Polling For My Next Book…

I want to read Alice Hoffman but HOLY JEEPERS she’s written a wide variety of books. I’ve had several suggestions AND my husband wanted me to test out a polling tool so I’m killing two birds with one stone!



Let’s start by all watching this video together, shall we?

Watch the Hamilton Performance At the Grammys, Because This Wi…

Watch the Hamilton the Musical performance at The GRAMMYs, because this will be the closest most of us will ever get to actually seeing the show.

Posted by Vulture on Monday, February 15, 2016

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a cast recording but had NO idea what the visuals were or who the faces were behind the voices, you know how WONDERFUL the opportunity was to see that number performed. I obsessed over the Wicked cast recording for months before finally seeing the show and was shocked to find out that Nessarose was in a wheelchair. You miss details like that if all you hear are the songs from the show performed by bodyless voices. I dream of seeing Hamilton live some day, but until then? The performance above will hold me over.

Speaking of dreams…

Did you know it’s my dream to open an indie books store? Ever since I went to Little Shop of Stories in Atlanta a couple of years ago I thought THIS. This is what I want to do with my life. It’s tricky though because A) I know nothing about opening a business and B) I know nothing about running a book store. BUT! That doesn’t mean I still don’t read up on it constantly and keep my eye out for real estate property that might work for what I have in mind. This article fed my dreams a little bit.

“It’s a more holistic consumerism,” says Mr. Doeblin, describing the bookstore resurgence as part of the explosion of the localism movement that finds young new farmers delivering fresh produce to Main Street markets.

I mean, picture it…Me! A books store owner where I can finally be a local source for Leuchtturm1917 journals since no one in town carries them. Also? BOOKS! SO MANY BOOKS! And me! Geeking out over them with other book lovers!

Speaking of books…

I someone to compile me a list of YA series that are DONE but that ended with the reader being happy they spent the time reading them. I was so burned by Hunger Games (just felt like the last book was waaaaayyyyy too rushed) and Divergent (just didn’t really even enjoy the 2nd books) and when you read a series “live” as the books are being released, you are investing SO MUCH TIME and energy into the anticipation of those books so when/if they disappoint it’s SO terrible. I’ve decided I need to stop reading series until they’re DONE so I don’t invest so much energy in them, and then read them all at once – BUT ONLY IF SOMEONE I TRUST TELLS ME THEY ARE GOOD. I really like the Shades of London series but while waiting on the last release I completely forgot the other books and I just do NOT have the time to reread them.

SO! What series are completed that you’ve read and enjoyed?


Things Keeping Me From Getting My House On The Market

Okay – full disclosure. I spend about an hour a day doing nothing but vegging out on something. At least an hour. So if you hear me bitch about not having enough time to get my house ready? Then blame any of the things I’m enjoying during that hour. THEY ARE ALL LISTED BELOW.

(But don’t bother because I’m not giving them up. I run to counter balance the natural couch potato tendencies, NOT TO ERASE THEM ALL TOGETHER.)


  • TANIS – Fictional investigative drama surrounding the mystery of TANIS, is it a place? A mental state? An alternate dimension? I DO NOT KNOW.
  • Limetown – Fictional investigative drama surrounding the events years past at a research town called Limetown. Everyone disappeared without a trace. OR DID THEY?
  • Black Tapes Podcast – Fictional investigative drama surrounding a series of stories related to the supernatural. ARE THEY ALL CONNECTED?
  • Nerdist – Chris Hardwick is an amazing interviewer and him dropping his show to once a week broke my heart. I would say just look up people you find interesting because he’s done SO MANY INTERVIEWS but some of my favorite interviews were people I had never heard of.
  • Pete Holmes: You Made It Weird – He’s a good interviewer too and often discusses spirituality BUT – he also likes to talk about sex so it can get a little weird at times (hence the podcast) but still, he’s a great interviewer and gets people to open up in interesting ways.


  • Flash
  • Arrow
  • Legends of Tomorrow – So far, so good.
  • The 100: I am only 3/4 way through season 2 and OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. I see why everyone told me to stick with it. I guess 4 episodes into season 2 it started shifting and it’s AMAZING. It’s also a good testament to women being great leads/badasses and also ADULTS ARE OFTEN TERRIBLE LEADERS.
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Modern Family


  • God is not Good – This book is abrasive and I would not recommend it to any of my believer friends. But, I get really sick of the constant notion that non-believers don’t have an ability to be spiritual or the motivation to be good so the book is enlightening by showing that believers aren’t always the best at being spiritual or good either.
  • All The Light We Cannot See – As good as everyone said it was, THANK GOD. It’s been recommended so many times I was worried. It was a little slower of a read for me than some because the Point of View changes chapter to chapter so I found it easier to put down, but it was still riveting and beautiful.
  • The Danish Girl – The book was such an easy read. I read it in like 2 days. I’m worried about seeing the movie now because I loved the book so much, when originally that was why I read the book – the movie looked so good!

Curating My Own To Read List

810uAJ8BZzLI was never great about logging books in Goodreads. I’d go through phases where I’d enter books and notes and then I’d forget for 6 months and couldn’t remember what I had read. Twice I checked out books at the library that I realized I had already read because I never marked it as “read” in my Goodreads account. But I sure did keep the “books to read” shelf up to date. It was my way to keep track of recommendations, THAT list was one I spent a lot of time with.

Until it got so overwhelming I stopped looking at it anymore.

Awhile ago…maybe ay year? – or maybe longer? – I was trying to decide what to read and I pulled up that list and I couldn’t even remember why I put half of the books on there. Did someone recommend them? Were they in a “Must Read!” list? Were they part of a book club I stopped going to? I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK. And there were just SO MANY.

So I didn’t read anything because I couldn’t decide.

Then I saw the preview for The Martian and saw it was based on a book and over time I heard several people express excitement because they had loved the book and I thought Well…I’m just going to read that one.

It never even made it on my To Read shelf. It was kind of an impulse. I read it. I loved it. And it was the moment I decided I couldn’t use my Goodreads shelf anymore because I need to start over.

But the problem was, I quickly figured out why my To Read shelf got so full to begin with. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS RECOMMENDING BOOKS. Friends, YouTubers, HuffPo, every day there’s a new book I felt like I needed to read. But the new Cormoran Strike novel came out and I love those books and I love JK Rowling (obv) and so I read that one instead. Again. No recommendations, just read it because I wanted to.

And that’s how I’ve decided to proceed. I just don’t have a lot of time to read anymore. I hope to get more time once I’m not spending so much time on my house, but until then? I have to be really particular about what I pick up. I’m not even necessarily picking up book club books, honestly. I do have my next one on hold at the library – but I really wanted to read The Danish Girl and it came in first. So that’s what I’m currently reading.

I’m taking recommendations still – my sister-in-law actually recommended The Danish Girl – but I’m weighing it with a lot of other factors. I’m also trying to read one non-fiction a month too so I’m limiting my fictions. I’m keeping a VERY short To Read list in my bullet journal with only those books that I’m actually putting on Hold at the library because I’ve really thought long and hard about reading them. Things I want to read for MANY reasons. Because they’re the basis for a good movie, because they’ve been recommended by SEVERAL people, because it’s a topic I find interesting.

Gone are the days where I try to read everything everyone else is reading. AND THAT IS SO HARD BECAUSE I LOVE TO READ. I want to read what you’re reading! And your neighbor! And my kid’s teacher! And my coach! But I can’t. Not now anyway. Some day I’ll have more time and then I’ll check out that Goodreads shelf again, but until then? It’s just one really, really deliberately chosen book at a time.



There’s a dead bug on the floor of my office for a week now. I just can’t muster up the energy/desire to get the broom out to sweep it up. He just sits there, on his back, feet in the air, taunting me. He had the gall to be killed (because I’m sure my cats killed him) under the lamp in the corner so he’s well lit…making him much harder to ignore. YET STILL…I ignore him. Because…why does it matter? It’s my office…I don’t care, why should anyone else?

I tell you this so that when I brag about my two recent accomplishments, you’ll maintain perspective on my life.

I also didn’t shower or change my shirt yesterday. I changed everything from the waist down, but I’m wearing the same shirt that I was wearing Sunday night when I went to bed.


I ran a small 10K with the kids on Saturday. We ran this last year and it’s small enough that our chances are REALLY GOOD to win prizes. And that’s how we choose races! It was a self-timed race which meant that you filled out your own time card and dropped it in your age group box when you crossed the finish line. There were at least TWO cards already in my box and I thought there might have been three but I didn’t take the time to count because I had to go hunt down Nikki and her friend on the course and help them finish. But I knew I saw 2 so I was pretty sure I didn’t win anything.

BUT! Those two won OVERALL awards (I guess! Or maybe they were in the wrong box?) because when they were calling out my age group awards they said, “Kim Holmes – FIRST PLACE. And I died! There were cards in my box! HOW DID I WIN FIRST PLACE?) But look! FIRST PLACE! That will NEVER happen again!


Also…I made this.


It took almost a week of planning/strategizing/accumulating books of different sizes from around the house…but I did it! It’s about 3 1/2 feet tall and I’m pretty sure it’s stable enough that it won’t fall. The top few books are a tiny bit wobbly but the rest seems good. It took WAY more of my left brain than I thought it would. But I love it SO VERY MUCH. I don’t ever do this kind of stuff but my friend posted a picture of hers on Facebook and it seemed easy (it was not) and I have the PERFECT spot for it in my office…low traffic but in sight. I had to do it! And I’m glad I did but I’m wondering if I can leave it up forever now because I love it so much.

So! Two awesome things to counterbalance dead bugs and dirty clothes!