About Zoot

3915838650_c88197d7a1_oMy name is Kim. This is me in the 10th grade, before I learned to embrace my curls. I remember thinking this was the best school picture I’d ever had made…EVER. I’m sure you can see why.

Around here I go by “Zoot” – derivative of a childhood nickname. I’ve been blogging with that name since January 2004. I think the transition to “Zoot” went something like this: Kim to Kimbo to Bozie to Bozoot to Zoot. I answer to all of the above. I had been using the name Zoot on message boards long before I ever thought about blogging…so it seemed an obvious alias when starting my own blog.

My oldest child is in college at the University of Montevallo. (We used to call him “LilZ” but since he’s now a legal adult? That seems silly.) I married Donnie when E was 8 and we immediately tried to add to our family. This is when we entered the period of life I kindly refer to as…Gynecological Hell. After several miscarriages, one D&C, a diagnosis of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids – we finally had two children. Nikki (currently age 8) and Wes (age 5). I don’t use E or Nikki’s “real” names because they’re so unique someone searching for them would end up on this blog. And those poor children do not want to forever be linked the blog where I talked so much about my uterus.

We had a second part of Kim’s Gynecological Hell in 2012 when I was blessed with another pregnancy which I then lost at 11 weeks resulting in another D&C. I decided I couldn’t handle any more loss emotionally and physically my ailments were making my life unlivable for too many days out of a month. I had an endometrial ablation and we bid farewell to the days of trying to have kids.

(But I said “Hello!” to a much better life where I don’t have to stay locked up in my house for 3-7 days every month!)

Along with the 5 humans in our home, we have two cats and one dog. We lost one of our beloved dogs, Cisco, in November 2008. (Entry here.) It was a rough several months as we then lost my Dad in March 2009 (Entry here) to a short but painful battle with cancer. I write a lot about grief over that loss here. We lost another of our dogs Lil’ Girl in 2012 after living a long 14 years. It’s weird only having one dog now. She often gets two treats because I forget Lil’ Girl is gone and putting one back after I remember is too depressing.

123297584_a4a5870bdd_oI was born into a Catholic family and raised in Catholic schools. I wore hideous wool plaid skirts and/or jumpers for TWELVE years. I am grateful for this upbringing because it made me who I am today. However…that person is currently no longer Catholic. I am still very spiritual and like to talk about religion and faith.

I proudly live in Huntsville, AL. It has every part of the South I love (food, hospitality, weather) with a nice mix of culture and science thanks to the huge presence of Rocket Scientists associated with Missile Defense and NASA. I like my tea iced and so sweet it’s toxic. I call shopping carts “buggies” and I often strike up conversations with people standing in line at the grocery store. I do call soft drinks “sodas” though – one of the few things that are NOT stereotypically southern. That and my political leanings: I lean liberal by supporting reproductive rights and marriage equality. However, I do not discriminate. I have several conservative friends and most of my family is sufficiently ashamed of my left-leaning opinions.

photo(16)I started getting in shape with boot camp in October 2010. Then, in February of 2011 I thought I’d try to train for a pretty famous 10K around here. These two things combined made 2011 the Year Kim Got In Shape. I’ve found a great groove of running and fitness and I’ve never felt so good about myself. I’ve only lost about 20lbs on the scale, but the changes in my body go way beyond that number. I’ve run several marathons, ultra-marathons, and even started doing triathlons since then. This is just the new normal for me.

I currently put most of my pics on instagram. I am on Facebook but tend to keep it to a “People I Know In The Real World” kind of thing for various reasons. I am also on twitter if that’s your beef, or tumblr where I geek out a lot. Otherwise? My email is misszoot@gmail.com. I’m kinda crappy about responding…I’ll preemptively apologize for that.