Oh, Man. My Blog Brain Hurts.

So…just as soon as I get everything kinda how it was before on my blog migration…even kinda better if you consider how much unused baggage I left behind at the old host. I log in this morning and think I guess I can update WordPress now and after I do? BAM! Everything is all different on this end too! AAGGGG. I have a blog headache.

I mean…New WordPress is pretty! But I’ve just finally got my site to look the way I like it on the FRONT end, now the backend has all changed and I just need a break from new blog things.

The good thing? I put the full entries back on the home page. I’m not sure if anyone cared they were truncated before, but I know when I first made that change some people weren’t fans. There are still some wonky things I’m messing with on my blog. I’m not a fan at ALL of the formatting of the comments. That gravatar is waaaay too big, so I’m trying to figure that out. Do you see anything else I need to fix around here? The menu is above the logo now, which I hope isn’t confusing. I don’t have a tablet so I have no idea how it looks on that. The archives page is not working at all. I’ll fix that some day when my brain doesn’t hurt.

Anyway…just let me know if there’s anything off. But maybe partner it with a compliment just to protect my feelings a bit. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Oh, Man. My Blog Brain Hurts.”

  1. I have a KindleFire but don’t normally read your blog on it. I checked it just now to see what it looks like, though. I can read the blog entries just fine; they look exactly like they do on my computer. I can’t see the sidebar unless I expand it. Is that normal for a tablet? It seems like it would be, otherwise everything on the page would be too small for old people like me to read!

    The blog looks great! The only thing I miss is the “recent Tweets” (I think it was called). I don’t do Twitter, but I did follow some links you had there several times to some really great stuff.

  2. Clicked over from my reader to see how it looks on my IPad. I kind of like it, but like Monika I have to cluck on the side bar to expand it and I’m not sure if you wanted it that way.. (I could see it before.). Looking good, though!

  3. I read on my phone and it looks clean and minimal and that works for me. I don’t see a side bar but I usually read via feed so I’m not missing it.

  4. I had to click over from my feed reader to check out the new look. Good job! I like it. Also, thank you for never truncating your feed that goes to feed readers. I mean, I’d click over to read anyway, but I just thought I’d say thanks for that.

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