Yesterday's 'Joseph' related activity

Team Mommy

Yesterday's 'Joseph' related activity
I know it seems like just last week that I was talking about how busy I was with Alice in Wonderland…but it was actually TWO weeks ago. Which is plenty of time to jump head-first into the show I’m actually “producing” (I put that in quotes because I don’t want anyone to take the title of “producer” too seriously as I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time) – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which opens to the public in ONE WEEK.

Hang on…I need to find a brown paper bag to breathe into. I’ll be right back.

Needless to say, life is still pretty hectic. I go straight from work at 3pm to the high school most days. Yesterday to tie dye shirts which was SO MUCH FUN! Often I leave to tend to the kids and/or dinner for a bit, or meet a group for a run, but then I go back back for the end of rehearsal. Since I’m the “Producer”, I like to be up there at the end of these last rehearsals so that parents of cast members can text me if they’re wondering if their child is done yet.

In other words many days go: 4am wakeup, 5:30 boot camp, 8-3 work, 3-5 school, 5-7 misc/home/run, 7-9 or later school.

Needless to say, that leaves minimal amounts of time to keep the family fed/clothed etc. I’m still doing a good job of getting food ready for dinners, Donnie does the feeding and the post-dinner cleanup. He does bedtimes many nights as well. But the basic domestic stuff, I’m trying to keep up with. But I needed some help. So I recruited Team Mommy.

I sat the kids down last week and explained that for the next four weeks (We have two show weeks for Joseph) things were going to be hectic and Mommy might be a little stressed. I told them that when they do things like forget to put their dirty clothes in the hamper, or put up their wet towels after a bath, that it’s like they’re not on my team because they’re adding work for me to do in the small moments I’m home. I explained that I don’t usually mind nagging them or reminding them but for the next four weeks? I need them to be ON MY TEAM and not make me remind them or nag them. I need them to go above and beyond what they normally do without me having to ask. I asked them if they would be on my team and they were VERY excited.

And guys? It actually kinda worked. I mean, they’re not perfect, but they do periodically do something like pick up their jackets or papers and exclaim they’re doing it for Team Mommy. Donnie wasn’t there for the initial pep talk and had NO idea what they were talking about. I’ve been able to just hint at stuff, “Guys…I feel like there’s some stuff Team Mommy should be doing right now…” and they’ll remember and go pick up their clothes or put their dishes in the sink.

Basically, it’s me begging them to do what they’re SUPPOSED to be doing anyway, but without having to be reminded so that I don’t come home at the end of a long day and see all of their messes that need to be picked up.

We still have three hell weeks left. And the hours will be less and less as those weeks progress as the nights will get later and the afternoons busier. But it seems like Team Mommy may be up to some of the challenge. I’m not saying it’s any sort of parenting revelation or anything, but I guess my kids are old enough to understand the concept of certain times being more stressful than other times. And that helping alleviate some of Mommy’s stress helps them in the long run.

At least they’ll understand it for a few weeks. We all know the lifespan for lessons like this are about 10 days. If Team Mommy makes it past the first show week, I’ll consider it a miracle.


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  1. Wow! I am so impressed with you right now! I used to do high school theatre, so I’m a little confused about the timing of the shows. Why two shows back to back like this? We used to do a regular show in the fall, the competition show in the winter, and a musical in the spring. Obviously not every school would follow that pattern, but two major shows so close together seems really intense! Or maybe one of them was a community show rather than a high school show? Either way, you and E must be ready for a break real soon- good luck!

    1. This is our normal schedule. We do a competition One Act in the Fall (Juniors and Seniors), A Christmas Pagaent (all theatre students), a straight play in the winter (Juniors and Seniors – Alice in Wonderland this year), a musical (all students are eligible to audition), and a dessert theatre in the spring. The difference this year is the “testing” weeks forced us to push the winter straight play and the musical closer together. Planning our schedule is like a crazy game of Jenga b/c we have to work with the choral department and the dance department and the band. So, yeah, this is crazier than normal, but not by much!

      And – it’s only the Juniors and Seniors in “Alice” so there’s only about 10-20 kids in both “Alice” and “Joseph” – its just that E is one of those kids this year ;)

    1. HA! You know me too well to know that I left out all of the “sitting on my ass and watching TV” hours in a week. ;)

    1. Thanks, Carol! I like Feast or Famine parenting. Some times of the year it’s non-stop GO GO GO, other times we’re all on our ass every night watching TV ;)

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