Summer Bucket List Item #1 – DONE!

As you’ll recall, we created a Bucket List of things to do this summer. We decided to first tackle “TIE DYE” in anticipation of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. We bought a kit at Hobby Lobby along with some white shirts. We simply did what the instructions told us to and…TA DA!

They turned out okay. A little faded, not sure if there is anything to do about that using a generic Tie Dye kit form the store, but I like them! And it was a fun project we ALL enjoyed.

We took off the clothes pin and threw it in the bucket! First item down…40+ more to go.

Now…what to do next?


10 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Item #1 – DONE!”

  1. We did the Water Park on Tuesday! I saw this on Pinterest and repinned it several days ago, not realizing it was from you until I clicked on the link! I kept thinking the little girl in the picture looked really familiar!

  2. I forgot to ass that we are doing the tye dye too. I didn’t think to check Target though. Guess I will be heading there this weekend!

  3. That turned out really cute! Now the kids have shirts to wear all summer. Did you make some for the grown-ups, too?

  4. We did them about three weeka ago as a project at my daughters birthday party. After playing around with it (bought the kit at hobby lobby tht can make up to twenty shirts) the ones tht popped with color are the ones that i poured tons of dye on. I let dye then washed out agian (alot of dye comes out in the wash process) and then washed. So my advice to anyone making these is put a TONS od the dye on might seem a tad wasteful but the end results were so worth it.

  5. What the heck? When did Nikki get sooooo tall? Great looking shirts, but I just can’t get past how big your kids are getting!

  6. When I was a lifeguard in hs and college we would have tie dye day at the pool on cool or cloudy days when there was no one there but we lifeguards had to stay just in case someone showed up to swim. We just bought regular old RIt dye and they always turned out faded looking too. I don’t know how to get them really bright like you see around..Fun project!

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