A Weekend Of Joy…And Running…And Whipped Cream…and Softball…

Sometimes I have weekends where Monday rolls around and I’m saying, “Wait. What? Monday is here? Where did my weekend go!? I HAD SO MUCH TO DO!”

And other times Monday rolls around and I wake up saying, “Thank GOD Monday is here. I need a break from the weekend.”

This was one of those weekends.

I woke up early Saturday morning and ran 18 miles. I like saying it like that…as casually as if I ran to the store for some bread. Just ran 18 miles. No big deal.

Except that it’s awesome. That picture of me smiling in that mosaic? Is after the run. I ran with friends which always makes it 19 times better. We did it in 3 6-mile pieces with breaks for fuel/water at each 6 miles. It was fantastic. Beautiful weather. Great conversation. And most important of all: NO CHAFFING.

(I’m having trouble adjusting to the summer running gear and the potential for chaffing in this heat.)

Then, I went straight to opening day of Nikki’s softball season. Donnie is coaching this year (not a planned thing, by the way, but he’s loving it) so he was already there with her. I grabbed Wes from E, and we went to the game. I smelled FANTASTIC, I’m sure. I’m certain the other parents next to me on the bleachers were like, WOW. Way to clean up for your daughter’s game there, STINKY LADY. I wanted to just periodically drop into conversation, “I just ran 18 miles,” but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

This season we’re playing Coach Pitch which means Donnie pitches to the girls and he and they had some great hits during the game. Nikki even scored two runs! (Maybe three?) It was a great opening day game.

We came home and got Nikki cleaned up because she had her for sleepover party that night! And she didn’t even care that it was her first one. She had been counting down the days and then the hours and could not leave us fast enough. Then, of course, E had Prom! He went last year as a sophomore but this year it was his Prom, I guess. He asked one of his good friends and it was going to be a GREAT evening. Especially since we got out of it so cheap this year! Last year? $120 tux rental. And that didn’t even include the shoes. This year? He got a suit coat from the costume closet at his school, we bought slacks at Target, and he found a bowtie at Amazon. He had to tie it using the consult of a YouTube video, but still. All if it was cheaper and easier than a tux.

Until Friday night of course when he turned to me and said, “CRAP. WE NEVER ORDERED A CORSAGE.”

Luckily, Twitter came to my rescue (after I had a meltdown about the mistake in tweet-form, of course) and a local Twitter friend made a hand-stitched a felt corsage that turned out to be the most perfect thing in the world for E’s date AND it was the hit of the night. Everyone loved it. So I ended up looking awesome Mom with the talented friends, instead of like the awful Mom who forgot to order the corsage.

I woke up Sunday morning and ran 8 miles on the trails with some friends. I’ve been doing this every Sunday for awhile now and I love it. I’m hooked on my Sunday trail runs. I’m not going to be able to do it next week and I’m devastated! The weather was great and the company was fun. A lovely run. I came home, did some major housework projects (I cleaned the playroom which I’ve not even entered since Christmas) and then went to get groceries. We decided to check on the fountains downtown and they were on for the season! We did a quick trip to the fountains which was great because Wes actually played! This is the first year he wasn’t too scared to really enjoy them.

E and I made homemade lasagna and we had strawberry shortcakes for dessert. We introduced Wes to the joys of squirted whipped cream in your mouth, something Nikki wanted no part in. Because she’s weird. And obviously not my child.

I was asleep by 8:30pm with the feeling of a fantabulous weekend lulling me to dreamland. Seriously. There’s not much that will help the Monday blues more than knowing you had a kickass weekend that wore you out just enough to leave you happy to see the workweek.

And now…to wrap up the entry…a glimpse from E’s prom night in a series of hysterical tweets:


  • Han

    Twitter to the rescue!! If it makes E feel any better our Prom was even more different than a Disney prom – it was called a Valedictory Ball lol. In my Year 11 picture I look really grown up and kinda scary! In my Year 13 prom I didn’t want to be there and ended up on the table with a bunch of people I didn’t get on with (Don’t you love a committee who are biased towards their friends lol.)

  • Fraulein N

    You ran 18 miles? You ran 18 miles! On purpose! I would have totally found a way to work that into conversation at the game. “Sorry if I smell a bit; I just ran 18 miles!” Also, why is your son so funny?

  • Beth

    Woo hoo! 18 miles! It’s amazing what the human body can do when asked, isn’t it? And who doesn’t like whipped cream squirted into their mouths? Maybe you should have that kid checked out…

    ; )

  • Maren

    My 21 month old son recognizes the whipped cream bottle in the fridge, and dances when he sees it, while making a “pshh-pshh” noise and saying PWEEEASE! It is hilarious and sad all at the same time, especially now that I have to tell him that whipped cream is not for breakfast every day (and then I have to not have any for myself!)

  • bad penguin

    How can E be going to Prom? He was just a little boy when I started reading your blog! You both look fantastic in that photo, by the way.

    And I’m with Nikki — not a fan of whipped cream 🙂