• Ready For Some Ew.

    With this new blog layout I’m “supposed” to put a picture up with each entry. The temptation was quite strong to photograph what I’m going to be talking about. But instead? I’ll show you some flowers. To counteract the “Ew…” factor of this entry.

    Last year when I started really running, it was to train for a local famous 10K. I ran on a lot of hills to train for it because the race covers a really BAD hill that everyone likes to talk about being dreadful. I ran in shoes that had always been fine for 5Ks, but the increased distance made me realize that the shoes were a bit too small. As I got several black toenails while wearing them once I started running more than about 4 miles.

    One was on my big toe on my right foot. I’ve had black toenails on my big toes before, I ruined both of them after a bad hike several years ago. But this time seemed weird. It took FOREVER for it to fall off. It just did it last weekend. Like 8 months after the toenail was first injured.

    There’s new growth under it and MAN, after the old toenail fell out? That growth started hurting like HELL. I treated it the way you would if you felt like you were getting an ingrown toenail. I soaked it constantly for several days. It always felt fine for several hours after I soaked it, as the nail was made more pliable. But I was waking up at 2am every morning in pain, needing a soaking. And of course, it took an hour or so to feel better and by that time it felt silly to go back to sleep. (I usually get up around 3:45 or 4am.)

    So…basically I’ve spent the last several nights getting minimal sleep (going to be later too) all because of this DAMN GROSS TOE.

    But I think it’s working, which is why I wanted to write about it as several of you have emailed me about your own black toenails. I didn’t have to soak it at all last night, even after my run. It felt fine. I slept all night without waking up in pain and this morning it feels fine too. It’s tender, for sure, the new toenail has no guidance so it’s going to hurt a little growing in, but I’m not in severe pain anymore.

    I’ll probably soak it again this morning for good measure, but I feel better knowing that I got a reprieve. I was worried I was going to be doing soakings every 5 hours just to manage the pain until the damn thing crew substantially further along the nailbed. And in case you’ve never noticed: TOE NAILS GROW VERY SLOWLY.

    You’re welcome for not showing the visual aid I considered initially.