“Grown-Up” TV That I Actually Enjoy

I do not watch what I call “Grown-Up” TV. Shows like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead. Shows that no one who’s not at least high school aged would be allowed to watch. But I do watch Dramas! Just shows that wouldn’t require an R-rating.

But it’s not about the explicit material, although I don’t like that stuff. It’s about a note of light-heartedness. I need to have something to counterbalance the seriousness. Some levity to negate the crime.

Which is why Castle is one of my favorite television shows. Every episode is about a murder, but they never try to convince the viewer that it’s a real crime drama. It pokes fun at itself and keeps things light, even when dead bodies are involved. It’s the only drama that also makes me smile.

I gave up on the C.S.I.s and the Law and Orders a long time ago. Not only were they picking more and more disturbing cases involving sex and kids, but they were trying to convince the audience that they represented real crime-solving teams. And…COME ON. Seriously?

Bones would be a good candidate too except that it’s just so DAMN GORY. Why? WHY? Do they make it so gross? The rest of the show has plenty of silly to go with the serious, but the GRODY factor almost cancels it all out. I actually fast-forward through EVERY scene that involves a body. Sometimes this confuses me a bit in the plot-line, but never enough to actually watch the scenes. Last week? Grody gooey skeleton hanging from the dumpster? With bits falling from above? REALLY?

Here’s the thing…is there anyone that says, “I’d watch that show Bones if they just had more gore.” NO! They have to know that people will still watch it even if there’s just a mild amount of gore. But no…they go overboard. If I couldn’t fast-forward through that stuff? I wouldn’t watch the show. BLECH.

But the rest of it? Silly! Even if the Bones/Booth chemistry is kinda lame.

NCIS: L.A. is the other show that I like most of the time. It’s much more light-hearted than the original NCIS, even though that show is kinda silly at times. I still record both of the them, but I watch the L.A. version more regularly than the original. I love Deeks the best, he is rarely EVER serious about ANYTHING so that even when G and Sam are all up in the drama, Deeks comes along and totally lightens things up. GUARANTEED.

So you all can keep your zombies and murderous kings and I’ll keep my buddy-cops.

What about you? Can you handle the hard-core Grown-Up TV or do you need a little silly to balance out your serious?


15 thoughts on ““Grown-Up” TV That I Actually Enjoy”

  1. Nowadays, I like the shows that have majestic scenes like Game of Thrones, so I can get totally immersed in it and I totally heart Revenge. I used to follow Grey’s Anatomy and Suburgatory. For lighthearted stuff, I usually watch Japanese dramas, coz I like the colours and because I like Japanese culture. =P xxx ^^~~

  2. I definitely need the silly. I’m the same with my books now, too. There’s enough serious in my life. I read or (rarely, to be honest) watch TV to escape. And when I escape, I want to go to the beach, not to a (insert some place sad and tragic to complete the metaphor here).

  3. I watch a lot of crime/cop/law dramas/sitcoms. I enjoy NCIS, Law and Order and SVU, as well as Criminal Minds. I haven’t gotten into Bones but I know the gore would not detract for me however I don’t require it in a tv show to watch it. I do watch Game of Thrones and there are others that I want to watch and just haven’t gotten a chance to. I’m currently hooked on Underemployed. I got interested in it, because of Diego Boneta from Rock of Ages, and I keep watching because of the chemistry between the characters. Now that I’m watching the episode that I DVR’d last night it says it’s TV-14, but I’m not sure I’d let 14 year olds watch it. I like plenty of silly/funny bits in my shows but I can be entertained by an intense drama with a good outcome. Sometimes it’s uplifting to know that characters like Liv and Elliot can catch the *really* bad guys. Or that Gibbs and team can stop a bomb from creating a tragedy. Either way I intentionally seek out some shows that are not kid friendly so that I have some adult content since I spend most of my time in the company of a 10 and and 8 year old.

  4. I love LOVE Castle…. and the last episode I’ve watched (i am one behind on my DVR) about the sci-fi convention had me rolling. I also like silly comedies like 2 broke girls (which had my husband and I laughing so hard we had tears this week) and New Girl and prob my all time fav comedy…. Big bang theory.

  5. Person of Interest and Elementary – you must watch those if you like Castle. They poke fun of themselves a la Castle (which I loved from day one although it makes me feel like I am 75 and invokes my deep passion **still** of Murder She Wrote!)

    As for the actual questions posed, I stopped watching Law and Order years back. Something about the stories being ripped from the headlines and it being too real. It is… especially the SVU one. GAW. However I do watch Criminal Minds which is WAY gory and gets in my head but I love the characters in that show. CSI is eh. If there is nothing else on I watch will watch the original CSI only – the others are not as good to me.

    I guess I would say there is a balance for me. I can take one serious show to all of the semi serious ones I watch (Castle, Elementary, Person of Interest, Nashville, Vengence… ha had to throw those last two in because umm TOTAL TRASH!)

  6. You just exactly described how I like to watch TV. I have given up on so many shows because they just got too serious or heavy, or gross or scary… My thinking is I have enough drama in real life, I don’t need it on TV. My airline pilot husband took me on a date on Friday. He chose the movie… Flight with Denzel Washington. I was so miserable the whole movie (and Denzel Washington is a good actor and the movie in and of itself is fine). But seriously, I am married to an airline pilot. I have NEGATIVE desire to sit through a move where a pilot stays drunk, uses drugs, an airplane almost crashes and people die, pilot goes through NTSB investigation and on and on and on. I felt like I needed a Xanax by the time it was over. My husband owes me big time!

  7. I am all over the map on televesion shows, I’m not a huge fan of gore but I’ll still watch it. Books, however? I like them a little on the light and fluffy side!

  8. Hawaii 5-0 falls into this category for me. The stories are a little over the top ridiculous, but the writing and characters are so good. There’s a great deal of humor and it really doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus, I really liked 3 of the 4 main actors before this show, and I think that’s also what keeps me watching. Scott Caan kills it every week.

    I have the exact opposite reason for watching revolution. I hate every character and the writing is horrible, but I am pretty interested in where the story is going.

  9. I can’t even handle Castle, much as I do love Nathan Fillion. My last drama was Grey’s Anatomy, and they lost me at the end of last season and I’m not sure i can go back… I’m a wuss.

  10. I LOVE Castle!! It is my favorite also! I agree with you about Bones. This season each episode keeps topping the next with gore. Although this weeks episode about 9/11 was fantastic. It made me cry. Also no gore.

  11. The only crime show we still watch is Criminal Minds and I would be happy to give it up, but Chris still wants to watch it. I don’t like the scare factor, (I’m a wuss), it’s not believable at this point, and they allow it to be too violent/gruesome at time.

    I do enjoy Game of Thrones, however, and True Blood. So yeah, I take my gore with a side of fantasy. Apparently!

  12. Castle is the BEST. And one of the reasons I love it is for the same touch of levity that you describe. The real world is dark and dreary enough, and I don’t want more of the same for my entertainment.

    I’m an avid watcher of Glee, Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries as well, so I’m definitely more about the funny and the cute and the good story, rather than the heavy and the realistic. However, my one departure from that is True Blood, though as a fan of Harris’s books, I watch the show more for the “holy crap, did you see what they did to the characters?!” aspect than the gore or the “adultness”, if that makes any sense. :)

  13. I watched the first five minutes of Law & Order SVU last night, and after seeing that it was about the abduction of a little girl from a playground, I literally could not physically watch anymore. I do like detective shows and find myself watching more and more on Netflix. I really enjoyed the BBC version of Shelock Holmes, although it does have a few mild adult moments. But it is really a buddy show – more than a crime show.

  14. I think you would like Newsroom. Good grown-up drama. No gore.

    Castle is awesome. Did you see the Trekkie episode? Classic Fillion self-deprecation!

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