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Building Habits. AGAIN.

I stopped doing so many things with regularity over the last year. My running started being entirely inconsistent, my bullet journal instagram started collecting dust (I’m still bullet journaling though!), and I stopped writing daily on this blog. As I start to clean up the debris left behind by the tornado of anxiety and depression that ripped through my life, I am trying to figure out: How do I make the things I love habits again?

And the answer is easy: Just do it.

(The answer is also totally original and created by me, and totally NOT trademarked by an athletic shoe company.)

We are basically settled into our new house. I can not WAIT to show you pictures of it. If you’re on instagram you’ve seen several but I haven’t taken the good “After” shots yet to go with the “Before” shots. I was hoping to wait until we found a dining room table but it seems we might never agree on that so I’ll just take them now before we destroy everything.

In case you think I’m exaggerating about my family’s tendency towards destruction (which is mainly MY tendency) – I dropped a bottle of beer on the SECOND NIGHT of having our fully remodeled kitchen open for business. Wesley has since spilled an entire Coke Zero can and we’ve had several water spills. I NEED TO TAKE PHOTOS NOW BEFORE WE ACCIDENTALLY SET THE PLACE ON FIRE.

Our old and dying animals seem to be settling in fine. Sunflower has a barely-functioning liver and has already outlived any predictions that were made and we just found out Sweetie has cancer and since she’s 14 really we just monitor her quality of life and hope she defies odds like her feline sister. We’re really glad they are settling in fine, we were worried the chaos would kill them both.

School starts here in 2 weeks and Nikki has been going to orientations for her magnet middle school. If you aren’t familiar with magnet schools, they’re small programs (or entire schools) set up in struggling schools/districts that try to pull in students from other parts of town. Since the systemic racism of our housing projects, cities struggle to diversify across their entire dimensions. This creates self-segregation in most towns and magnet schools are a way to try to change that and diversify school populations more than the neighborhoods the schools represent. So, she got accepted into a magnet program in a middle school on a totally different side of town that we live in and we’re really excited about it.

One of the activities they did at one of their orientations was create Stress Balls that they’re allowed to take to school. This was exactly what I needed to see because I’ve been worried that sending her to school with kids who might have the same anxieties and neuroses may just make hers worse, but it seems the teachers are perfectly suited for this and are taking the bull by the horns early. I’m very relieved.

Wesley is switching schools since we moved and he is nervous and sad about leaving his friends behind, but the school is a new building and looks AMAZING so I think he’s starting to get excited. We do new student orientations there over the next two weeks and hopefully that will start to eliminate his nerves.

This is a drab beginning to rebuilding my writing habit every morning, I know, but I’m aware that to rebuild habits I have to just DO it and not overthink it.

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  1. YAY!!! So glad to see you posting again. I look forward to your posts every morning and really missed them during your break.

  2. So glad to see your post this morning! I’ve been checking but I know you were busy. Good thoughts going to all of you!

  3. I have really missed your writing and am happy to see you back at it.

    I am so sorry about your sweet pets, though.

  4. Just do it…who’d a thunk it. Now, I need to apply that to EVERYTHING in my life b/c I overthink everything. I have been wanting to go back to blogging, but do I start a new one or just dust the cobwebs off my old one. I have literally debated this for YEARS and I haven’t blogged a single entry.

    Just do it. Once again, I will follow your lead…

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