So we didn’t have much luck selling our house on the first go so we’ve turned the 4100 square feet into a 5-bedroom where it will fare in the market better and since that was being done we had some much needed painting done and carpet replaced. Now the upstairs is almost show-ready and it is PERMANENTLY OFF LIMITS TO ANIMALS. And the kids really only get to go up there to sleep. Hopefully this means I will only need to keep HALF of the house show-ready which is a MUCH easier task. Here are some old pictures from this entrycompared to kinda crappy photos I took yesterday.

PLAYROOM – before

Play Room

PLAYROOM – after (now Wes’s room)



WES’s ROOM – before

Wesley's Room

WES’s ROOM – after (now an upstairs office)


NIKKI’s ROOM – before

Nikki's Room

NIKKI’s ROOM – after



Now, obviously there’s more staging to be done and the rest of the house is in shambles from having to move everything out of the upstairs, but you get the point. It will photograph much better and show much better now. But most importantly – it forces us to barricade the upstairs meaning I only have to keep 2,100 square feet clean which is MUCH more reasonable and hopefully less likely to throw me into a pit of despair! YAY!

Also – let’s take a moment to give Kim Zoot Holmes a shoutout for doing all of this 24-48 hours after her first 100K. WOOT FOR ZOOT.


  • Hillary

    Woot for Zoot! And for the record, I thought the before pictures of Nikki and Wes’s rooms looked great, but I realize they recommend you go neutral when you want to sell the house.

    • zoot

      Yeah – I don’t think it’s a HUGE deal for kid’s rooms especially, but we figured since we were doing everything else, and had to clear out everything, might as well add a fresh coat of neutral paint to the mix ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen

    Having done house shopping (and house selling) in the recent past……this is awesome. You guys have done an amazing job. Most buyers can’t look past “oh, it’s a play room” and see the potential.

    I’m sure this isn’t the case but……smells. We didn’t even look at one house because of the pet smell. Seriously, as soon as you stepped in the door….CAT CAT CAT CAT. That whole ‘nose blind’ thing they advertise, it’s for real. (I”m embarrassed just to type this, please don’t be offended that I implied your house might be stinky. Can we still be internet friends?)

    BTW, I love the shelf with the flaring sides in the new upstairs office. Please tell me where you got it so I can have one too!

  • Leisa

    Looks great! And I am very impressed that you were able to do this with your big race and Christmas. Just reading some your of posts stressed me out.