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Zach Woodlee: Glee’s Unsung Hero

Source: FOX

I’m not a dancer. WHAT? I know, you’re totally surprised. But I love to watch dancing. I absorb every routine on So You Think You Can Dance every summer like it’s crack. I have my favorite choreographers (Wade Robson and Travis Wall) and my favorite dancers (Mark Kanemura and Mark Kanemura). So, of course I notice the dancing on Glee and in my personal, untrained opinion? Zach Woodlee, the show’s lead choreographer, is Glee’s greatest asset.

Mainly because most of these kids are not trained dancers. With the exception of Grant Gustin, Heather Morris, and Harry Shum. Yet he puts together these great ensemble numbers that I just ADORE. My most recent favorite was the Troubletones’ Section performance which incorporated a type of street dancing called waacking:

They released video of another ensemble dance number from this Tuesday’s Michael Jackson tribute. Again – he made a bunch of untrained dancers look GREAT both dancing through the halls and in a library. Two things that must complicate any routine.

I just love what he does with these kids in these environments. I love how he incorporates Artie’s wheelchair and I love how he still showcases Kevin McHale’s mad dance skills even as he’s confined to that wheelchair. I just love it all and I hate he doesn’t get as much press as he deserves. And then…of course..he’s just adorable. Look at this great Behind The Scenes clip of he and Chris Colfer.

Or this special Behind the Scenes footage featuring him doing his thang during season 2.

I just love him so much. I can’t wait to see what he does in the rest of the Michael Jackson tribute episode on Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “Zach Woodlee: Glee’s Unsung Hero”

  1. Ok, I know you are having a rough week. Mine has been roughish and I’ve been pouting on the couch, surfing the internet all week. This post made me laugh. The last video, “..I’ve never seen a Star of David on TV made of humans before..” made me laugh multiple times, because I had to rewind it just to re-watch it and laugh.
    Thank you. I appreciate what you are doing here. No, really, thank you. I needed this.

  2. “I’ve never seen the Star of David. On TV. Made of Humans.”??

    I want to be this guy’s new best friend.

    Also, I super love Glee, and noticed the waacking in the number immediately – loved it!

  3. He is awesome… I just wish they’d push the envelope a little more lately. LIFTS, please!!! The girls can dance and all boys have to do in a lift is not drop…Sorry, I did do show choir, and I don’t think any of our ladies were as good of dancers as the girls (and many of the guys) on glee, but still, lifts.

    I can’t decide whether to watch the MJ show videos ahead of time or not.. spoilers?

    Good luck having a better week!

  4. Completely agree. I became a fan of his over the summer when watching the glee project because they spent a bit of time showing him interacting with the kids and how he teaches and mentors them. Just seems like he’s super fabulous all around. Also, I am so twitterpated over Mark Kanemura. Him and Neal. The things those guys can do with their bodies. Oh my.

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