• Operation 50 Miles (Week 1)

    So, I tend to casually reference big races around here. Like the time I casually referenced I was running a trail marathon and a few of you were like, “Um…what? Did we miss that entry?” Eventually, of course, I admitted I had signed up for that trail marathon, but not until I was far enough along in my training that I was confident it was actually going to happen.

    This time? I’m telling you all Week 2 of training: I signed up for a 50 Mile run.


    Here’s why I did it. I wanted to do an ultra race this year. An ultra is anything more than a marathon. We have a good 50K (30 miles) race November 22nd that is on trails I know, and it is “easy” as trail runs go. All of my friends were going to do it too. PERFECT.

    Here are the problems:

    1) I have a niece/nephew due to be born 5 days after that race. I want to be there when it’s Baby Time so I could miss the race.

    2) There’s a time limit on that race that I got a wee freaked out about after it took me 6:30 to do my trail marathon. The cutoff is basically 10 hours. Mathematically I should/could make it, but it was still freaking me out.

    So…I started researching any other ultras in the area. I found the Nashville one. And they had a 50-mile option! Another of my “bucket list” items but most of them have a 12-hour limit and…what? WAIT. WHAT DOES THAT SAY? They give you a 2-hour head start if you’re worried about the 12-hour time limit? AND…you know what else? You can have support runners run the whole thing with you! AND…you know what else? If you change your mind while you’re running and want to just do the 50K? You can.

    In terms of a 50-mile run? This one was PERFECT for me. It gives me my ultra in case I have to miss the other one for my new niece/nephew. But it also gives me the feeling of HOLY SHIT ON A STICK! I JUST RAN 50 MILES!

    I researched training programs and mapped one out that fit with my other races and travel plans for the year. It looked okay, but my friend Dave made this KILLER spreadsheet for his 50K training that I totally stole and added my training to it too. If you’re curious, here is the training plan. My schedule is in orange.

    What’s my point of this entry besides letting you in on my insane plan? I think I’m going to do some specific training logs. Like: Hill run today made me want to punch my face off! Or Long run today took a million years! Things like that to actually chronicle the training. There’s a local runner who has been doing that here and I really like it.

    I’m halfway through Week 2 of training right now but this will be my Week 1 update. (A training week is Monday thru Sunday). I’m thinking about leaving this off of the main ticker on my home page. It will still show up in my RSS feeds if you read through Google Reader, and it will still show up on the old school layout, but I think I’ll link my training stuff along the top and on the side instead of on the homepage ticker. We’ll see…I reserve the right to totally change my mind as this goes on.


    Week 1

    Boot Camp – 5:30am Legs
    Boot Camp – 5:30am Upper Body
    Cross Country Run – 1 mile warm-up, 3-mile tempo on the trails at about 29:30. (My 5K PR is 25:00, that shows how much a trail run can slow me down.)
    Boot Camp – 5:30am Kickboxing/Balance
    SICK. Damn Endometriosis.
    5 miles at about 10:00 pace along Bailey Cove
    10 miles with group at about 11:30 pace along Greenway
    9 miles on Bucca trail up at Monte Sano

    All in all it was a good first week considering my endometriosis flared up. I came in 8 miles short on my weekly mile count, which is not ideal, but it’s week 1 and I have a really solid base of 30+ miles per week, so it shouldn’t be a problem.