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Case Of The Mondays: SAHM Style. (Or Maybe Just Zoot Style?)

Grumpy Face

I agree with Linda that Fridays changed when I became a Stay At Home Mom. It didn’t signify the end of the workweek and the start of the “break” anymore. It was just a different variation of the same thing. Extra person at home (spouse) meaning – depending on your family chemistry – more help or more work. Sometimes both. But basically? Still the same daily routine. Maybe no school if you have school-aged children – and not having to do carpool is a blessing – but basically? You’re still caring for the kids, the home, the family and maybe – yourself. Weekends are just a little different.

However, I had a revelation yesterday. Since I’ve been a SAHM, Monday suck in entirely different ways.

See, it used to be like this: Ugh. Mondays. Start of the 5-day workweek. 5 FULL DAYS until the weekend. UGH. Because, weekends were a break. But I’ve realized that in my life? Weekends are the busiest time for me. We schedule a lot more activities because there are usually a lot more options on the Saturdays. Sundays we do family dinner at our house which is a very good thing because it motivates me to do actually cleaning and not just picking up. There is an extra person around and this usually inspires me to do more activities because we can do them as a family. My weekdays? Basic domestic activities involved with raising a family and keeping a house. My weekends? All of that on steroids times 4 Martha Stewarts.

This means that Mondays have become…my weekend? It’s now a day that signifies the busiest part of my week is over. But because it’s a Monday, it means everyone else is starting their week. Back to carpools and laundry and packing lunches. In other words, it’s the day my body really wants a break, but because it’s a Monday? There’s no way to do that.

So I typically stumble through my Mondays. I do what has to be done. Go to the store and get notebooks like E asked. (Donnie: Don’t forget the lemons!) Change out the laundry. Get dinner ready. Pack lunches. Do carpool. But beyond that? I have major troubles. Yesterday I was moody and depressed and just worn the hell out. And it occurred to me: This is my Case Of The Mondays now. And it’s an entirely different Case Of The Mondays than when I worked. Before? Stumbling into the 5-day workweek ahead. Now? Stumbling out of the 6.5-day workweek behind. (Allowing the .5-day break for my Case Of The Mondays.)

Is it just me? Am I the only one who actually has busier weekends than weekdays? Am I the only one that has somehow found a way to make Mondays suck worse now that I’m a SAHM? Or is this another thing all of us SAHMs suffer from but just don’t talk about because it kinda feels…lame. Because I feel kinda lame:

Oh! Mondays are so hard because I’m worn out from my job changing diapers and cooking dinner and the weekends are harder with the soccer games and the trips to the park! Mondays! EEK!

Yeah. LAME. But, still – TRUE. Yesterday was hard. I almost went to bed with a sink full of dishes I was so zapped. AND I NEVER DO THAT. I may leave some soaking overnight but that’s one of my things, I don’t leave dishes in the sink. They get washed and put out to dry, or they get put in the dishwasher. But last night? BAH. SO ZAPPED FROM THE WEEKEND.

Just me?

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  1. So not just you… Mondays are Saturdays in my world. The weekdays are filled with what I call the “business of living”. Himself works an average of 70 hours a week, with an hour commute both ways, my Dad has not been 100% in the past six months, the child is but 4 years old, there are 3 dogs and aging cat, my house, my Dad’s house… this errand, that appointment… You get the idea. Saturday’s I zoom around trying to get the things that take longer than 15 minutes done and Sunday is giant family dinner day. By Monday?? I’m tired. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. So Not Alone….

  2. i love mondays as a weekday sahm. i like that we all have a routine to fall back into. and fridays make me a little anxious because of the changes like you said – i love having my husband home, but it’s just different.

  3. Yup, Mondays are like my Saturday. We are way more relaxed on Mondays, sometimes staying in PJs for a while longer than other days. Like you, I do what needs to be done, but I feel like I’m recovering from a mad dash. (This weekend was my 5 year old’s football game and then we made a mad dash to Auburn, dropped the kids at my uncle’s, went to the game, Sunday to church with Grandma, took her to lunch, and then mad dash home.)

  4. I always crash on Mondays. I try not to schedule appts for Monday mornings or plan too much for that day. Yesterday I was totally out of it and didn’t get a thing done. I had planned on reading for a while after I got my son tucked in last night but then I fell asleep in a chair at 8:30. Mondays are hard.

  5. I actually love Mondays now. Perhaps because Mondays used to be a 20 hour work DAY, which really sucked, and I’m just ecstatic that I no longer have to do that. I do sort of miss the more scheduled week, especially since my daughter is not in school yet, and my husband works every other weekend.
    Though, I feel guilty. I mean, we could really use the money, and I often feel stagnated. Like, it is Monday, and I’m at home, not out working for the man. I adore my stay at home role, but am not sure how to shake that feeling.

  6. yep! you’ve got it! Mondays are the same here. Always quieter. Less busy and usually a little on the lazy side. It works out well though gives me just enough of that recharge I need to blast through another crazy week šŸ™‚

  7. when I was a SAHM I wouldn’t plan much for Monday’s. It was my day to recover from the weekend. Usually I would do something like pay bills or some other task that didn’t involve me leaving the house.

  8. I think it’s a normal thing – I have several friends who use Monday to recover from the weekend! We don’t have super busy weekends, yet – unless we’re doing the out-of-town-to-visit-family thing, which can happen several weekends in a row. That always blitzes me and it takes me awhile to recover.

  9. So not just you. I’m not even a mom yet and I’ve been feeling this way since my husband and I bought our house 2 years ago. The whole week is spent making lists of things I need to do over the weekend, but then I never get it all done on the weekends because they’re so packed full. So by Monday I’m like “UGH. I still have ALL THIS that I didn’t get done, and there’s bound to be more over the next 5 days.” I’m constantly behind. I did 4 loads of laundry last night and I’m still not fully caught up, and it’s because my weekends are so busy that even if I put a load in, I forget it and then have to rewash becuase it’s sat there for 4 days by the time I remember.

  10. I’ve felt that way for sure, usually just from busier social times and such, since I’m still kidless šŸ˜› You totally have a right to be exhausted!

  11. When I was a SAHM Mondays were my favorite day of the week. Quieter and less chaos. I’d feel accomplished just getting the older kids on the bus. I also felt like I could get things done because there were less kids to make a mess, get in the way, need attention. I still miss those Mondays…

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