The Terrible Twos. Nope. Threes. Nope. FOURS. Yes. The Terrible Fours.

Remember how, when Nikki was 3, we all commiserated that the “Terrible Twos” never held true for us and that age three was a much more evil age? And how she got so much better at age 4? And then…then do you remember how I was counting down the days to age 4 for Wes because three was killing me? Well…guess what? It turns out that age 4 is the devil zone for my third child.

Kids, man. They never read the parenting blogs, do they?

Age four is KILLING ME, y’all! Donnie and I have both been trying out new discipline waters to cope with the wonderful personality changes Age Four has brought us. Things Wes is doing at age four that he never did with any regularity before?

  • Throw tantrums. None of my kids threw tantrums and now, Wes? Is the king of them all.
  • Yells. At everyone.
  • Writes on things. Sometimes in permanent marker.
  • Tears up books.

He lost his library privileges a few weeks ago for soaking a library book with spray air freshener. (WHAT IN THE HELL?) Yesterday, he tore the book Nikki was reading and then I found the remains of two of his own books in his room that he had torn up. So…what did I do? I didn’t yell (I try not to do that with him since I’m often getting on to him for yelling) – I just very calmly said, “Well…that’s it. No more books for you.” Then, I took a giant black garbage bag and filled it with every book from his room. He screamed bloody murder the ENTIRE time.


It was so loud that Donnie ran upstairs thinking that maybe I was beating his child.

Nope. Just taking away his books. And it was obviously a good punishment choice since he was so upset about it.

(Sidenote: Don’t you hate it when you punish your kid and they don’t seem to care? I prefer the upset child because then, at least, I know my punishment hits a nerve.)

I explained to him that he has been showing us lately that he doesn’t seem to want to be a big kid anymore. He’s been acting like a baby who doesn’t know the rules. So, if he’s going to act like that, he doesn’t get the big kid things anymore – like books. I told him I’d take away all of his Avengers toys next. “NOOOOOOO!!!” This time, E and Nikki run upstairs thinking I’m beating their brother. I’m telling you, when Wes screams it’s INSANE. Like he’s being murdered.

So…Yay! Yay for continuing parenting challenges! I mean, if this was always easy everyone would do it, right?

Now…does anyone want to commiserate this time about how age four was the worst for their kid? And about how age 5 got miraculously easier? I need something to keep me from picking up a hard-core drinking habit in the next 11 months.