Vlogbrothers Teach Syria

I’m breaking in regularly scheduled blog programming to help you a little with current events.

The situation in Syria is VERY complicated and overwhelming and often this makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go, “LALALALALALALALALA!”

But! Instead, I’d like to share some helpful educational videos from the Vlogbrothers. They always do a great jot in simplifying global situations so that the average person can understand what’s going on regardless of educational level or historical knowledge. Syria has a complicated history and a complicated political environment, so hopefully these two separate VERY short videos will help you be better informed.

This first one was done by John Green is more historical and was made before the recent use of chemical weapons. It’s very excellent to give you a brief history that gets us to the present day Syria.

Then…chemical weapons happened. And Hank Green did another video doing a brief summary of the history but discussing more about the politics around the UN/US/Global response to the recent chemical weapon attack. My two favorite quotes:

  1. “As we all know, if Congress were on fire, Congress could not pass the Pour Water On Congress Act.”
  2. “Anyone that says that they KNOW what we should do in this situation is either being disingenuous or they don’t know what they’re talking about.”


2 thoughts on “Vlogbrothers Teach Syria”

  1. I’m really glad you posted this. My feeling about Syria has been that is the best example ever of why I don’t watch the news: If I can’t help or change anything, why would I want to deliberately absorb that kind of horrible knowledge along with the knowledge that I can’t do anything about it? BUT, on the other hand, I DID want to know what the HECK was going on. And Hank and John are some of THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who can explain things so that I don’t feel like I’m hearing a weird, uninformed, “That makes no sense so it must be incredibly biased and/or simplistic” explanation. I would arranged-marry either one of them, no protest.

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