• JenniferB

    So I totally jumped in, 8 colors of pens, beautiful Moleskine hybrid calendar/journal. Then I realized that the stupid Moleskine calendar starts on a freaking Monday. Who thought that was a grand idea. My heart hurts from all the messy crossouts!

  • RaiDai

    Yes there are freaking ahhhh-mazing …… I printed out the entire year today. I love that I discovered this corner of the Internet where people are as obsessed with the Bullet Journal as I am !!!!

  • Emily

    Kathy, I put mine in with tape. Just 4 small pieces of rolled up scotch tape, one in each corner. Lay it where you want it and press down.

    Also just wanted to mention the way I’m using this calendar (thank you by the way!). My journal is big enough that the calendar fits upright, and only takes up half the page. So starting next month (too late now for May) I will be taping the calendar at the top of the month’s page, and using the bottom for jotting down monthly notes. I just started my bullet journal today so who knows what I’ll end up doing but that’s the plan!

    • Kathy

      Thanks Emily,
      I found some special glue sticks that don’t wrinkle! Also, frixion erasable pens are good. I have been printing monthly calendars, but I just realized I can buy a small one and cut pages out and glue in. This is too much fun!!!

        • Kathy

          The brand of glue stick is SCOTCH Wrinkle-free glue stick
          I can’t remember where I found them though, sorry. They are probably easily available though.

  • Wendy

    I’ve been using these since I started my Bullet Journal in March. Love them!!! Please please please do them for 2015 too. Please??? 😉