Books, TV, Doritos…OH MY!

  • Someone got their first library card! And read THREE books this weekend. Two of them are CHAPTER BOOKS! Looks like we got another reader in the family! I can not tell you how excited this makes me. EEK.
  • Do you know who One Direction is? I discovered them through Michael Buckley awhile a go, but now they’re totally popular in the US with the teen girls! So I’m totally hip now! Who knew? Anyway…one of the boys in this British boy band is Harry Styles and he has hair a bit like E’s. And they both have big, sweet smiles. Several have commented to us that they look alike, but nothing quite like what happened to us last week. E was getting yogurt at a frozen yogurt shop and felt like this group of girls was talking about him. When he turned around, they all had their phones out taking his picture. He came outside with me and the group followed and one of them said, “Did you know you look just like Harry Styles? Can we have our picture made with you?” They all gathered around him while their Mom took their picture. It was THE MOST HYSTERICAL THING EVER. Seriously. I was laughing so hard my face hurt.
  • How much do you love the Doritos Locos from Taco Bell? Because we ADORE them. I mean…it’s like someone thought: How do we make a taco from Taco Bell more synthetic? I know! Let’s replace the shell with a DORITO! And that combination of low quality taco meat and orange flavor dust created something miraculous! E took his friend there for Doritos Locos before a big formal this weekend. Suit and Gown and all!
  • TV! OH MY GOD! Have you been watching all of the season finales of our favorite shows? Parks and Rec! The Vampire Diaries! Once Upon A Time! Fringe! I don’t want to talk about these things right here because I don’t want to spoil anyone but if you talk about them in the comments I’ll come and say…OH MY GOD! Especially if you’re talking about Elena. ELENA! And Tyler. TYLER!
  • I read Insurgent. I reviewed it spoiler-free here but I’m listening to it on audiobook too so I can really process my thoughts. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I liked Divergent better. And I liked Insurgent, just not sure loved it. Have you read it? What are your thoughts?
  • My party went GREAT. We had so much fun! Why do I get so stressed about these things when I end up having so much fun? As soon as everyone left Donnie said to me, “Why don’t we do that more often?” Which is a VERY good question. Why don’t we? So…we’re going to try to do it more. Maybe again at the end of the summer. Either way…a perfect example as to why it’s good to take a chance and put yourself out there. Which is EXACTLY what Jenny talks about in her book. It got very meta.
  • MY MARATHON IS SATURDAY. OH. MY. GOD. I don’t really know what else to say about that. Because I’m still kinda freaking about it. So, I’ll stick with: OH. MY. GOD.


  • Han

    Library card – I saw the instagrams! So excited for you all!

    E/Harry Styles that’s kinda funny – the fans go absolutely bonkers here for One Direction (I don’t like them – don’t really like the whole reality TV pop star thing)

    Insurgent – I liked it, it was good I was glued (I read to 2am one more not good when I had work the following day!) It felt a bit draggy in places but was good overall 😀 Have you read Uglies?

  • Lisa

    I still haven’t made it to the library to get myself a library card. I need to do that, I want to check out ebooks. Maybe I should do that on lunch today.

    I had SO much fun on Friday. Thanks again for having us over.

    I need to go to Netflix and make sure I’m at least caught up with the Vampire Diaries that are on there. I thought I was, but now I’m doubting. And then I need to find somewhere that has this season. (Also, I almost typed that as “I’m at least caught up with VD” and decided I better type that out ’cause it looks a little weird.)

    Also, question: How would trail running be for a beginning runner? Can one just jump right into trail running?

    • Zoot

      Lisa – I’m leading a newbie trail group SUnday at 7am. Want to join us? It’s mainly just to show people around the trails. It’s an “easy” set of trails with minimal incline and not-to-tough surface.

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that my daughter is a reader like me. I am hoping my 4 year old follow in our footsteps but he’s not as into books as she was. Too bad I’m reading to him anyways!!

    Love the finale of Parks and Rec, was getting a little choked up with Leslie’s acceptance speech. I love that show.

    Have yet to try a dorito taco, we don’t have Taco Bell here! TRAGIC! Can’t wait to get back stateside so I can eat at Taco Bell again, I don’t care how much non-meat product I am eating, it’s delicious!

  • Courtney

    I love that she has a library card. How exciting!!

    As for Insurgent- sigh. I wanted to like it so much, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly like I did with Divergent. I’m also scared I’ve predicted the end of the series, which makes me upset.

  • Sarah

    I am so happy you wrote about Insurgent! I finished it yesterday and was thinking about emailing you to discuss it 🙂 I agree, just okay. And I was worried that maybe I had overhyped it, and with a reread I will like it more. Or that because of my surgery and pain issues I wasn’t giving it a chance like I should, but it looks like we are on the same page.

    One major issue I had with it, (this is a spoiler if anybody is reading who hasn’t finished it) was at the point where Peter saved her and they broke out of the Erudite headquarters, I was 100% POSITIVE it was a simulation. Like… for a very long time I thought it. Maybe up until the last page. I was sure she was going to wake up and that it would all be in her head, SO I had a hard time caring, because I kept thinking “none of this is real”. But then it was. So I feel like I need to read the last 150 pages again.

    All in all I did LIKE it, but like you, I didn’t really LOVE it. And I wanted to. I really really wanted to love it.