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This weekend kicked my ass in 100 different ways. It went something like this: Birthday, Theatre, Birthday, Theatre, Run 8 miles, Theatre, Birthday. Between E’s birthday and the big ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Tea Party/Fundraiser thing we had – it was non-stop. So yesterday? I slept late (4:50am) and didn’t get a chance to update you on everything. DAMN LIFE GETTING IN THE WAY OF BLOGGING. So, today you’re getting several updates. And in honor of my new iPhone cover done entirely in Instagram photos (Make yours here at Casetagram!) – I’m going to use my instagram pictures to tell you about my weekend.

E’s birthday went well and he was beyond thrilled with all of the Twitter birthday messages from you guys. Thank you so much. My favorite gift TO him was a puzzle I made at Shutterfly from a photo that one of his Photographer friends took. The downside is since she took the picture, she wasn’t in it and she’s a good friend. But, apart from stalking them and photographing them myself; (Can you say “Creeper Mom”?) it was the best I could do. He loved it, but the puzzle itself isn’t that great. The pieces come apart fairly easily. It’s still super-cool and he loves gluing puzzles together to hang on his wall after he’s completed them, so it won’t matter in the end. It’s just a little frustrating while he works on it.

I ran 8 miles Saturday morning – by myself. I haven’t done a long run by myself in MONTHS. It just didn’t work out that I could run with any of the groups and still handle my busy weekend. IT SUCKED. I used to run by myself all the time. I mean, I even did my first 13-mile run in my half-marathon training by myself, but that was back in October. Now, it BORES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I want someone to talk to! WAH. But I did it, and my knee did okay. I think it’s just a thing I’ll have to deal with now, that knee. I’ll have to work on my IT band more but I’ll live. I just don’t want to run alone anymore. I NEED MORE RUNNING FRIENDS. I definitely thinking finding a good group to run with is what has kept me active. And it doesn’t matter that on paper we’re different speeds. When you’re trying to get miles in, you’ll run with just about anyone. I’ve done 5 miles and averaged 8:27 pace, and I’ve done 5 miles and averaged 10:35 pace. I’ll take either over RUNNING ALONE.

I made four different kinds of cake poppers/truffles for the tea party this weekend. I did the standard Red Velvet cake, then I did Strawberry Cake and pink vanilla covering, then I did Funfetti with a bunch of different colors covering, and then I did Oreo Truffles pictured to the left. (Heard of them from Sarah who, of course, found them on Pinterest.) I am officially Poppered-Out. If I never ball up another bit of dessert again, I’ll be happy. It ended up totaling over 300 of the damn things. But they were a hit! As always. I just won’t be making them again for a VERY LONG TIME. But – for the record? Several people now think the oreo truffles are their best over the Red Velvet. And the oreo truffles? Are about 90% LESS effort so, you know, WIN/WIN!

This guy was perched on our fence this weekend and he just hung out there while we all got very close to him, taking his pictures and examining his features. He’s a Barred Owl (My lovely husband might have been a bit shocked that I knew that. Sometimes he forgets that I did get a Biology degree where I studied a lot of Ecology and dreamed of being an Ornithologist.) and he seemed completely apathetic about our presence. He hung out in the yard until later that night when Donnie “saved” a bird that was stuck on our screened porch. The second the bird got out, the owl ate him. Circle of life, and all.

Of course, I posted his picture on Facebook and everyone made the Harry Potter references I so wanted to make myself. Nice of them not to let me down.

The Tea Party went really well. We made a decent amount of money, not as much as we hoped, but the value of having that event to force us to get costumes/makeup/hair ready this far in advance of show week (in 2+ weeks) made up for any unfilled dreams of profit. The little kids loved all of the characters, while I think Tweedle Dum was the BEST. There were only a few errors during the day, most of them due to my lack of sleep as I was up until 1am that morning wrapping Tea Cups as party favors. (Then I ran my 8 miles at 6:30am. I WIN ALL OF THE AWARDS.) My brain does not function well on minimal sleep so I’m more prone to errors. But none of my errors were catastrophic so…Why cares! Successful tea party!

Sidenote: I feel I should explain my dependency on instagram lately. Over the last year the frequency of my photos being used from flickr for Orkut Fakes (Hard to explain, if you’re curious just Google it) got out of hand so I’m depending on Instagram from now on. The resolution is crappier so they don’t steal those. That’s the same reason why I had to dump a lot of Facebook friends if I wasn’t 100% positive that I knew them and they weren’t stealing my photos. I’m sure I dumped some harmless people too, but I was so sick of it all the day I cleaned that I just unfriended over 200 people in one mass fit of anger. I also made almost all of my photos on flickr private. Sorry for that to those of you innocent victims in all of that purging. Hope you can handle the instagram for awhile until I think of a better solution.


10 thoughts on “Instagram Bullets”

  1. I got tired just reading about your weekend!

    Love the iphone cover!

    Thanks for explaining the facebook/photo deal. I was one that was in the mass dump because your blog is the only way you knew me. That’s the way life works with a lot of stuff-one person will mess it up for a lot of others.

  2. So proud of you for getting in that run. You’re such an awesome mom, working so hard for E’s theater stuff! Sounds like a crazy, cool weekend. Glad you’re getting a little break this week.

    You know, my right knee has started twinging after exercise lately, and I’m thinking I’m in the same spot… just have to deal with it, right? It’s something that I would have once used as an excuse not to exercise again, but there isn’t PAIN so much as a general sense of discomfort and sometimes a feeling of swelling, so I figure I’ll try to ease up when it’s happening and otherwise ignore it. It’s like that convo we had over dinner before Starkid – we’re in our 30s now. If we’re working hard, sometimes things are gonna hurt. Whatever. (Now watch, I’ll end up needing knee surgery or something…)

  3. You DO realize what it means when an owl shows up at your house right? It means you’ve been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

  4. We love owls here at our house so we would have been thrilled to see one show up! We saw a big owl house at Wild Birds Unlimited with a sign saying it is owl breeding and nesting season.

    My son is amused by your story of the bird being eaten by the owl. He says to tell Donnie that “that was a perfect rescue.”

  5. oh geez now I am curious about this orkut thing. I know nothing about it. I am tempted now to make my Flickr private. I’ll Google it and see what I can learn.

  6. The Orkut/Flickr thing makes me so sad. I have a friend who has had to go offline almost entirely because some kids from Brazil have stolen pictures of her daughter since her daughter was a couple of months old. Her daughter is now 4.5.

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