Puking with an abdomen wound is AWESOME.

Wow. The last c-section (with NikkiZ) I was extremely nauseous but I blamed a lot of that on the events of the day. Emotions and drugs were high while sleep was low. Today – it turns out – that’s just the way I react to anesthesia. I spent most of my post-delivery time visiting with family, and then pausing to either dry heave or puke. Depending on how good of a mood my body was in. The puking wasn’t too bad as I haven’t eat anything since 9pm on Tuesday, but still: Any Form Of Gagging Post-Csection Hurts. In case that hadn’t occurred to you. It hadn’t occurred to me. Because I am NAIVE.

I also was not given a morphine pump immediately. Because, evidently, I don’t need one? I get some sort of non-narcotic anti-inflammatory meds instead? HOW LAME IS THAT? Eventually, I did get my pump (6+ hours later) but you know what? Turns out those doctors know what they’re doing. I’ve only pushed the button once. The Anti-inflammatory stuff has been fine for me and the pain. Go figure.

The last dose of Zofran (the nausea med) seems to actually be working as I now find myself painfully hungry and unable to sleep. Which is a perfect time to blog!

Shit. I have just written like 10 paragraphs and not once mentioned my gorgeous new son. Like any of you care about my nausea, who am I kidding?


He is doing great. He has quite an arsenal of hilarious grumpy expressions which crack us up non-stop. He screamed for his first several hours outside my womb (which I don’t blame him for, just minding his own damn business when someone yanks him out) but when it was time to eat? He latched like a champ and has been peaceful ever since. I LOVE BABIES WHO NURSE WELL. It makes it easier on Moms who don’t produce milk well.

He looks a lot like my Dad right now, which is a point MrZ made and then I had to agree. (Dear Dad: This picture is not very flattering, he looks like you in a GOOD way, I promise!) Of course, then he’ll throw out these insane brow furrows and scowls and he simply looks like a VERY grumpy old man in the park trying to feed the pigeons that keep flying away because those annoying teenagers keep scaring them with their skateboarding.

Or maybe that’s the anti-inflammatory meds talking? Can’t even blame the morphine this time.

All in all? We’re good. LilZ (obviously) saw AndyZ today, NikkiZ will see him tomorrow (Thursday) as soon as I’m well enough to get out of bed. I don’t want to scare her by being strapped to a gurney when she walks in. Hopefully, we’ll upload more pictures as the day goes on. And hopefully someone will bring me SOME FOOD. Or not. If I’m puking. Maybe they should call first.