Summer Bucket List Item #1 – DONE!

As you’ll recall, we created a Bucket List of things to do this summer. We decided to first tackle “TIE DYE” in anticipation of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. We bought a kit at Hobby Lobby along with some white shirts. We simply did what the instructions told us to and…TA DA!

They turned out okay. A little faded, not sure if there is anything to do about that using a generic Tie Dye kit form the store, but I like them! And it was a fun project we ALL enjoyed.

We took off the clothes pin and threw it in the bucket! First item down…40+ more to go.

Now…what to do next?

How I Deal With Facebook

I went on a run to the rocket last night and I posted some pictures of that run, and of a friend who went with me, to Facebook. I can do that because I’ve made sure when I’ve accepted friend requests from people that I know them in real life or that we’ve been online contacts through blog stuff for years. In other words? Facebook is my safe place.

There are a lot of bloggers who don’t do that. They treat Facebook like their blog. Their photo albums are public and they accept friend requests openly. And that’s great if you just want it to be like your blog.

But – somewhere along the way – my real world friends and family started keeping up with me through Facebook. Very few of them read my blog. So, I decided to keep Facebook more personal and real. I can post race pictures with friends in them and not worry about who is seeing them. I can post pictures of my nephew…of my brother and his wife. I can be much more personal on Facebook because I know the people seeing it.

I say this because not everyone does this. Bloggers or otherwise. Some people keep a lot of their stuff public on Facebook, and as a blogger with an actual blog? That’s not a big deal if you are posting the same stuff to your blog. But – for normal people who don’t document their lives online? I doubt they think of it much.

When you go to the settings to view my Facebook page as it appears to the public, you don’t see anything from my wall and you only see 3 photo albums. My cover photos and my profile photo albums – so that people who are trying to see if they know me can see pictures of me. And then my Easter Toss album. That’s it. You wouldn’t believe I was as active on Facebook as I was if you viewed it as a non-Friend.

But some people? Show EVERYTHING. Their check-ins at the restaurant down the street, photos from that birthday party they went to, their complaints about their job…EVERYTHING. This always amazes me. Do they not KNOW their stuff is public or do they just not worry about it?

So…I wanted to mention it here. Just in case you didn’t know! Here are the Facebook FAQs about doing just that. This is not about being more secure, this is about realizing that those pictures you post of other people’s kids may be viewable to the entire world. And while I’m of the school of thought that we are past the age of expecting certain levels of privacy, I still like to err on the side of cautious when posting pictures of other people’s kids.

Even adults! Some people have very professional careers and don’t necessarily want the pictures you took of them at that pool party viewable to the entire universe. It’s just good to know, before you post pictures of your kid’s awards ceremony, what the world can see on your Facebook profile page. I’ve got my pictures set up so that only my friends can see them, unless I’ve tagged someone else, and then their friends can see them too. Then, I’m leaving it up to my friend to just trust whomever they’ve befriended.

But…if I didn’t know want people I didn’t know seeing pictures of me? I would never tag people in my photos. Because I don’t know their friends. But – for me? I live my life online. I’m not too worried about MY face on Facebook. I just worry about the other people in my photos. And the more and more I notice people with 500+ friends (I’m almost at 500 and that stresses me out. THAT’S TOO MANY FRIENDS.) the more I wonder how it’s possible to know them all. Maybe you do! Maybe you have a church with 600 members, or you graduated from a class of 800, but maybe you don’t know them. Maybe you accepted the request in a shuffle one day, not paying too much attention. And if you do that, that’s fine! Just know that you did it when you are posting pictures of other people to your timeline.

How do YOU deal with Facebook?

(ADDENDUM: Another thing…I found myself unfriending big name bloggers who have 1,000+ plus friends because I read their blogs! And if they have that many friends then they’re probably using their Facebook to help promote their blogs and I already read the blog so…you know…redundant! I have nothing against using Facebook as a marketing tool, but if I read your blog it seems silly to follow your FB posts. NOW…there are some bloggers who use Facebook like I do with smaller quantities of friends…that’s different. I just don’t need to friend you on Facebook if you’re just using it to help promote the blog I already read every day. Does that make sense?


A long time ago I wrote something here about why I run. That, as a Mom with Guilt Issues (We need a support group, don’t we?) I’m very hard on myself. I never feel like I’m doing things right. Or even well enough. I feel crappy about that box of Oreos I ate last night (Donnie: Where are there Oreos? Me: IN MAH BELLY.) and about the stain on the playroom carpet where I spilled paint water. I wish my house was cleaner and my kids less likely to punch other children in the face. (Don’t ask.) I hate my eyebrows and I wish I cared enough to clean my windows once in awhile.

But when I run? I am just PROUD. With every mile I get under my shoes I think Damn, Kim. You are kicking ass. Every race…every milestone…every speed workout…every hill. I am just proud of myself. And this is what gets me out the door in the heat. This is what gets me putting miles in even when no schedule calls for it. This is what gets me putting on my running shoes when I’m tired and cranky. The feeling of pride…in myself. It’s such a rare thing that I find myself addicted to the one activity that gives it to me time and time again. Running.

All I wanted to do was beat last year's time...

I ran the Cotton Row 10K again today. For those of you who have been here awhile, you know that this was the race that started it all for me last year. After doing boot camp for 6+ months, I felt confident to try the 10K I had been scared of for years. The one with the dreaded hill. So steep it’s been graded for cars. And when I finished that thing last year, I about cried I was so amazed at my time. That pride pushed me to sign up for half-marathon training, which pushed me to signed up for a trail 25K with “Madness” in the title, and then that pushed me to my marathon last week. All of those things…at least 800 miles of running…brought me full circle yesterday.

I started the race feeling okay…thinking I might “race” it. (Once you get to a certain point in training you find that some races you just “run” for fun/miles and others you “race” for time.) After doing my first 2 miles at a solid 9:30-9:40 pace I thought, I can do this. I can beat an hour if I keep this up. So…I did. I ran most of the way up the dreaded hill and I held a sub-9:00 pace the last 2.5 miles. When I saw the clock said 57:XX as I came to the finish line? I almost cried.

And then later…several times…I did cry. I mean, I couldn’t help it! I was so proud of myself! Have you ever been that proud of yourself? So proud you cry? Before I started running I hadn’t ever done that before. And now I get to feel it regularly. Whether it’s a time I broke, or tough miles I finished. Hell…I’ve even been crying at boot camp! I did one-armed shoulder presses with 20lbs last week and DIDN’T DIE! I was SO proud!

I’ll admit…there’s a small little voice inside my head that says, It’s not that big of a deal. 820+ people finished ahead of you. Get over it. But you know what? I tell that voice to suck it; because I’ve come further in the last year-and-a-half than I ever dreamed possible. With every tear I shed out of pride I knock another barrier down. Proving that – in the end – anything really is possible.

The Awesome 40+ Of The Summer Of Awesome

I’m amazed at how much older she looks!

Today is officially the first day of summer. However, since summertime child care doesn’t officially start until Monday, then I’m giving myself the weekend to get together our Basket O’ Fun Ideas for the summer. I tried this last year and failed miserably. But this year? This year I’m TOTALLY GOING TO DO IT ALL! I’m not sure how I’m going to display our list, I’ve seen cool ideas with wooden clothespins, but here is the List Of Totally Awesome Stuff We Are Going To Try To Do This Summer!

  1. Home-made popsicles
  2. Chalk Art PhotosDONE!
  3. Swim at the Y
  4. Train museum
  5. Putt-Putt
  6. Bowling
  7. See a Huntsville Stars game.
  8. Attend a library event.
  9. Camp
  10. Ride bikes on the Greenway.DONE!
  11. Water Balloon Fight
  12. Water Gun Fight
  13. Take a hike
  14. Cook hot dogs/s’mores over fire
  15. Play in the fountains
  16. Go to a ZooDONE!
  17. Make friendship bracelets
  18. Catch firefliesDONE!
  19. Watch fireworks
  20. Face Painting
  21. Go to Krispy KremeDONE!
  22. Picnic
  23. Roller Skating
  24. Ice Skating
  25. Go To Sonic
  26. Outdoor concertDONE!
  27. See a movieDONE!
  28. Attend the beach bash
  29. Go to a Farmer’s Market DONE!
  30. Make a summer cakeDONE!
  31. Do hairwraps
  32. Stargazing
  33. Wash the car
  34. Ice cream truck
  35. Go to Hayes Nature Preserve PlaygroundDONE!
  36. Attend an Art Walk
  37. Sparklers!
  38. Frisbee
  39. Go to the Art Museum
  40. Dixie Derby Girls!
  41. Make T-Shirts (Tie Dye?) Done!
  42. Fly a Kite

Do you have any other things you’ll try to do this summer? I love stealing ideas from other people!
UPDATED: We made our list by putting items on clothespins and when we do them, the clothespin will go in the bucket!

Our Summer Bucket List

The TV Season Is Officially Over…Now What Do I Do?

Well…with last night’s Glee finale, my TV season is officially over. And let me tell you – (No spoilers, I promise!) – it was SUCH a let down. I was really hoping for some sort of solid idea of what next season was going to hold. I guess I misunderstood some of the interviews from Ryan Murphy recently. Because some of the things I was expecting? Never happened. And then…I was really hoping for some sweet Klaine goodbye scene…they’re my favorite couple on TV! And…NOTHING. Just not what I was expecting in that episode. LET. DOWN.

Anyway…so my TV season is over. What do I do?

Well…for starters I watch the shows I watch every summer. Starting with So You Think You Can Dance which starts Thursday! I’m a little bummed that there’s no results show this season, however. I loved the results shows because they always had a big non-competition group number and they brought in professionals in the industry. It’s the only results show from any competition show I’ve ever not fast-forwarded through. I’ll miss those.

There are other cable channel shows I watch in the summer that I haven’t checked on yet. I’m assuming they’re all coming on this summer: White Collar, Suits, and Psych. I’ll probably stick with Pretty Little Liars again this summer, but I struggled with the winter season since there was so much other stuff going on at the time. We’ll see.

I’ll keep watching Lost Girl which is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows EVER. They gave us season 2 immediately after season 1 which should get us caught up with the show in Canada – where it originates. This will be cool because then – hopefully – we’ll be able to watch them online. You can’t now because we’re in the U.S. It’s weird. Either way? SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW.

Now…the best part of the summer? Watching shows that you’ve been wanting to watch but missed out on. I’m using this summer to finally try (again) to watch Doctor Who. I’ve just met Captain Jack Harkness which is awesome since I watched all of Torchwood. I can’t wait to finally get all of the Whovian jokes I’ve been missing out on. If you’re looking for funnier shows to watch this summer, might I suggest Parks and Recreation? But start with Season 2, because that’s what someone told me to do and I’m totally glad I did. Evidently season 1 struggled a bit to get it’s groove. But I promise, you’ll love it.

Finally? I’m going to watch a boatload of movies. I love seeing movies at the movie theater, and there are several coming out in the next few weeks that I’m dying to see. Brave, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Magic Mike.

What? You know you want to see it too.

All of this to hold me over until the fall when I get to see what happens to Elena and the Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries which gave me the best season finale of the year. Bar none.

What season finales did you love? What will you watch this summer?