Okay! Today is the day! E’s been gone a week and that’s all I allowed myself to wallow in misery and cry over his adulthood. I can’t eat anymore ice cream for breakfast or read “The Fault In Our Stars” for the millionth time. Oh, shit. That reminds me. I TOTALLY forgot to tell you guys about the tattoo he got before he went off to school.

FIRST. Let me say this: I never in 14 million years thought E would get tattoos. I just assumed he didn’t like them because Donnie and I have them, because he never EVER talked about him. Not until one night early in the summer when he said, “I’m going to get a Deathly Hallows tattoo.” and I said, “CAN I GET ONE TOO?”

I have witnesses. I swear that’s how it happened. I worry everyone is going to be like, “Dude…Kim totally talked E into getting a tattoo…that’s crazy…”


Like, two days after that one he was already thinking about what else he wanted. And I did that too. Which is how you know you’re a Tattoo Person. Tattoo People think about tattoos all the time. They love them and very rarely regret them. They put a lot of thought into them and they mean very special things to them. If you don’t get it? You’re not a Tattoo Person. No big deal. Tattoo People understand Not-Tattoo People. They don’t ask for explanations. Not-Tattoo People like to give explanations though, and sometimes they can come out very insulting. Think about it this way: If you wouldn’t say, “You know…I really don’t like that dress you’re wearing.” or “I just don’t get people who get your hairstyle,” then don’t say that about people’s tattoos. Because they do it because THEY like it, not because YOU do, and you openly saying you don’t like it is no better than openly critiquing their style. Or worse…the art they choose for their home.

Wow. Sorry. I actually could rant about that for awhile…but I’m getting off topic. E’s new tattoo!

So, he said he was going to get one more before going to school but he wasn’t going to tell me what it was. He just knew I’d love it and that I’d wish I had it too. Donnie and I pretty much guessed it would be a Nerdfighter/John Green thing, we just didn’t know what. Well – if you’ve read “The Fault In Our Stars” you’ll get it:


The autographed poster is mine on the left. That is my favorite line from TFioS. I have a thing for infinity symbols anyway as I have a small infinity tattoo on my wrist in memory of my Dad. E designed his tattoo and then the tattoo artist made it better by using her own handwriting. It’s genius. I love it and wish I had it on a t-shirt. He got it in that location because that’s where August Water’s leg is amputated in TFioS. Seriously. If you haven’t read the book? Read it. It’s inspiring. Hence, the ink.