Bullets ‘O Fun to distract us all from the Updates ‘O Sadness

  • AndyZ came home with his first bite from school the other day. I honestly do not care about such things at this age because they just happen. No big deal. I kinda want to chomp on his chubby calves when I see them too. So, I can understand. The funny thing is the teachers don’t tell you who did it – for obvious reasons – but based on the impression on his leg I could totally find the culprit. That’s how clear of a bite it was.
  • There is one intersection on our way to school in the mornings that often smells like rotten eggs. The other morning that smell got NikkiZ and I talking about other smells and if we like them or not. She likes the smell of “People, flowers, cats, rocks and houses.” And then she said, “But, Momma? I do NOT like the smell of boy farts.” That’s my girl.
  • MrZ is getting close to being able to cut his hair (he’s donating it to Locks of Love) and recently I was just absent-mindedly running my fingers through it. He said, “That feels good.” And then, it was like a light bulb went off in his head as he exclaimed, “Now I see what you mean about wishing people would play with your hair! It feels awesome!” See? Sometimes the gender differences can be breached. Now if only I could get him to understand why I would like to eat my weight in ice cream when I’m depressed.
  • I really like the idea of the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge, but I didn’t see anything anywhere that included things like Eat Lots of Ice Cream or Watch Reruns Of Buffy as part of the strategy so I’m not sure I can really get on board.
  • Speaking of Buffy…Anyone seen Castle yet? I kinda love it. Or Nathan Fillion. One of the two.
  • AndyZ slept through the night in his crib for five days straight last week. Not again since, but still: FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT. And it only required half of a dose of Benadryl a night.
  • I went to Target this weekend and bought new makeup. I had NO makeup before that moment because I threw it all out when it occurred to me that the youngest item in the bag was over a year old. And crusty. I spent about $30 on makeup and think I’ll probably be set for the next year. Or two. Depending on how crusty the stuff gets.
  • I went and got my hair trimmed at one of those Cuts By Us places last week. It’s been about 3-4 months since my last trim, so it was long overdue. I always get them to wash my hair first because (a) it’s easier to cut wet and (b) it feels damn good. And let me tell you, the girl who washed my hair? BEST. HAIR WASHER. EVAH. I told her I was going to make an appointment again in another month just to have her wash my hair. She thought I was weird. Whatever.


  • vague

    Oh, I completely love to have someone else do my hair. The shampoo and styling are, like, half the reason I go in for trims.

    Re Castle and our man Nathan Fillion, he is just adorable in that show! But, of course, how could he not be? I suppose the show is a little silly and the plot structures are a little ridiculous, but I have been watching it every week anyway just for my required dose of Fillion.

  • Sarah

    It makes me sad to see you promise to be funny even though you are going through such a wrenching time. Please don’t worry about *us*–we read the blog because we like you so much, not just to be amused. I’m so sorry things are so devastating right now…worrying about alienating us because you are expressing that should be the last thing on your mind. You are great.

  • zoot

    Sarah – Well, in reality? Those few things have popped into my mind as “Perfect Blog Fodder” so it’s kinda therapeutic to write about them. They’re even stories I’ve been telling my Dad when I visit, so it seems fitting to put them here.


  • Sue

    When my kids were little and I was working midnights, I would go to the salon and actually pay for just a wash after a particularly stressful day! Cheaper than a massage and healthier than drinking heavily!

  • SupaCoo

    I second, third, fourth, whateverth the having someone wash your hair. It goes right up there with having someone play with it. Now, you need to hop in the shower with Mr. Z and suds up his scalp!

  • Erin

    Make sure you get before/after shots of MrZ to share with us when he donates. I donate every 2-3 years and my daughter just donated 16 inches last year when she wanted the (now VERY old) longer in the front stacked in the back ‘do. I wish more people would consider donating at least once.

  • Grace Guinevere

    I haven’t had a haircut in a year (literally, too! march!) and it is so ridiculously long now… it tickles my bum. I seem to have developed a weird emotional attachment to my hair though, which is making it hard for me to make an appointment to get a cut. And also the fact that I just don’t know what to DO with it. The neverending problem, really.

  • Linda260

    Gah – first you suck me into Twilight (and believe me I fell headfirst into the whole phenomenon). Now I’m going to have to start watching Castle. You’re evil, I tell you, evil!

  • Meg

    Ok…I feel like the dumb kid asking this… but what are the “obvious reasons” the teacher wouldn’t say who the biter is? Is it so you don’t corner Bitey’s mom in a dark alley?

  • brit

    I really like the idea of the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge, but I didn’t see anything anywhere that included things like Eat Lots of Ice Cream or Watch Reruns Of Buffy as part of the strategy so I’m not sure I can really get on board.

    –dude let me know when you find this one.

  • Lindsey

    Ack. Thanks for the tip about Castle. I guess I’m behind on new TV episodes, as I hadn’t heard of it before. And as a fan of Firefly, I’m excited to see him in a new show.

  • Devilish Southern Belle

    Ooh, what makeup did you get? I’m loving the Revlon and Physician’s Formula mineral stuff.

    Did you see Nathan Fillion in Waitress? (at least, I think that was him). I haven’t seen Castle. Will you be watching Vampire Dairies or whatever, when that comes on? I will be. But ONLY because I love Ian Somerhalder! (yeah, right)

  • Amanda

    I’m amazed that AndyZ slept through the night. Heck, I’d take just one night of solid sleep at this point. My daughter is a couple of weeks younger than AndyZ and still wakes a couple of times a night wanting to nurse. My oldest never did this, she slept through at 3 months. This one is challenging me. We can have a sleep deprived party together.

  • bessie.viola

    I need new makeup too. That sounds like fun.

    And I LOVE getting my hair washed! My little sister was a hairstylist (she’s now in school for nursing) and still cuts my hair at home. The only thing I miss about going to the salon are the head massages they gave when washing hair…

  • Maribeth

    I just heard about your Dad. I am so sorry, Kim. I don’t know if you believe in an afterlife or not, but at least you do know he is no longer suffering.
    I am praying, and sending positive, soothing karma your way.
    Love to you and the kids!

  • Shelly

    I felt the same way about the biting in school thing. Some days your kid is the biter and some days the bitee, so you have to let it slide. To me the funny thing about NOT saying who did what to whom is when they get older and tell you themselves. Teacher: “Another child bit your son today.” My son: “Yea, it was Will.”

  • joe

    I work a job with really long hours and don’t get to seek my kids much. I actually look forward to taking my son out to the barber for his monthly hair cuts. It’s my way of spending quality time with him

  • Frances

    Grace – Your hair could be donated to Locks of Love who makes wigs for kids who lose their hair during chemo. My son just donated his hair, took him YEARS to grow it out. Four 14 inch ponytails, which the girl who cut it said would make almost half a wig ? Fortunately he got his hair genes from his Dad’s side, I can never grow hair past my shoulders, and it looks like limp moss at even that length!

  • Melissa

    I have signed up for the 31 Day challenge. Some of it may be a little more profit driven that I need, but it looks like it will be fun. Thanks for the link.

    Also, I am so late with this, but you have my sincere condolences. A very good friend of mine just lost her father rather suddenly to cancer, so you have been on my mind a lot while she deals with her loss.