• Will You Help Push Me Off A Building, Please?

    Have I ever told you about my fear of heights? It’s not so bad it keeps me from flying, but it’s definitely popped up as an embarrassing quality several other times in my adult life. I say “adult” because as a kid? Not a problem. But I’ve grown wussier with age.

    • The summer after Wes was born we went to Knoxville to help my Mom move. My went downtown with my Dad and brother and ended up going up into the http://worldsfairpark.org/worlds-fair-sunsphere.html. My Dad was carrying Nikki at the time, I had Wes in my arms. He kept walking around by the windows and it was freaking me out. What if he dropped her? I stayed as close to center as I could and looked at a distance. My Dad laughed a bit, not to be mean, but because he remembered the crazy girl who rode the scariest roller coasters without holding on.
    • We were at a water part with E several years ago and as we were walking UP the stairs to the slides, I had a meltdown and had to turn around and go back down – something they really frown upon.
    • We went to Disney World in 2010 and I only rode three roller coasters. 1) The Rockin’ Roller Coaster because that was the only one E wanted to ride and I almost cried while it was going on. 2) I rode Everest because no one else would go with Donnie but I did the entire ride with my eyes closed, and hated every second of it. 3) Donnie convinced me to ride Space Mountain – promising me I wouldn’t have to close my eyes because it was dark the whole time. I did okay. I probably won’t do any of them every again.

    Obiviously…none of this is debilitating in a practical sense. I just don’t enjoy a lot of things I should enjoy because I’m too scared. So, when Rocket City Mom asked me if I wanted to jump off a building for a fundraiser I said, “No.” Because I am terrified of heights.

    BUT…then E was really bummed. “You should do it! That would be awesome!” And then I found out it was a fundraiser for our local YMCA which is really supportive of healthy efforts in our community, especially offering services at no charge to low-income families. And THEN…I found out I’d be jumping off one of my favorite buildings in the world: the old Huntsville Times Building. I have always had a very special affinity for this building, and have photographed it on many occasions. If you can love a building? I love this building.

    And finally? I thought of the same motivational concept that I use to push me to do things like…sign up for boot camp for a year; or run races that require you crawl under barbed wire; or crazy 25K trail races with the word “MADNESS” in the title; or train for trail marathons in another state; or…you get the picture. The thing those motivates me in those “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” moments is the idea that very few times in life do we regret the things we chose to do. Most of the times we regret what we chose not to do.

    In other words? I want to jump off a building. And I need your help to do it. If we can raise $1,500 for our local YMCA then I get to jump off this building. And I’m going to be completely honest with you…there’s a VERY large part of me that doesn’t want us to do it. I mean, I’ll have still made E proud by trying to do it, and I won’t regret not doing it because I tried…but I won’t actually have to face my fears of heights because, oh, too bad, we didn’t raise the money.

    But the other part of me? WANTS TO JUMP OFF THIS DAMN BUILDING. When I called my brother and told him he said, “Wait. Aren’t you really scared of heights.” YES! That’s the beauty of it. It is sandwiched wonderfully into this year that Kim Learns To Be Awesome In Every Way Possible. Guys…I think I kinda have to do this. We have to raise the money! The main problem? We have almost no time to do it. I am trying to come up with ideas but I’m really struggling. I thought about filming a video every day we raise more than $100. You know…like me re-hashing my most embarrassing moments on film to put on YouTube for the interwebs to mock. Just to go along with the, “Things Kim Doesn’t Want To Do” theme of it all. I thought about coming up with other challenges. Like…if you donate, leave a comment telling me what you want me to do and as long as it’s not dangerous or cost-prohibitive, I’ll do it by drawing the lucky winner every day. But I don’t know? Do these ideas suck?

    So…I need your help.

    #1 – DONATE. Please! Everyone who donates today will be part of whatever I decide to do, but your entry will count TWICE. So, if it’s a drawing (I have a few goodies to give away) I’ll include you’re name twice if you donate today. If it’s a “Give Me Something Embarrassing To Do” contest I’ll let you submit TWO things. Whatever I decide, you’ll get bonus points this first day. Just make sure you leave a good email in the donations process that I can use to contact you!

    #2 – Give me ideas! I need help! If you can’t donate, what would be a good motivator if you could? I don’t have a lot of money to spend on giveaways, so free ideas are the best. Should I offer to dye my hair blue? Pierce my nose? Something crazy major if we reach the goal? HELP ME. I am too scared about winning to come up with effective ideas!

    Thanks, guys. Several years ago you all helped me raise $3500 for LLS in my Dad’s name. I’d love if you would help me again. In any way possible.


    (Now…if you need me, I’ll be huddling in the corner shaking with anxiety because OH MY GOD. WHAT IF WE DO THIS THING?)