• Exist to Resist.

    I went to an Indivisible Group meeting for my district last night. If you haven’t seen the Indivisible Guide yet – it’s pretty great. It started as a Google Doc right after the election that mapped out how the Tea Party started reshaping Congress right after the 2008 Election by working at a very local level. They took those strategies and made them into a practical guide for Resisting the Trump agenda. You can see if you have any local groups here.

    The organizers of our meeting were expecting about 50 people and considered an orientation and then small group discussions. When the FIRST 50 showed up (EEK!) they opted out of the small group and just broke us up into several large groups for the orientation part of the evening. I’m betting at least 200 people were there but there was a whole other group in the Hall that I heard about but never saw so could be much higher than that.

    In Alabama. A grassroots Trump Resistance Group surged in unexpected popularity in North Alabama. Let that sink in with you.

    I started reaching out in October, trying to find more like-minded people in my area. People who would commiserate with me over the election and then people who would act with me after we lost. And I’ve been amazed at every turn how many showed up when called. Last night’s meeting was no exception. These are people excited about staging protests and grassroots campaigns to make our voices heard. And it was great.

    After Saturday we should all know we are not alone. The swelling of last-minute/impromptu protests at airports and around the nation was just awe-inspiring. But seeing it at a small local level in a state governed by Republicans in just about every single district, was mood-lifting.

    I’m feeling a little better after seeing the nation respond this weekend. And if you’re Conservative FB contacts are posting so much about “Obama! 2011! Same thing!” please make sure to read this Washington Post article which fact-checks that. It’s not the same. If he had WANTED it to be the same there are many ways he could have done that, but Trump is retroactively trying to justify is actions.

    Stay strong. Don’t let yourself be gaslighted into thinking you’re crazy or bullied into thinking you’re weak and dumb. I’ve had both done to me. I can not tell you the amount of messages and emails I get with people sending me links and information trying to “correct” me or “educate” me. No one will actually do it on a public platform on my Facebook page, and I will not be bullied in private. It’s like trying to get me away from my friends when I’m the weakest. It’s always the same people and I always ignore them.

    I know I am on the right side of history.