• One Hard Day.

    I’m sitting at my kid’s swim practice right now and unsure what to do with this 90 minutes as I often spend it surfing social media and I thought: I’ll go ahead and right tomorrow’s blog post! About how my 24 hours has gone without Facebook and Twitter!

    And yes, I’m very aware of the fact that as I’m writing this, it hasn’t been 24 hours yet.


    Times I tried to check Facebook and Twitter before remembering my challenge:

    • While I was standing in line at Target.
    • While I was standing in line at CVS.
    • While I was waiting in the carpool line at school.
    • While I was waiting for Nikki’s bus.
    • In the 20 minutes I had time to kill before my workout class.
    • In the 20 minutes I had time to kill before Donnie got off work.
    • While I was cooking dinner.
    • While I was waiting on laundry.
    • While I was pooping.


    So…what did I do instead? Well, I did surf instagram quite often as I don’t follow a lot of people and it only takes me a minute or two to “catch up” with real time and none of it makes me hate myself because I muted the people who made me think I was failing at motherhood and life a long time ago.

    But I also got a LOT of reading done. I’m actually currently reading three different books and so I just rotated between them based on how much time I had and how much effort I wanted to put into reading. (Two of the books are non-fictions and require a bit more focus than the third.)

    I also just let my mind wander which I forgot I could do. Or I focused on a podcast which I usually don’t do. I usually use podcasts as background noise to other tasks…LIKE CHECKING FACEBOOK. But yesterday/today I found myself just playing a podcast and staring off into space instead of trying to do several things at one time. That was an interesting brain exercise.

    Since I’m writing this at night I don’t really know what I’ll do tomorrow. My 24 hours will be up at 6am and I think what I’d like to do is catch up on Facebook maybe, because like instagram I have muted a lot of voices that stress me out or share out stressful thing, but I don’t know about Twitter.

    What really sucks is that I worked SO HARD to curate twitter to be ONLY the voices I want to hear the most – but right now, with 2020 election commentary ALREADY happening and with traumatic news stories left and right, I just don’t know if I can have a healthy relationship with Twitter right now. I actually was thinking about setting up a new list and setting up Tweetdeck to JUST show me that ONE list and make that ONE list the voices I trust to either A) give me commentary only when necessary – and not giving me hot takes on every sensational news story or B) give me happy/good news. But that’s a lot of effort and I’m afraid I’ll get sucked back in just trying.

    But I’ve survived the majority of the day. If I can make it through swim the hard parts are over. And it’s kinda like how I felt the one day I tried to give up sugar, the fact that it was SO VERY DIFFICULT is probably the best indicator that it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to do it.