Capitol Hangover

I went to the midnight premiere last night in my favorite getup of all time. LOOK AT THE EYELASHES! But I slept as late as possible and am now trying to switch to 25K Trail Run mode. Wish me luck on that. Also? The movie was great. (NO SPOILERS! I PROMISE!) I like to see these adaptations twice because I spend the first viewing thinking about the differences from the book. But – I will say this – they added perspectives into the movie that we don’t get in the book and I GREATLY APPROVE.

Okay. Off to pretend like I’m a functioning human who can TOTALLY run 15 miles through the woods tomorrow. I’ll just pretend like I’ve got some mutts after me.


  • Liz

    HAH! You look fabulous 🙂 Was able to finish Book 1 this week and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie in a few days (hate crowds) good luck tomorrow!!!

  • Stephanie M

    I hope you’ll take this as the complement it’s meant to be…in that picture you look like a young Elizabeth Taylor. I think it’s the eyelashes, with the bangs…very Cleopatra. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you had a good time, I’m going with some internet ladies tonight!

  • Kate

    I totally agree with the Elizabeth Taylor comment- I was trying to figure out who the picture reminded me of and you nailed it!

  • Kim

    Did you go see it again yet? Let me know if/when you want to catch a matinee or something. I’ve seen it twice now, and picked up things the second time around that I didn’t in the first. I also want to talk about the movie, and haven’t really had anyone to discuss it with!

  • Eliza

    My 19-year-old daughter asked me NOT to dress up, so I wore my homemade “I root for Katniss” t-shirt and called it good. She hasn’t read the books, so it was really fun when she sucked in her breath and whispered “No! They wouldn’t!” towards the end. I thought it was a great adaptation. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • angie

    I NEED a movie review from you! 🙂 I read the books on your recommendation and I absolutely LOVED the movie and I must see it again, soon. Also, you look fab!