New Digs! That Look Almost The Same As The Old Digs!

EDITED TO ADD: EEK. I am really dumb. I didn’t export the theme settings (that last theme was a new one! didn’t know I could/should do that! that it worked the old school way!) so I’m totally re-doing the look over here. EVEN BETTER. My closets are really going ot be clean now! Be patient!

So! Some of your comments are missing from the entry earlier today. I plan on going back and adding those in…but for now? TOTES DISAPPEARED.

Why? Because I’ve moved! Also used a basic WordPress “supported” theme to make updates easier in the future. So, you know, it’s not QUITE the same. But close. And it will get better as the days progress and I tinker a bit. But! More boring info about the switch! Like you were hoping for!


Sometimes early this morning, the above stats were given to me on my blog. And now? It looks like this:


Notice the difference? The Spam comments! This is – hopefully – one of the many examples I’ll see of how clean this place is now.

See? I’ve been hosting my website at Total Choice Hosting since January of 2004. But things were different back then. My domain was registered at GoDaddy but I didn’t trust their hosting. I ran my blog on Movable Type (is that even around anymore?). All of my pictures were hosting on Flickr. In the years since I’ve changed themes, content management systems, and I fell in love with GoDaddy trough my job.

GoDaddy has SUPREMO phone support which is actually really hard to find in a web hosting company. And while I normally HATE talking on the phone, when I want tech support? I like to be able to talk to the person to make sure A) The understand my problems or needs and B) That I understand the solution. GoDaddy has been a joy to work with at my job where I’ve migrated several sites in the last month. Each migration for work I thought I should move my site over here.

Well…I had a billing error with Total Choice this week and while I love their support ticket system, I couldn’t get anyone on the phone to discuss it. And it reminded me: I WANT TO MOVE.

Besides just wanting to move to GoDaddy for their phone support, I also wanted the process of moving to clean out some stuff. You know how it is – you live in a house for 10 years and you find stuff in the closets you don’t use anymore. I wanted to clean out those closets. I wanted to leave behind the junk associated with past platforms and themes. I wanted a clean’ish slate.

So! I called GoDaddy and told them what I wanted to do. The problem was my database. Do you see how many entries and comments I have? A WHOLE LOT. That makes a mighty large database. When I went to back it up at Total Choice I opted to NOT keep record of all of the spam comments. Hoping that would shrink things a bit. There are probably other things I could have done but I’m not a database master and didn’t want to get too over my head. The database? 300MB. That is a HUGE database. And to import it into my GoDaddy setup, I would need it to be much smaller. Like 50MB chunks. I struggled finding someone who could help me and I almost gave up, ready to tell GoDaddy: Nevermind. I can’t use your hosting afterall.

Then! Dave came to my rescue! I had already FTP’d the giant database to the GoDaddy server and he dumped the table into my wordpress install from his end. AND Ta Da! Here we are! Same site. Same content. Same theme. Just different physical location.

But, my backup was from this morning but the site didn’t go live until this evening. Hence the missing comments.

I do still have them in my emails. So I plan on adding them back in tomorrow. But – I did want to point out something had happened that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Just because I find it kind of exciting. We’re in a new house! And the closets are clean!

So! Here’s to spending the next 10 years hoarding stuff in THESE closets!

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  1. I like your new digs. Just enough of a change to seem fresh. And you look so much thinner without all those spam comments holding you back. hehe!

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