• How Lazy People Fold Fitted Sheets (In Less Than 5 Seconds)

    It’s crap like this that gives Martha Stewart a bad name.

    I have never…EVER…in my life spent more than 2-3 seconds folding a fitted sheet. And those methods like Martha Stewart proposes? Take a good minute or two, depending on how picky you are. Maybe even longer. Not only am I not picky, but I am extremely lazy…too lazy – in fact – to spend more time folding sheets than I do wiping my butt.


    But seriously. Those “How To Fold A Fitted Sheet” things make feel equal parts
    A) Shame – for not caring enough to want to learn that method and
    B) Pride – for not caring enough to want to learn that method.

    Now…I spend a LOT of time framing pictures around my house. And organizing my office supplies. And my craft closet. I get that we each have our things we care about. I would just like to go on the record saying that folding a fitted sheet perfectly – falls below “clean baseboards” and “dust-free blinds” on the list of Stuff I Care About.

    So…if you’re like me and don’t even feel like wasting time looking at the folded sheet tutorial? Then here is the Fitted Sheet Folding Method just for you!


    Let me start by saying that I really had to struggle to turn this into five steps. In reality? It’s just one more step more than “Wad Up And Cram On Shelf.” And I would totally use that method if my shelves weren’t better suited to holding a faux-folded sheet as the wadded up method tends to lead to sheets falling onto the floor of my closet.


    Basically? It’s a roll instead of a wad. With a nice faux-fold at the end to give you a side of the wad to place outwards on your shelf so it at least looks like you folded it. Bonus points? The same method can be used for a flat sheet! It’s that advanced!


    See? It almost looks like those sheets are folded! When we know the truth. That it took you 5 seconds to do BOTH. Giving you more time to drool over shirtless men on The Arrow. (HEY! The show is good! I swear! Especially if you like shirtless men.)

    photo(1)And if you’re curious about other domestic methods for the lazy? I also subscribe to the Never Put The Clean Clothes Away method of laundry sorting. The kids just get their clean clothes out of their baskets in the laundry room every day! And put the dirty ones in a pile in their room! This way, I never have to go upstairs with clothes. I only have to throw the dirty pile downstairs periodically. And the kids love it! It’s like a treasure hunt for their desired outfit ever day!

    Bonus Points: When you can convince your kids that mismatched socks are cool. Which I have done. Eliminating the need to sort or pair up their socks.

    Feel free to pay homage to my domestic supremacy however you see fit.