The Most Important Vote Of The Year!

You all know how much I LOVE my my boot camp right? I adore it. I’ve been going for two years now and I can’t imagine giving it up. However, my year is almost over. I paid for this past year with a perfectly timed freelance project. This year? I haven’t been as lucky. I’m still holding out hope but with college tuition coming up, most of our extra money is already claimed. SOOOOO – I would LOVE to win a free month of boot camp. One less month to stress out about. Will you PUHLEASE help me and go here and “LIKE” my photo? You can also share it out for your friends to like because shares get TWO points! I’ll do a burpee (if I win, of course) for every vote!

I normally hate this type of self-promotion type stuff. I promise I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really important.

And also? HOW AMAZING IS MY COSTUME? Seriously. IT ROCKED. And I made it myself. AND I wore it the entire boot camp. That means I did pushups and burpees and jumping jacks all with extra arms.

So…I EARNED your votes. I promise!!!

Thank you so much. If I win this? I’ll totally come give you a giant hug. And maybe a kiss.

No Time! Being Domestic!

I don’t have time to write much this morning because I’m putting the finishing touches on a pretty awesome boot camp costume. I made it myself which is impressive considering:

1. I don’t know how to sew AND
2. I’m cheap and wanted to preserve the individual pieces for future, non-costume use.
3. I made it weather-appropriate even though it turns out we were going to be meeting inside.
4. It is also entirely removable so I can continue to workout once the class starts!

Basically? The entire thing is held together by about 1 million safety pins. I’m hoping the pictures won’t reflect that and it will just look completely AWESOMESAUCE.

I’m warning you about this because it’s part of a contest for a free month of boot camp. My year is about to expire and I haven’t stumbled upon any good freelance jobs to pay for another year. I NEED THIS FREE MONTH. So…um…I may come here and ask you to vote for me. I know you hate that stuff! I hate it too! But this time it’s something I want/need and something you all KNOW I love because I talk about it all the time. So! I am apologizing in advance for the begging I will do of you to vote for me in my awesome costume picture later! Please forgive me in advance! After you vote!

19 Days


Okay. I feel better now. Thanks.

But seriously. Did you know that? Do you have your calendars marked with my training goals? If you did then you realized today the same thing I realized – that in 19 days I’ll be running a race that is longer than a marathon. LONGER than a marathon. 30 miles.

It’s not the 50-miler I had set out to run before the pregnancy/miscarriage/D&C – but it’s still a huge goal and I’m freaking out a tiny bit over it.

It’s funny. Around here I actually know a lot of ultra runners. A lot of my running friends have done this particular race several times. So it’s easy to lose sight of the magnitude of this accomplishment.

So I come here and talk to you guys because I know you guys are with me: THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT I’M DOING HERE.

But around here? In this running community? Maniacs who do this annual race are a dime a dozen. And sometimes it gets a bit intimidating because – not only do they do these races regularly – but they do them FAST. On the road I’m average, sometimes on the faster side of average if the race is shorter, but still…NOT FAST. I’ve done 10 miles at an under 10-minute/mile pace. That means 10 miles in an hour and forty minutes. See? Kinda fast!

But on the trails? On this course I’ll be running? It takes me a hair over TWO HOURS to run 9.5 miles. And that’s the FIRST loop. I get slower with each loop. So, if you factor in all of the miles I’m hoping I’ll finish under eight hours. But some of those people out there? Will do it in HALF the time.

So…I get easily intimidated. Especially when I have to share trails with those faster people. A trail race is not like a road race, there’s not a lot of room to move around. A lot of these trails are called “single track” trails which means it’s one person wide. There’s courteous rules to abide by, like someone saying, “On your left!” if they want to pass you. And if that happens I jump out of the way as quick as possible. But sometimes they’re coming up fast, around a corner, or coming down a steep incline where “side” doesn’t really exist. There are tons of scenarios where getting out of someone’s way is not as easy as it sounds.

My point? I’m skeered! Not just of doing the miles…I’ve actually trained for that. It’s the mental game – the worry about not “fitting in” or not seeming “worthy” – that’s the tougher challenge. Which is SO DUMB. Logically? I know how dumb that is. I ran 35 miles in two days this weekend. Why would I not be worthy? But my mind…my mind plays tricks on me. And one of my running coaches once told me, “It’s over 80% mental. It’s much easier to train your body than your mind.”

So I’ll spend the next 19 days trying to convince myself I’m worthy. I have one more long run on Sunday and then physically? My body will be ready. And I’ll have two weeks for my body to rest and my mind to learn to trust my body.


My Awesomeness Needs Medication

  • We had a Halloween 5K Saturday morning that Nikki was signed up to do. Wes was going to do the 1-mile Fun Run beforehand, so we bundled them up in their costumes and pinned on their numbers. When we got there, something fell through with the city and the safety patrol and they had to postpone the Fun Run until 9am. This meant Wes couldn’t do it as he had his last soccer game at 9am. You can imagine how well THAT went over. Bumblebee may be a badass Transformer but when you tell him he can’t run the run he was looking forward to all week? He becomes a total wuss.
  • Nikki did GREAT on the 5K. Mainly because there was a little boy she was DETERMINED to beat. They kept doing the sprint-ahead, then slow down and catch their breath thing. Back and forth – until you could see Nikki get MONSTOROUSLY irritated that he kept showing back up to pass her, at which point she sprinted forward for such a long amount of time that she A) Nearly lost me for good and B) Nearly killed herself. She was panting so heavily by the time I caught up with her that I thought I’d need to find a brown paper bag. BUT SHE BEAT THE KID. And you know to my overly competitive 7-year old? That’s the only thing that mattered.
  • We had a boot camp party at our house Saturday night and we paid E to hang with the kids upstairs while the adults hung out. He had about 10 kids for about 3-4 hours. He slept for 2 straight days afterwards, they wore him out so severely.
  • I ran 12 miles on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. That brings me to a total of 35 miles for the weekend, 19 being trail miles. This puts me right on course for my 50K on November 17th. I was even having trouble falling asleep last night because I was restless thinking about how proud I was and how I just can’t believe how far I’ve come. That’s one of the best reasons for insomnia I’ve ever had. I’m totally calling the doctor tomorrow and saying, “I need something to help me sleep. My awesomeness is keeping me awake every night.”
  • E and I went to see David Sedaris last night. He is vaguely familiar with him having read some of his essays in the “satire” section of one of his English classes. I love the guy. The show was great because A) I had only already heard/read one story and B) It was a packed house with a great sense of humor. E had a ball and it reminded me how very important it is – as a parent of a teen – to make an effort to find activities to do together. Whether it’s sporting events or concerts…it’s an integral part of maintaining a good relationship as they become an adult. Bonus points if your fun outings involve stories about people pooping in their hands.


It’s weird today. I didn’t realize how strange our life had gotten in the last few months with a dying dog. Small things change along the way, you start to wake up every morning looking for the accidents in the middle of the night. You accumulate piles of old towels that you save for those accidents. You set up a special laundry basket in the laundry room for those towels.

We hadn’t been sleeping well for weeks because she’s had several bad nights where she wakes us up crying or bumping around the house having a seizure. And then when she doesn’t have a problem, we still wake up at every sound thinking she is. We walk around the downstairs gingerly because sometimes she had peed on the floor and it’s hard to see it before you step in it.

And then suddenly your dog is gone and you look at the piles of dirty towels and think, “Wow. When did it get that bad?” You wake up at the most random noise and think, “Wow. I really haven’t been sleeping well have I?” You just don’t realize how weird you life has gotten because the changes along the way are small.

So today we work with a new normal and that’s okay. Because SOMEONE IS SEVEN!

Can you believe this baby is SEVEN today? SEVEN!

She’s such a little grownup. She loves school. She’s competitive to a fault. She cares as much about getting AR points as she does about what shoes she’s going to wear. She tries as hard to score goals as she does to get math medals. She spends as much time reading as she does picking out her outfit. She’s a great combination of girly-girl and tomboy. Even though I abhor both of those words. She’s a staunch supporter of gay rights and gets stressed out when people don’t recycle. (What? I start them young.) She loves to sing and dance but she’s going as THOR for Halloween. I just love dichotomy that exists in her young personality and I look forward to see how that manifests as she gets older. I suspect she’ll be quite a fascinating women who scares the hell out of a lot of people.

So we move on and celebrate birthdays and adjust to the new normal.

And eat a lot of pumpkin bread because my weirdo daughter hates cake.