a spoiler. My review? STICK WITH IT. IT IS WORTH IT!

Very Mild Spoilers I’ve Seen Mentioned In Other Reviews But Don’t Read If You Don’t Want To Know Anything

(Image inserted to avoid casually glancing in case the words jump in your vision. LEAVE NOW if you’re avoiding ALL spoilers.)


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