Insert Exasperated Sigh Here.

Wes is so adorable.

Don’t let those big blue eyes fool you. He’s pure evil with big floppy blonde curls.


I mentioned recently that Wes’s behavior been SO MUCH BETTER as he gets closer to the age of 4. I even took him to his first rehearsal for “Alice in Wonderland” the other day (He and Nikki are playing heart children in E’s play) and I was TERRIFIED that he’d be awful. But he wasn’t! He obeyed first time and amped up the “cute” factor so much that the director of the play had to coach the cast and remind them, “You will have to hold for quite some time because the audience will be Oooooh-ing and Aaaaaaahh-ing over the kids.” He was perfect!

I also mentioned there was not enough wood to knock on for that entry. THERE WAS NOT.

I went to pick him up from daycare and there was the dreaded Incident Report waiting for me. I hate those things because 9 times out of 10, my child is the one causing the incident, as opposed to the victim. Sure enough…”Wes bit one of his friends today…”

HE BIT. We stopped biting years ago…HE BIT.

Evidently this friend was at the computer and he wouldn’t give Wes a turn. So he BIT HIM. *sigh* Of course, because he is almost 4, the first thing the entire class did when I walked into the classroom was say, “WESLEY BIT SO-in-SO!!!!” Because they’re all plenty old enough to understand the severity of the incident and want to TATTLE TATTLE TATTLE about it. So, just a few short months after we (hopefully) finally lived down the reputation of having the kid that talks about the proper names for private parts ALL DAY LONG, all of the parents are now going to know our kid as The Biter.

Just wanted to share the story lest you think we were out of the woods. We are obviously not.


8 thoughts on “Insert Exasperated Sigh Here.”

  1. My youngest is just a week or so younger than Wes. I totally understand. Totally. Must be something in the air lately. I actually looked out the other night to see if there was a full moon b/c both of my kids were acting so out of character.

  2. SO many kids go through biting. Evi bit us for a while. She’s stopped, but only because she’s now concentrating solely on pooping on the couch.

  3. My youngest is 3, and has always been this ADORABLE little pixie of a thing, with chubby cheeks and a huge smile and a squeaky little voice. Oh, and also: BABY HITTER. Yeah, she doesn’t hit the kids her size, she hits the BABIES at daycare. What kind of a person does that? Apparently the kind of person I create with my body does that. And she does it so randomly, so sporadically that we can’t find any rhyme or reason to it. We just know that every few weeks or months, babies REALLY piss her off!

    As far as facing Wes’ teachers is concerned: I recommend crying. I am a teacher, and I can verify it totally works. It is impossible to be upset at a mom who cries about her kid’s behavior.

    1. This might be the BEST ADVICE EVER. I am having my first parent/teacher conference on Wednesday and I am now planning to bring some onions in my purse just in case.

  4. Lisa’s comment just made me spit coffee. So, so funny (and awful for you)

    All I can say is my two have been holy terrors lately. I have also checked for full moons and wished we still had teething to excuse awful behavior.

  5. Just want to say that I totally identify with everything you’ve written about Wes’s behavior problems, and it’s a relief to me that I’m not alone in having a boy with day care problems! My son is almost 3 and November and December were dark days for us. He got sent home from day care one day because he was hitting, kicking and biting teachers (as well as his classmates). Fortunately he was only sent home once, although they threatened to do it a couple more times. He is a sweet kid most of the time, but when he is in a certain mood and his will is thwarted he can be a bear. He moved up to the next class in January and has been doing better so far, but I know that these problems will likely surface again, and he still can give us a hard time at home about random stuff like eating breakfast. Anyways, I know that you are a great, caring mom, so it makes me feel better to know that you’ve had some issues too. It can’t hurt to have a sit-down with his teacher(s) and maybe the director of the center to make sure that everyone is on the same page re. consequences and positive reinforcement.

  6. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one going through this. My daughter will be 4 in July but she has been HORRIBLE for the past few months. And the biting thing just started up over the past few weeks. She hasn’t bitten anyone at school (yet) but she tries to bite me when she gets mad. Oh and she hits and kicks too. I have bruises and am embarrassed that my 3 year old is beating me up. I just keep trying to fight the good fight (pun intended) and take away her privileges when she does it. But it so hard! Btw I have a 13 1/2 year old too and she never prepared me for this kind of behavior.

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