What I’m Watching: NEW SHOWS!

I’ve been giving up on a lot of shows lately. Mainly procedurals that take themselves too seriously. It started way back when with C.S.I.. A show that takes so many liberties with the realm of truthful possibilities MUST NOT TAKE ITSELF TOO SERIOUSLY or I have to give up on it. The latest victims: Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5.0.

But since I have SO MUCH FREE TIME (sarcasm implied) I had to replace those shows with either returning favorites or new discoveries. HERE WE GO!

Once Upon A Time
I read several positive commentaries recently about the show and when I was itching for something to watch over the holidays. There were several episodes on On Demand so I got enough of a taste of it to get hooked and next thing I know, my whole family loves the show. It’s such a cute premise but I love the twist on fairy tales. Now, this show carries the burden of a lot of serial dramas, there’s a end game: Free The Fairytale Characters. And if we put that off for too long it could get boring. I’m not sure how they’ll make this a continuing story without irritating me, but for now I enjoy it.

Being Human
This show returned last night and I LOVED the first season. It’s about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost trying to live a normal life together and I ADORE IT. The vampire is sexy as hell, the werewolf is an adorable blundering fool, and the ghost is totally someone I’d want to hang out with. Last night’s return reminded me how much I love that show.

Pretty Little Liars
This show is SO BAD. I have NO idea why I jumped on it’s return so avidly. Not only is it bad, but it won’t give me any sort of clue or indicator of a resolution in ANY WAY. Yet I STILL WATCH IT. They give us teasers and then take them away and then give them to us again and then TAKE THEM AWAY. And did I mention that it’s SO BAD? It is. AND I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT.

White Collar
COMES BACK TONIGHT! I’m going to DIE! Did you see how last season ended? KIDNAPPING? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? Why am I shouting? I’ve just been thinking about this show a lot lately because I’m so torn! Peter and Neal are total BFFs but now? NOW WHAT? How will this be resolved and their relationship still be intact? I’m going to be sad if they break up!

COMES BACK TONIGHT! I’m going to DIE! I love that show and last season was SO GOOD. I don’t know how it can live up to the amazingness of last year but I can’t wait to try it. I LOVE THAT SHOW. I’m shouting again. I think that the winter return of TV carries more excitement for me than the Fall return.

What are you watching right now? Do you have any winter-returning shows you’re stoked about? And once again – I’m using “stoked” again. Why must I keep trying to bring that word back?


14 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: NEW SHOWS!”

  1. Was Being Human remade for the US audience or is the BBC version?

    I’ve been watching Covert Affairs (And working my way through Being Erica which is on DVD rather than TV I think)

  2. I am going to assume you mean the US Being Human (unless the States is really behind on airing it) But I do suggest you check out the UK version (when you get time naturally). I also found myself giving up a lot of crime shows lately but that’s because I started to find they all were starting to either have repeat crimes just with new characters or that I think i’d seen an episode of one of them before, only to find out that I was both wrong and right. I had seen that plot before with its twist, just on another crime show!

    1. I have seen the UK version and didn’t get into it, probably just because I wasn’t crushing on the vampire as much as I do Aiden ;)

  3. Returning with new episodes this week: GLEE! Also, Vampire Diaries started their new episodes a couple weeks ago. And, though it doesn’t seem to fall into the same genre as the shows you love, I like many others was STOKED to have the second season of Downtown Abbey begin a couple weeks ago. I never heard people talking about it last year when it was on (PBS Masterpiece Classic), so thought, per usual, that I was nerding out over a Masterpiece Classic series pretty much on my own. Then when it was set to start the second season, buzz was ALL OVER the place! Anyway, happy watching everyone!

  4. Same old stuff for me. Pan Am, Glee, New Girl, Jane by Design (that’s new), Bones, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle… I think that’s it. And ANTM & True Blood when they’re on. I’ve been meaning to check out Being Human as well, though I’ve heard the BBC version is better.

  5. I LOVE Being Human and Once Upon a Time as well. You should check out Grimm too…it’s a little dark but it seems people who watch Once Upon a Time like Grim too. I also started watching Alcatraz last night! WOW! Sucked me right in! Looking forward to The River starting in February. Can’t wait for The Walking Dead to start back up. I’ll never give up on SVU especially now that my fantasy boyfriend Hary Connick Jr. is joining the cast for a few episodes. I’ve given up on a lot of my “food” show- Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen..

    Person of Interest, American Horror Story, Prime Suspect were really good and so was Homeland.

  6. Once Upon a Time! Yes! We just started watching this a few weeks ago, and did them all on Hulu plus. I love it! But, like you, I can see myself getting very annoyed at the lack of progress to the main point (and to the reliance on Rumple to hold everyone back). I haven’t seen White Collar yet, but I’m considering adding that to my streaming list. We like Person of Interest…kind of a nerdy procedural. Heh. New Girl is our new sitcom. And the old standbys: Glee, Castle, Modern Family, Raising Hope.

    Wow. We watch a lot of TV.

  7. I was hooked on Once Upon a Time from the beginning! I didn’t realize it was Jennifer Morrison from House until husband mentioned it. I gave up all the CSI a long time ago, I still like Mentalist a lot. I can’t wait for White Collar tonight!

  8. Watching HIMYM, Switched at Birth, Parenthood, Revenge, Happy Endings, The Middle (late to watching this and like it so much better than Modern Family), and too many cooking-based reality shows. I am just about caught up on The Vampire Diaries. I am looking forward to the return of Make It or Break It and of course Cougar Town!

  9. Our new shows for this year are Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Grimm and Suburgatory. Since we no longer have cable, the only other show we’re still watching is Fringe. I’m counting the minutes until Game of Thrones comes out on DVD.

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