Girls Night Out

With a bonus story about how someone might have wanted to punch me in the face in the 24 degree weather at 3am!

I almost got all snarky on Instagram and captioned this photo, “Who needs mani/pedis and blowout bars, this is how real girls do a GNO!” But then I remembered that I would think a night of mani/pedis and blowout bars would be fun too (although I would feel so out of place I wouldn’t do it) so why did I have to be all snarky and act like my GNO was better than anyone else’s? I mean, how shitty is that? “Ooooh…look what we did which makes us way cooler than anything you might do!”

Sometimes my instincts are to be a total self-righteous asshole.

This is how we do a #GNO

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But! It was our Girls Night Out and we had been looking forward to it all week and savored every second of it.

It started with the Tick Ridge 25K which I did last year. It was a gorgeous race, but I injured myself so I was not sure I wanted to do it again, especially so soon after my Grand Slam. Early in the race planning they announced that there would be camping opportunities and I thought Oh, man…that would be SO FUN.

BUT! Last year it snowed, and I’m a tough girl, but I don’t really want to camp in sub-freezing or snowing weather. I did decide to sign Nikki and I up to volunteer, but I was holding off on deciding to camp until the week of the race. When the forecast looked clear and cold, but not sub-freezing, I decided we’d go for it!

(Donnie and Wes were never part of the plan because Wes had a basketball game and Donnie’s back does not like sleeping on the ground.)

We practiced setting up our tent Thursday because it’s been awhile since we used it and I also wasn’t sure if I could do it by myself. You kinda need two adults as it’s a tall tent, but it turns out one 9-year old who follows instructions well is sufficient! We got to the campsite around 4pm on Friday and had our tent set up in about 5 minutes. We were quite a team! It was still in the 50s but as the sun was setting, the temps were plummeting. We had prepared for 32’ish that night, double layer of sleeping bags (we don’t have good sleeping bags, so two cheap ones had to suffice) and double blankets. We stayed by the fire until the crew gathered in the tents that were set up for race day, for dinner.

I’ll tell you what made the whole thing worth it…some of my favorite people in the world were camping too. Some were using the cabins on the property that were really nothing more than small building that might provide some sort of shelter from the wind. The floors, I’m sure, were harder than the ground. Some brought RVs of one sort or another, but all in all? It was a fantastic group of people to hang out with shivering by the fire. Talking and laughing and just a wonderful evening with with fun people.

We probably hung out until about 7:30 or 8pm, and then we bundled up and headed to bed. Nikki kept her big winter jacket on to sleep, I kept everything BUT my winter jacket. We slept in our face buffs, our gloves, our hand warmers and everything else we could layer on. We piled in the sleeping bags, under the covers, and went to sleep.

(Sidenote: There were port-o-potties. I have no problem with port-0-potties and Nikki tolerates them, but at night? She found them TERRIFYING. Just being enclosed in one in the dark, even with a head lamp, scared her to death. I stayed with her, but that intense fear was unexpected.)

Now, if you’ll recall, I wake up before 4am naturally. So, as expected, I started waking up at 2:30am. I heard voices at first and thought, “Oh! Maybe they’re setting up for the race!” I mean, I knew most everything was set up, but I also knew there were some things that had to be done that morning, and volunteers were coming at 6am. So…maybe it would take 3 hours to do what needed to be done before the race-day crew got there? I wasn’t sure. I sat for awhile and listened and I didn’t hear much rustling, but I did hear whispers. One voice I recognized. I had to pee anyway so I thought, Well…I’ll check out the situation. If they’re up, I’ll help, if not, I’ll come back to the tent.

I got out of the tent and there were 2 people by the fire. They were two people I didn’t know (there were a few I didn’t know) a father and an older daughter, maybe a teenager? I gave them a quiet wave, moved my chair by the fire, and headed to the bathroom. When I came back I sat down and thought I’d survey the situation to see why they were up (or what job they were tasked with) and wait to see what need to be done. I whispered in my quietest voice, “Good morning,” and settled in by the fire.

I sat there for a bit and nothing else was going on. Hmmm…why would they be up? The other voice I had heard was a familiar one so I kept waiting for him to pop up somewhere needing help (He’s the “up early to get things rolling” type) but I never saw him pop out from anywhere. I kept looking around and I knew I had heard him, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. It’s hard to help someone you can’t find. And I didn’t know what this father and daughter were waiting on…it was all strange, I wanted to help, but didn’t know what to do.

Nikki eventually hollered from the tent, scared to wake up and see I wasn’t there. I went back and crawled in with her and thought I’d just listen some more until I heard the familiar voice again, then I would go offer my services.

OKAY. Now that you’ve heard my part of that story, let me tell you what REALLY happened so you can see why I’m thinking – in retrospect – I might have almost gotten punched in the face.

The familiar voice I heard evidently woke up to the smell of smoke, meaning someone had gotten the fire going again. He was worried that something was wrong because he knew no one should be up before 3am. (Notice how his instincts were, “Let me check on something that is really off!” while mine were, “Yay! Someone’s up for the day! Let’s start the party!”) He came out and saw the same father and daughter by the fire and checked on them. They were evidently FREEZING and MISERABLE and DESPERATE for warmth, hence the 3am trip to the fire. So, the familiar voice let them warm up and he went back to his tent.


I mean, can you believe me? How did they not punch me in the face? I feel like an idiot. But I also think it’s hysterical because it is SO. VERY. ME.

ANYWAY! Back to me cuddling back up with Nikki in the tent.

Around 4am she decided she had to pee so I took her to the port-o-potty. My BFFs by the fire had gone back to their tent. (Probably scared of the woman who thinks 3am is a good time to say, “Good morning!”) After that trip she was pretty much awake, so we sat by the fire for awhile until someone really DID show up to start working a little before 5am. She and I started helping the best we could and got the day going.

The only bad time of the whole adventure was from about 5:30am to 7:30am. It was SO COLD (it had dropped to 25 or so, if rumor is to be believed) and it takes awhile for the sun to get up and start warming things. Nikki was UNHAPPY. It was fine in the tent, but being up at 4:30am in 25 degree temperatures NOT bundled in a sleeping bag? NOT OKAY AT ALL. She was wearing about 50 layers, including my big jacket, and asking me to sit on her while we were handing out volunteer hoodies.

Once the sun was REALLY up and she had other kids to hang out with by the fire, her mood improved GREATLY. Still, she made gatorade at 5am and moved cases of water and labeled chili – I was impressed with my girl. Miserable, but willing to work.

Eventually we got everything going for the race and it was time to send the runners off. She and I were working the finish line, I was helping with the timing and she was in charge of calling out race bib numbers as racers headed in to the finish so we would know who was coming. It was quite a fun experience. Also – I finally understand the importance of having your race bib super-visible when you’re finishing a race. I decided anyone who pins their bib to their back should have to be required to work a finish line at a local race.

The thing about this race is it was a 10K and a 25K. And it was a trail race, so times are going to be slower than a road race. The lead 10K guy came in under an hour, the last 25K person was expected around 4:30 to 5 hours. That’s 3+ hours of calling out numbers at the finish line, and she did GREAT. I was so proud of her! She was actually having fun and taking it very seriously. The weather cooperated too, giving her a nice warm 50+ degrees or so to hang out in the sun while she worked. I was in the shade, so not as warm, but still…it was a perfectly beautiful day.

With a few racers still out on the course, she and I started packing up our campsite. She carried tons of stuff to the car for me, never once complaining. She helped me get the tent down and carry it and was a happy/willing helper the entire time. Even on very little sleep and a lot of hard work.

And then, 2 seconds on the road, she passed out and slept for the hour ride home.

All in all? It was a great day/night. I got to alleviate some of the guilt I feel for not being a good volunteer (I have friends who run the same races I do, but direct races and hold board positions in the tri/track clubs…they make me feel lazy.) and have a memorable outing with Nikki. I asked her if she would do it again tomorrow and she said, “Yes! Can we?”

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 5.06.00 AM

The Hottest Political Issue In Town.

Last year, for the first time that I knew of, our local city school delayed start due to cold weather. Not snow. Not ice. Just REALLY cold weather. We had – like a 4 day stretch of sub-freezing temps. Not ONCE did it get above freezing. And our houses/pipes/buses are not built/designed to handle that type of cold for that stretch of time. (I have two heat pumps in my house and neither could keep the temps above 51.) But man – when they announced a delayed start during that stretch of cold weather? It was like the Mayor of Huntsville started performing abortions AND officiating gay marriages from his office.

People had opinions, is what I’m saying.

I had forgotten all about that, until Monday when the schools announced a delayed start again for today. And all of the opinions came out again.

The majority of the opinions are: This is dumb. 2 hours warms up 2 degrees. WHAT IS THE POINT?

And I get it. I do. But there are a LOT of points. Our buses suck in the cold and 2 extra hours warming up in the sun equates to more than a 2 degree shift in air temperature. Also? My city still opens at the regular time for parents who do drop-offs on the way to work. Also? Tons of kids walk to school and ride buses and while a 2 degree shift in air temperature SEEMS like not enough to make a difference, it’s something.

Basically – the point is that there are a LOT of factors involved in those decisions and they try to make them the best they can but the one thing everyone ALWAYS forgets is this:


I don’t envy the position of the people who make those decisions. And around here? They err on the side of caution 99 times out of 100. One year they closed school early for impending tornadoes but they didn’t close early enough and the tornado warning became active WHILE they were supposed to be dismissing kids and it was CHAOS across the city. So now? They close HOURS ahead of time and sometimes just shut down for an entire day of the storm system rolling in looks bad enough. When I lived a little further west (but still in North Alabama) they schools didn’t close because it was just ice, not snow, and one of our local beauty queens got paralyzed in a car accident. Over the years BAD stuff has happened because they weren’t cautious enough…so can anyone blame them for being UBER-careful?

Yes. Everyone can blame them. And they do. All day on Facebook.

And if anyone pops in to defend the schools for their decision, they get attacked for “being ridiculous” and once I saw someone point out that the poor around here aren’t going to spend hard-earned money on winter coats if they only need them 3 days a year and someone said, “THERE ARE $5 COATS AT GOODWILL. THEY CAN GET THEM THERE.” And then those people attacked back screaming about privilege (“$5 is still a lot of money to some people!”) and last year I saw it get SUPER ugly, SUPER fast, and that was between FRIENDS. All over a 2-hour delayed start at school.

What I’m saying is that…around here? School scheduling is the topic quickest to bring out the pitchforks. I post stuff about being pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and about being a non-believer ALL the time. And does anyone try to attack me for any of thise? Nope. But once I defended the school system for a delayed start in the cold and I had THREE people yell at me on Facebook.

I’m just glad that this is, like a 36-hour stretch this time. Tomorrow we’re getting above freezing and the pitchforks get put back up until the next delayed start.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 5.06.00 AM


Cutting it SOOOO Close…

We made it back from Louisiana, it was a whirlwind trip and I’m exhausted but it was great. The kids both stayed invisible for hours while they hung out with cousins and I got to actually hang out and converse with adults without chasing Wesley down and begging him to quit talking about farting and balls (his two favorite subjects) everywhere he went.

It was great.

Wes doesn’t really have anyone his EXACT age but I thought he’d do okay with the boys who were in the 9-10 range. Nope. He hung out with the teenagers, deciding that Donnie’s 18-year old cousin was his new best friend. It was hysterical. And because these boys are just good guys, they totally welcomed him into the fold on the basketball court. I went out to bring him in for pictures and he was the youngest by AT LEAST 7 years. Yet he still turned to the adult-sized boys out there when he left the court and said, “I’ll be right back guys.”

It was hysterical.

IMG_3230What was also hysterical was that he took his basketball shoes off to play basketball. Doing THIS to his socks. When I asked WHY? he said, “Because my feet were cold. And the shoes were cold. So they were making my feet colder.”


All in all? Great trip. Too short. And now I’m getting the kids ready for a 10K/5K tomorrow. I’m ready for bed and JUST BARELY made it to NaBloPoMo!


Celebrating Thursdays In Hawaii

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 3.43.58 AM


Quickly! Here are two photos explaining why I (almost) missed yesterday.

(I made up that rule. It holds.)IMG_2996

A good chunk of my day yesterday was at Wes’s school helping his class make these shirts. It was insane because “Classroom Craft Mom” is not in my wheelhouse and I was very nervous and out of sorts and was on my own for a good chunk of it. Another Mom showed up to help just in time and we finished the last one WHILE the bells were ringing. Needless to say, the few hours I was not up at school, I was trying to do my job since – you know – that’s kinda the bigger priority on a weekday!

(I’m glad I did the project but I’m also glad I don’t do that but maybe once a year. I’m the worst craft Mom in the world.)


AND THEN…at 5:15 (AFTER a Huntsville Track Club kids run session) we had to be part of this awesomeness thanks to Rocket City Mom. And y’all? We had so much fun. The kids were in good moods most of the night and they were having fun but not being rowdy or obnoxious and it was a great night but we got home at 9pm and we were all EXHAUSTED. (We left the show a tiny bit early to beat the crowds.)

Anyway…I was exhausted and had eaten TOO MUCH FOOD and passed out without thinking about this blog. BUT! I’m awake for the day and I feel like, as long as some of my countrymen/women are still living where it’s still Thursday, IT STILL COUNTS!

A Traveling Post? From Me?

We’ve discussed before how I am NOT a “traveler” in any typical definition of the word. I’m a home body and nine million things about traveling give me SUCH anxiety that there is not really any part of me feels like my life will be less without a foreign trip somewhere.


I heard this GREAT conversation prompt on Professor Blastoff the other day. (Remember, I’m working my way forward so I am NOT caught up with “real time” so when I say I’ve listened to something it’s NOT a current episode.) They were discussing World Travel and the guest had them all answer the same three questions. The same THREE questions I’m going to answer here!

Why would you care to answer World Traveler questions when you don’t really want to travel?

Because! I do love our country here, I’ve been all over OUR country enough to know what places I’d love to travel to and I feel like people TOTALLY disregard the awesomeness we have here in this country. So! I’m answering these questions and not leaving the country! (Keep in mind, money or lost jobs are not issues with these questions!)

If you could spend

anywhere in the world, where you would spend it?

One of those tropical resorts with the huts over the perfectly blue water. I’m not a beach person AT ALL, but the idea of spending a pampered week at a cheesy resort with bars IN THE WATER and spas and blue water and beaches? That appeals to me for ONE WEEK. Any longer and I’d want to shoot myself. But I’ve always wanted to do that for ONE WEEK, and ONE WEEK only.

If you could spend
    ONE MONTH anywhere in the world, where would you spend it?

I would like to spend a month camping using the Rockies as the Eastern boundary and the Pacific Ocean as the western boundary. I’d like to spend chunks of time in the Rockies, In the Redwoods, in Yellowstone, and the Tetons and in Yosemite. If I had a month I feel like I could spend enough time in each of those places to enjoy them and I’ve always wanted to do another month-long camping trip every since my Dad took me on a similar trip when I was 14.

If you could spend
    ONE YEAR anywhere in the world, where would you spend it?

This one is hard, but I think I’d choose “Pacific Northwest” as a general area. I’d love to spend some time in nature but I’d also love to spend some time just living in Seattle and Portland. I just feel like those climates are the most “extreme” I could handle through the Winter. I couldn’t live there forever because I think the climate would drive me crazy after awhile, but I would love to spend a year there to just enjoy the people and nature.

Let me know if you do the same thing on your blog! If you don’t have a blog, feel free to answer the questions in the comments here!