• NABLOPOMO! Are you in?

    Somewhere back in 2006 or 2007 I joined in on the first National Blog Posting Month which was the blogger’s answer to NaNoWriMo – the longer-lived National Novel Writing Month. I successfully completed blogging every day for a month and I was super proud. I’ve not been successful since.

    BUT THIS YEAR! This year I shall reign NABLOPOMO supreme!

    Mainly because I think I need to use this space more to work out some of my demons. I’m not promising you that every day will be Kim’s Therapy Corner by any means (That sound you heard was a collective sigh of relief from you – my blog friends.) but if I don’t have any concrete topic to write about, I’d like to at least vent a little about what made me binge eat or what made me cry that day. I think I’ve steered away from using this spot for cathartic purposes in the last few years and save it for the Big Bad Days Of The Mental Breakdowns, when maybe if I mentioned the small stress triggers daily I wouldn’t reach the Big Bad Mental Breakdown days. So, Tomorrow? NABLOPOMO! BRING IT ON.

    If you’re going to try the same on your blog – let me know. I’m going to post a list of my blog friends doing this in the sidebar for the month of November and I’ll add your blog to the list too!

    Now…on to today’s topic: Bad Costume Choices Of The Postpartum Womam


    At the time I had never missed dressing up for a Halloween and I didn’t want my postpartum body to thwart that, so I obviously chose appropriately. But couldn’t I have put on some mascara? Or maybe smiled? JEEZUS.

    On the other hand – here are my three favorite Hallowen costumes of my kids in the past.


    Happy Halloween, Yo. And here’s to a successful month of daily blog posting starting with tomorrow’s entry that will certainly be titled: OH MY GOD…I ATE ALL OF THE CANDY.